Disorganized Minds

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Family Bond

For some reason, or another Adele was still upset over Talia. She knew she couldn’t change the past, nor did she wanted to.

She just wished that Luca knew the truth before now. Even know, he doesn’t say anything about it. Adele knows it hurts.

A whole week had passed since the day they found out Otis was dead and the fact that Luca had a 14-year-old daughter.

It took them hours to find his body and none of them wanted to talk about it. Then Octavia killing herself days later.

She just kissed her children bye, not telling them a damn thing, just goodbye and I love you saying never to forget her.

Since that day, Talia has been walking around mad at the world, not talking to no one but her little sister, and giving Adele evil glares.

Then it was the whole thing about Liam coming back from the fucking dead, yeah. Adele was pissed at him, Axel, Grata, and Otis dead ass.

Why let them grief for someone they knew was alive a whole fucking time? She cried because she thought she didn’t save him because she failed him.

No, he let his stupid ass feelings get in the way, thinking Luca would see him as weak because he was fucking stabbed protecting her.

To Adele, this was all her fault. She believed that for a whole fucking year and a half until she had a talked with Jaxon.

Talking to him was like she was talking to Saxon with a settled mind. It sounds crazy, she knows, but he helped her understand that it was Saxon fault that Liam died, not hers.

Letting her know that he was the one that made that choice to kill, she did nothing just like Liam. She was the victim.

Liam may have been a victim, but one that was living two hours soaking in false misery because none of them blame him for shit.

Not even now, almost two years later, he shows up only because his father died. On top of that, he got a surprise of a lifetime.

Surprisingly Otis, Grata, nor Axel told him that the man that stabbed him and his twin was his older brothers.

Sadly, he found out the hard way at his father’s funeral to say he was pissed, but an understatement, the man was furious.

Mad enough to get up walking out of his father’s funeral, really none of them could blame him. They could have at least told the man that almost killed him was his brother.

Speaking of that, Adele and Luca were able to hide Jaxon for the first couple of days.

Not knowing how Liam would react to seeing him again, they both thought he knew Jaxon and what he looked like

That was until Axel told them otherwise, talking shit about the right time to tell him, and it wasn’t now.

All of it was fucked up Anneliese, who they thought move one with Jacob, which turn out she only using him for a good fuck

Jacob was cool about the only thing he cares about was his son, something that confused the fuck out of Liam was finding out that Kayden’s last name was Kohler, then only to find out that Jacob changed his.

Adele had to explain that she or her brother wanted nothing that tied the two of them to her shitty father of theirs in which he understood.

They also got along good which Adele nor Luca thought wouldn’t happen. Luckily, they did. She didn’t want any hard feelings there.

It was so much to take in, but the only thing that was on Adele’s mind at this time was ways to make Talia come around.

It was easy with Erik’s daughter Carmella hard for Emma through maybe because she was young herself.

At this time, Adele was sitting in the living room with her babies, including Heaven, Nevaeh, Lucas, Tyler, and Vince. Sibylla had Madison and Josie, a new child she could spoil.

The babies were in their own little world as usual while she searched the internet for ways to interact with a 14-year-old.

Her research was useless. All this told her to find a common interest in one another. How when the girl wouldn’t talk to her?

“Can I sit in here with you?” She said

Adele looked up to the young girl standing in the door playing with the ends of her hair, trying not to make eye contact with her.

“You don’t have to ask Talia. You live here too, sweetheart.” Adele said, patting the couch next to her.

Talia set quickly and immediately reached for her little brother. Who was crawling over to her with Vince on his heels.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

She hugged both of the boys once they were in her lap, still looking down as her tears dripped on her pants leg.

Not thinking or caring, Adele reached over, bringing her into a tight hug, with Lucas and Vince patting her back, making her cry more.

“I-I h-hate h-her...w-why kill h-herself l-like that? D-did we n-not matter?”

Adele’s heart broke in the back of her mind. She knew that Talia knew something about her mother’s condition.

She told Luca this and asked him what they should say if the matter came to hand. He told her the truth because he didn’t want Talia to hate him or her.

“She did what she thought was right, Baby. I can’t tell you why she didn’t decide to fight in the first place, but I can tell you; she did what she thought was best for you and your sister.”

“No, she didn’t. If she did, she wouldn’t have lied or had us living in a one-bedroom apartment begging others for food. She would have given me to my father earlier than this and never bought Madison into this world. You see how she lied to you. My mother only cared for herself. The only reason she sought out my father was that she was dying, and the rest was bull...I-I’m scared to get close to you, scared you will leave me too. I want you to be my mama. To call you mama like they do I know it’s only been a week, but you are my mama now, and I have a father a real family and...and I’m scared,” She said

She reminded Adele so much of herself, scared to love someone until Luca, scared of him and his family, was going to be like hers.

“Your mother did the best she could with you and your sister, and you are right. She should have given you to your father earlier, at least to your grandfather, if she couldn’t care for you. She shouldn’t have had your sister, but all in the past, Talia. I won’t leave you, neither will your dad, not on purpose anyway. You may not be mine, my blood baby, but I will love you like you are and treat you no different than the five of them or the one in my belly,” Adele said, still hugging her.



Nevaeh screaming “DADDY” broke them from their little moment. Luca was standing at the door with a smile on his face.

He walked over to the two of them, wrapping his arms around them, kissing the top of their heads, making Talia giggle.

“Is he always like this?” She asked

“No, normally your father is a jackass luckily, he loves his family now give me my child,” Victor said.

Talia whispered “asshole” to herself but no quiet enough where she or Luca couldn’t hear her making Luca laugh and her popping her arm.

