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Vacation (Pt.1)

Three days later, Luca, Adele, and the rest of their family, minus his father, uncles, and aunt was in Trinidad as promised to Nova two weeks ago.

At the time, Nova, Kellan, and Leah are with her family somewhere Luca didn’t know, nor did he care long as they were safe and they both were capable of protecting themselves.

He, Adele, and the kids were at the beach along with his grandmother, Jaxon, Rylee, Jacob, Hanna, and Victor, who on a mission to find one of the women to fuck.

He didn’t know where the others were at, nor did he really gave a fuck long as all of them were away from their parent’s bullshit.

After the events that were happening, they all needed this, especially Jacob.

Well, that is what Adele thought. Liam returning from the dead surprised all of them, but none of them really excepted Anne to drop him as fast as she did to run back to her husband.

Jacob didn’t let it bother him any. Apparently, he was cool with it, and they all found out why the day before they left.

When Adele caught him coming out of Hanna’s room half fucking naked, she thought the shit was funny, but it had Anne feeling some type of way.

Which he and Victor had their suspicions Anne was pushing him away before Liam came back talking shit that she was single.

So, Luca wanted to know why she was all up in her feelings when she left him and wasn’t trying to be discreet about it.

But he wasn’t trying to worry about that. The only thing on his mind at the moment was watching his babies play in the sand and his wife lying beside him with Zeus looking sexy as always.

Just thinking about her made him reached over, rubbing Adele’s baby bump making her smile, putting her hand on top of his while staring at the children’s play.

His mind kept wandering back to his father, holding his uncle’s head and finding his body on the side of the road with a note saying, “Where’s my head.”

It had to traumatize the teens that found it. The shit even had the Becker shook up. He could barely talk when he called, telling him he found Otis’s body.

This may him glance over to his grandmother sitting beside him, and was with the new boy toy that she found on the beach not even two weeks ago.

That rubbing sunscreen on her back, the woman had on a two-piece on and had the nerve to curse him out for letting Talia, Josie, and Sophia wear one like any of them wanted to see her in one.

Luca tried his best not to look over to the disgusting sight beside him, but his grandmother giggling made it hard.

He was ready to kill the damn man. He wasn’t younger than him, but he was still young enough to be her son, which he should be a shame, and his hands shouldn’t be on his grandmother.

He braced himself to looked over to his grandmother, who was smiling right in his fucking face like the shit was funny, obviously.

He didn’t see shit funny, and she better happy he was in a good fucking mood, or the fucker would have been dead.

Adele had to feel the difference in his moods because she reached over, rubbing his arms bring his attention back to her.

“Baby, let your grandmother have fun. You been mean-mugging the poor man for a whole two weeks now. I know you don’t like it, but she is grown, and long as you pout like a child, she going to keep rubbing it in your face,” Adele said

Luca internally rolled his eye. He didn’t give a damn. The shit was disgusting.

He didn’t understand why would a woman would fool around with a man half her age.

Or maybe it was just the fact she was his grandmother, and he saw her old and frail, knowing she clearly wasn’t plus, she just had a heart attack weeks ago now acting like shit happened.

The only thing Luca saw was this man using her for her money. They were in a different country, and she knew shit about, but still, women found a man that she could fuck, and Victor, who was now somewhere with a new hoe.

“Don’t care called Vic find out where the fuck his hoe-ish ass is at because I’m hungry and ready to fucking go,” Luca said

“Luca, you sound like the twins always fucking hungry these days. You eat more than me this pregnancy. Keep on, and all your muscles are going to turn to fat, and Vic is right there, by the way.”

Luca stared at Adele stupidly. How the fuck was she talking about someone eating too much, seeing she was always eating too, plus he worked out daily, sometimes twice of day.

“Nooooo....the will never happen,” Luca said sarcastically, making her laugh.

Simultaneously, Victor walked up to them with a girl by his side a bit younger than him.

Luca wasn’t going to lie. The girl was beautiful but not as beautiful as Adele.

She wore a giant smile as she walked up, waving at the five of them while Victor stopped to pick up Vince handing her him as he picked up Lucas as well.

“You didn’t say you had two boys,” The girl said

“He doesn’t the one he is holding you ours and who may you be,” Luca said sternly.

Victor rolled his eyes, standing there with a stern face on Luca knew he wanted to curse him out, but he was only looking out for his brother.

He had already been used twice. He sure the hell wasn’t about to let history repeat itself. Victor was known as seeing a pretty than be blinded.

“I don’t need you to be my fucking father, Luca. I have one thank you very much, and we left him back at home...”

“You may not need him to be your father, but I am your fucking grandmother, so who is the bitch” Sibylla said

Adele slapped her hand to her forehead. Victor and Hanna did the same. The girl stood there in shock.

His grandmother was too fucking blunt at times, always hurting people fucking feeling her no-filter mouth was out of control at times.

“Grandmother, there is no need to be rude the poor girl she just was speaking,” Luca said

“Says the one with the attitude...I’m Hanna, by the way, one of Vic’s little sisters. Your name, age, where you’re from, and what the fuck do want with my brother?”

Victor started to turn red. Luca knew either he was embarrassed or ready to kill them all.

