Disorganized Minds

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Axel sat in the sunroom alone with Killer and Gunner. Everyone was gone, and the house was too damn quiet for him.

He knew that Luca and his mother were mad, but he was doing what he thought was right to protect his family.

Why couldn’t they see it the way he did? If it was Luca and this was his children, he would be in the same spot as him.

No, he wanted to get mad, running off on a fucking three-month vacation with his family, brothers, sisters, cousins, Erik, and grandmother, knowing she just had a fucking heart attack days before.

He even took Chris, Isa, all her children and grandchildren, his kids, and Bridget.

Then had the nerve to tell him, Kiefer, Grata, and Conard they weren’t welcome to come. The nerve of that boy.

Talking shit about all they were going to do was bring bad vibes. When he was trying to create good ones, he didn’t need people like them to sour the mood.

That was quite alright. Axel didn’t need them here with him long as they were safe. That is all Axel cared for.

He sighs, rubbing Killer and Gunner’s head getting up going into the kitchen to cook dinner for him, his brothers, and Grata.

Katy was off spending time with her family, but Axel didn’t care because he hated the woman’s food anyhow.

She thought she could cook, but in reality, her food was fuck nasty. It tasted like fucking dirt to him. If it wasn’t his, Luca, Adele, or his mother cooking, the shit was nasty as fuck.

Don’t get him wrong, all his mother’s kids could cook, but Sibylla’s was the best in his opinion.

And the only reason he felt that Luca could cook is because he taught him the same with Adele. After all, at first, the only thing she knew was how to stick shit in the oven or microwave.

His mother was the best he learned from her, so he knew her food was good, delicious. In fact, she was the only one who could outdo him in the kitchen.

After putting the food in the oven, he decided to feed the dogs, and Jaxon, ugly ass cat creature Axel had no problems with cats, grew up around them.

Hell, his mother had a cat that looked just like Milo that she had until he was about 28 the fucker was a G. She lived for over 20 years before dying.

The only reason she died then was cause Conard killed the bitch because she attacked him one night, sneaking into the house.

He hid for a month after that, making sure their mother and father didn’t find out he was the one that killed their precious cat.

A year later, his father brought her another one, but that was round time he and his siblings moved to Berlin away from their stupid-ass racist uncle.

Axel wanted nothing to with their mafia. He saw someone that could be racist but in love with black women all at the same time.

So, he started his own with his father and brothers’ help two years after his son was born.

That’s when he and Conard bumped heads but quickly overcame it for their children’s sake.

But this cat here wasn’t a fucking cat. It was an abomination, something that shouldn’t have been created.

Even the dogs were scared of it. He believed Milo was too, and that damn cat wasn’t scared of shit.

Luca was stern on the fact that Jaxon’s cat wasn’t coming with them. Hell, he didn’t want Milo to come, but his mother threatened to cut his balls off while he slept.

Axel laughed at the thought, thinking about how fucking crazy his family was and how he would lay down his life this for them to keep them safe.

His phone dinged, making him hurry to pull it from his pocket, thinking that it was Luca, Adele, Bridget, or maybe his mother. They had gone for two weeks, almost three, and haven’t called or texted him yet.

Bridget sent one picture of herself in the water and one of Raine laying on the towel on the beach but nothing more.

So, Axel tried to call, which they let go to voicemail. If he texted, it would just say read, but nothing back they were killing him inside. Finally, the phone was out of his pocket. Happily, he flips it over to read the text.

Unknown: Your son has such a wonderful family and that wife of his, beautiful but feisty.

That follows with a list of Adele and Luca pictures, none of the kids, just them two, mostly of Adele.

Axel: Leo, stay the fuck away from my damn son and daughter-n-law. It’s me you want they have shit do with this you know it.

Unknown: Beg me, Axel, then maybe I reconsider. It may be fun to kidnapped your daughter-n-law, like how your son stole her from her home.

Axel: Leo, I’m begging you not to hurt my child, his wife, nor his children.

Unknown: What about the mixed beauty you have and your other children whats their names?..... Oh yeah, Sophia, Ansel, and little Raine

Again, pictures of Bridget, Sophia, Ansel, and Raine appeared on his phone. Axel wanted to punch something, at least kill someone. He promised him he would leave his family out of this.


Unknown: Tell your son to stop digging, or he will be the first to go, then Conard’s boy

That was it. He cut him from saying anything again. This man was working his nerves. He couldn’t take it anymore.


He didn’t even notice he was punching the counter until he looked down, seeing his hand bleeding and the animals looking at him like he lost his damn mind, which he did.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Conard asked


Axel said, sliding the phone over to him, watching as all the color drain from his face then looking back at him.

“He said he would leave our children out of this shit, Axel. What change?” Conard

“Obviously, Luca and Victor are still digging. That is why they are going to South Carolina. Adele fucking brother-in-law is a fucking private investor that work with us that we have to meet before Luca and Vic does,” Axel said

“You know this how?” Conard asked

“Victor told me about him. When Leo said they were still digging, I put two and two together and figured out why they were going to South Carolina.”

“But don’t he think Dele’s dead?” Conard asked

“No, he knows the true Dele don’t, he seen her the night when Luca took her he just didn’t say anything, and he was the one who sent Victor the information about her family planning to kill her apparently he was going to try to save her, but my son did it for him.”

“And he works for Luca?” He asked

“No, Vic, one of Luca’s hitman is his cousin, so that’s how he got involved with Luca.”

“So, a trip to the States then?” Conard asked

“Yes, a trip to the States,” Axel says.

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