Disorganized Minds

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Everyone was walking around on eggshells, still in shock that Liam was alive, that second person in Luca’s family that magic appeared to him alive and well.

To Luca, there was no need for Liam to feel ashamed for what happened to Adele cause to him, if he didn’t come at all that night, Adele could have been the one killed like she was supposed to be.

He knew Adele felt the same she and Liam fought like cats and dogs for the little time they knew each other, and for a long time, Adele was convinced that he hated her for taking over the clinic.

Which Luca highly believes he did, but she was his wife and more qualified for the job than Liam was looking over shit, especially with the kids, and Luca couldn’t have that shit.

But just to run, leaving his children and wife the way he did made him sick to his stomach.

That was a cowardly move. They were all taught better than that, and for his father and uncle to let him made Luca pissed.

This was too much, and he wasn’t about to wreak his fucking brain to try to figure it out right now.

Luca was trying to uphold his promise to his wife. By taking them on a well-needed vacation away from all the bullshit.

It was a well-known fact that he hated hotels or anything like them now. He was online looking at houses for sale in Trinidad and the Virgin Islands. Then they had business back in South Carolina, which he hated to go.

Nothing bad but one of Adele in-laws who knew Victor and apparently was in the warehouse the night he abducted Adele

So he knew the whole time Adele was still alive and didn’t say shit, but that wasn’t interesting to him. It was what he did for a living.

Also, little did Adele knew her family was tangled up in his mafia. Not her parents, just her brother-in-law, even her sister, didn’t know the only thing she and her father saw was money forcing her to marry him.

Toni was his name, and he was another hitman and cousin to Ethan, cousins that like to fucking kill.

The good thing about Toni, though, was that he is also a private investigator.

Luckily for him because this just may be the key to him finding out who the fuck Ghost maybe.

This made Luca smile to himself as he sat back in his chair, rubbing his hands together. He knows he told his father he would leave the shit alone, but it wasn’t that easy.

A knocked came to his office door, not giving him time to answer before the door swung open what was the use of knocking at the fucking door if they were just going to walk in.

Nova made her appearance with Leah on her hip. Luca was fucking hoping she wasn’t coming to him with her fucking problems fuck knows he had enough.

Finding out he had a 14-year-old daughter lying to her about her mama leaving besides killing herself, but he was pretty sure she knew the truth.

Then the three-year-old who was looking and asking for her mother. It was painful. Thankfully, his grandmother hooked herself on to her now she couldn’t get rid of her, but she loved it was like a second chance to raise a child for her old ass.

So yes, he was hoping that she and Kellan weren’t having fucking problems. His cousin was a fuckin idiot at times and acted as if he didn’t know how to treat his own wife.

“Yes, Nova?” Luca said

“I think I found the perfect house for us in Trinidad. It’s a bit pricey but beautiful and big. It’s on the beach and everything.”

Nova knew damn well money wasn’t an issue. She wanted something else and was too scared to say it.

From the look on her face, Luca guessed she was scared that he would cancel the trip due to his uncle dying, knowing how long she was waiting to see her mother.

“Nova, we put my uncle in the ground yesterday, and I made sure his ass was fucking dead. Yeah, I know his head was stitched back on, but hell, the way these motherfuckers are coming from the dead. You have to make sure, but I’m done with my father and his craziness, so you will be seeing your mother in three days like I promised. I hate to stay in a fucking hotel for a week, but it worth getting the hell away from here for three fucking months.”

“Good, I haven’t seen my mama in six years, you know that, and I know with Uncle Otis dying and shit. I thought you would go back on your word, but Luca, this shit is crazy. I don’t understand why don’t Uncle Axel won’t ask for help. He has to know we can help him. Hell, he has Bridget, Sophia, Ansel, and Raine to think about. I know he loves her, so why be so fucking crazy.”

“Because he is crazy Nova him, Conard, Otis, your stupid ass father-in-law, and mother-n-law they all are fucking crazy so why should we beg them, and I have my ways hopefully we can help them before all of them are fucking dead.”

Nova smiled and nodded after she had Leah. She became more settled and easy to deal with at times because before he was ready to kill her crazy ass, always punching people and running the fucking shit was getting old.

“Yeah, let’s hope, Luca, but how do you feel about Talia? I know that you thought you didn’t have any child Luca that is my fault. . .I’m sorry I knew about her, and I paid Octavia not to tell you with the help of your father. I was wrong, I know, and I didn’t know you long then, but you weren’t in a good place, and I’m sorry,” Nova said, looking down.

Luca wasn’t mad at the girl. Yeah, he only just meet Nova, then she was here visiting Kellan when that shit happened. Around the same time, she killed Kellan little whore before running back to the States and then returned five years later to stay. His cousin knew then he would never get rid of her.

“I’m not mad at you, Nova. You did right. I was liable to kill a bitch coming to me saying she was fucking pregnant or had my baby. I was crazy back then you saw that, and the way I see it, Dele did have my first child we are a married couple in love and made our children out of love Octavia was just a one night stand I barely remembered, but I don’t regret my daughter.”

With that, she turned and left his office, leaving Luca to finish booking the hotel rooms and making sure the house he bought for the Virgin Island would be ready by the time they get there

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