As he turned to Adele with pleading eyes wanting her to say something to save him.

“Okay...I can see that all of you are overprotected of Victor. He’s a sweet person. My name is Trinity. I’m 28, from here, born and raise. I’m also a successful software developer of my own company, so if it’s money you think I want from him, you’re wrong. I met Victor the first day he came here. We had business. He was the one that asked me out, not the other way around, and it nothing going on between us besides us getting to know each other.”

“That’s good to know, Trinity. Let me introduce ourselves, but Victor probably told you who we are, so there is no need to lie. I’m Adele. This rude man is my husband Luca, his cousin although they call themselves brothers, that is Hanna as she told you their sister, Jacob, my little brother, and Sibylla, their grandmother.”

Trinity nodded her head, sticking out her hand for Adele to shake, doing the same with him and the others. His grandmother looked at her funny for a moment until he hit her with his elbow.

“Nice to meet you all, and yes, Victor told me all about you before meeting you. He didn’t want me to be surprised, but I was surprised when he told me about you being a mafia, but if I’m going to be working with you, I guess I needed to know.”

“Did he tell you he killed the last bitch that tried to cross him?” Jaxon asked as he and Rylee walked up.

Luca laughed at the girl’s face as she looked at him then at Victor, who was ready to knock the fuck out of Jaxon at this point.

“That’s Jaxon, our brother, and his girlfriend Rylee. I guess that what you will call her. Yes, he is a jackass too, and I hope you like kids because the ones you see are only half of them,” Luca said, laughing.

“Okay...Hi, I’m Trinity. Yes, Luca, right? I do. I love them; I always wanted a big family when Victor told me he had a baby. I couldn’t wait to see him. Your son is beautiful too. Are rest yours as well?”

Luca nodded, then pointed at Adele’s belly, showing her that she was pregnant as well.

The one thing for sure, this girl gave off good vibes letting him know she was good at heart. He didn’t get that feeling around many.

Adele was the first that what drawn him to her in the first place, Rylee was the next why it was so easy to let her into the family, and he could feel she was right for Victor.

“Yeah, Talia is our oldest, then it’s Josie, Madison, Tyler, Nevaeh, Heaven, and Lucas, and she is pregnant again. The other two are Sophia and Ansel, our little brother and sister. We have another little sister by the name Raine, but she and her mother stay at the house while we came to the beach, and the baby there is my brother’s and Rylee’s daughter Skylar .”

“Wow, a big family you two started early but beautiful,”

Victor laughs behind her, making her turn to him, asking what.

The only thing he did was looked at him. Luca guesses for him the real reason behind their big family.

“We indeed have a big family Trinity, but all of them aren’t mine and his. Talia is his by another her and Madison are sister they mother left them with us. Josie and Tyler were adopted the twins, and Lucas is ours and the one. I’m pregnant, of course, but I love them all. Since you are going to be working with us, are you moving to German as well?”

“That’s the plan. I have a company there that I plan to work from, and I’m hoping to learn more about Victor. Maybe we can be more than friends,” Trinity said with a smile make Victor go red again.

This motherfucker was blushing. Luca couldn’t believe it. A woman had the great hacker Victor Kohler blushing. He knew he’d fucked up letting him seeing that shit.

“Vic, my dear brother, are you fucking blushing,” Luca asked, making Jaxon and Jacob laugh.

“Fuck you, Luca.”

“I’ll pass. You don’t have the right parts, but I will fuck my face with food so let go. I’m fucking hungry,” Luca said, standing, helping up Adele and his grandmother after pushing her boy toy out the way.




Two hours later, they were at a restaurant with the whole family. Adele made it a point for Victor to invite Trinity along.

At first, Luca didn’t think it was a good idea but decided to let Adele have this one without a fight.

The good thing was all the women got along with the whole family. Luca knew that if Nova liked the girl, she was good for his brother, plus Nova hated everyone.

This was the first time since they met Nova’s mother in which she looked just like, and they both had the same spunky attitude.

It was so relaxing to be in a place where no one knew who they were. Some knew they were the owner of Kohler Fashions but nothing like the stupid bitches back in German that was reassuring.

But halfway through their meal, a man walked up to their table. His grandmother was first to notice the man.

He was in a suit with salt and pepper hair reminding him of his father, and Adele held up her hand, stopping him before he could get any further while she had her hand inside of her purse.

“Who are you, and what the fuck do you want?” Adele said

“This young man just reminded me of someone that I used to know, but with long hair, that’s all. I thought I saw a ghost for a second is there any chance you all are from German, by the way. The name is Leo,” He said.

Luca cocked his hand over to the side, then looked at Victor and Erik sitting across from him.

“No, we’re from the States, Texas to be exact, just on vacation. How about you?” Nova said

“So, you men let for your women talk for you?” Leo asked.

Luca wanted to stab his ass in the neck with his fork, but Adele put a warning hand on his thigh, letting him tell him no as he masked his accent and spoke.

“Naw, they just like talking, but we’re on a family vacation that we would like to get back to,” Luca said.

The man nodded, walking away. It was weird for someone who was not from Germany to ask were they from Germany.

This made Luca send a quick text to Ben telling him to have one of the guards follow the man that just walked away.

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