“What did that little brat say?” Victor said, grabbing her legs


This was everything day with her, Victor, Jaxon, and Erik. She bonded quickly with them and the others than with Luca.

Adele knew it was one of them that made her come around to come to talk to her, or it could have been her on her own.

“Vic, must you be fucking aggravating all the fucking time? That is why all the kids run from your ass, even your own son,” Luca said, laughing.


Adele rolled her eyes, moving, knowing the two big ass children were about to start wrestling their ass fight more than the kids and was anyway crying when one of them hurt one another.

“Really? Are they fighting again?” Hanna said, kicking her brother in the side

“WHAT THE FUCK WRONG YOU HANNA YOU SUPPOSED TO HELP ME NOT HIM FUCK!” Victor screams, making Vince and Lucas laugh as they jumped on his back when he was trying to get up.

Laughing to herself, Adele walked off, leaving Luca and Victor in the living room wrestling with the kids now to going find Nova or one of the others.

Nova was always easy to find. She was in the kitchen stuffing her face as usual, along with Emma and Rylee.

The three of them love to eat, but Adele couldn’t blame them because she did too, like she was doing now getting her cookies.

“Just the bitch I was looking for, your hubby agreed for us to go, Trinidad. We’re leaving in three days, so we are going shopping the two teens and us,” Nova said

“Call me a bitch one more time, Nova...”

“BITCHHHHHH....“She yelled, running out the kitchen laughing her ass off like something was funny.

Before Adele knew it, she had thrown all her cookies at the crazy-ass woman. She was so fucking aggravating sometimes it made her think Nova and Victor should be together more than her and Kellan.


“THE DEVIL’S A FUCKING LIE DELE. I TOLD YOU THAT CRAZY ASS BITCH ISN’T MY SOULMATE. I RATHER BURN IN HELL WHERE THE FUCK KELLAN AT!” He yelled as he walked in the kitchen with Nova jumping on his back and kissing the side of his head, making him lose it, calling Kellan, who was standing in the arch laughing.


They were all crazy like that, and sometimes it embarrassed Axel and Sibylla, one of the reasons they never when places with them, especially if Victor and Nova were coming in the same setting.

At first, Adele didn’t think Kellan would help Victor, then walked over to them, removing Nova from his back holding her little thick ass like a child on his hip.

“Them two at it again, aren’t they?” Luca asked

“Yep, and we are taking the girls shopping if that’s okay,” Adele said.

Luca pulled her over to him kissing her neck and rubbing her belly, also making Nova jump off of Kellan, running over to them, hugging the two of them, ending with Luca pushing her to the floor.

“Damn you so mean. I thought we had a moment yesterday, Luca? You don’t love me?” Nova said laughing

“You’re high, Kellan. I told you to stop letting her eat them damn edibles. Her little ass can’t handle them now she all cracked out and shit,” Luca said, laughing.

That made Nova mad, causing her crazy ass to bite Luca’s leg and ran. Adele had to stop him from going to kill her.

But it was true Nova didn’t need any of the fucking edibles they had, nor did she need weed. She was like a child after getting high.

Adele had to give Nova two hours to calm down, then she, Nova, Emma, Talia, and Carmella decided to go on to the mall.

The girls enjoy themselves shopping, although Adele had to force Talia to buy the things she wanted because she was worried about the prices.

Talking about she never could afford anything that high, they were lucky to have clothes that fit, so Adele took her off on their own to help her learn her style.

The past week she was wearing Cam’s clothes, and Madison had been wearing some of Sophia’s old stuff they didn’t have the time to go shopping.

Although they both had a blast shopping, Talia didn’t like the totals amount of her and Madison’s new clothes.

The whole way home, she played with the ends of her hair nervously, shyly looking over to Adele then to Nova for some reason or another.

“Lia, there was nothing to be nervous about, honey? Your mama bought you some new shit. Be happy. Trust me, Emma and I know more about not coming from shit this as you do. If you weren’t for your father, Emma probably would be dead. He raised her from around your age to the age she is now, and I had to stop feeling sorry for myself. I buried myself in student loans to become a fucking medical assistant and then save every fucking penny I had to move my parents back to Trinidad and buy me a house. I didn’t know money, money until I met Kellan. Still, I was scared to ask for shit. It wasn’t until he moved me here when I started to understand... tell you the truth, it was me the reason your mama didn’t tell your father about you. I paid her to keep quiet at the request from your grandfather only because your father wasn’t in the right state of mine to care for you or himself. Giving her a half-million dollars, she shouldn’t have been struggling. If you want to be mad at someone, let it be me but don’t hate Dele, nor Luca and know that they will do all they can for you and love you,” Nova said

Adele gaps she saw Nova open up to anyone but Kellan, and she just told the four of them parts of her past even if it was just that.

“Thank you. I’m not mad at you. My mama made that mistake all on her own who gets a half o mill and blows it? She made that decision. I understand that much. I don’t hate my father or ma-Dele it just this is all new for me. The love from two parents not being scared to sleep because of your mother’s boyfriend...Madison father,” Talia said

“Did he touch you?” Adele asked

Talia held her hand down, giving Adele the answer she needed to know, and Octavia better is happy her ass was already rotting in hell.

Still, this something had to be done. As Adele sent Luca and Victor quick text telling them what Talia.

Victor sent a one-word text back saying “Bet,” letting her know they were already on it.

By the time they got home, it was dark, and Luca, Victor, and Erik were gone.

Hours later, they all showed up cover in blood, smiling as they walking in the house with Sibylla yelled about tracking some bastard’s blood throughout the house, “not knowing if they had STD or not, we have children and animals to worry about” were her exact words.

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