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Vacation (Pt.2)

Adele, Luca, and the family enjoyed themselves in Trinidad for the whole month there. Some unseen events caused them to change plans to their next destination.

So, besides going to the Virgin Islands, they decided to closer to their next destination; Nova wanted to go to Disneyworld, saying the kids will enjoy it.

To Adele, it was Nova who really wanted to go. Insisting it was Talia, Carmella, Josie and Sophia that wanted to go but she been the biggest child there since they arrived three weeks ago.

Every morning she was the first one up wanting to go the same fucking park, and every time someone suggests something else, she turns into a fucking banshee.

Luckily this morning, Adele was able to convince her to go to the Animal Kingdom, where Talia beg her the night before to go.

The month in half they been on vacation Adele and Talia bounded more first shit was still awkward. She would open up then close her out.

It was pissing her the fuck off, Adele knew she had no right to be mad, and it was going to take time for her to open up fully.

It just hurt her. Adele may sound selfish, but she just wanted her to feel safe with them and know that no harm would come to her, but now she was mama, and it felt right.

The whole time there, she had to listen to Sibylla and Nova complains about how hot it was and how they didn’t want to see any damn animals. If they did, they go can to the zoo for that.

Luca and Victor being their usual crazy selves, telling them they were animals and wouldn’t surprise them if they scared off the fucking tigers and lions.

That ending in a fucking fight. Neither one of them took that lightly, and Sibylla ended up beating both of them with her umbrella.

Making Luca crazy-ass snatch it from her breaking in two, she was mad for the entire day talking about it was a Japanese Umbrella and the jewels on it was real.

Leaving Victor asking her why the hell would she buy something like that. It was a waste of fucking money.

She turned it around, asking them why they paid someone to put ink all over their fucking bodies. That was a waste of money.

The difference to Adele no one could steal them by picking them running. They could with her $20,000 umbrella.

As their second promise to all the girls they were in the Magic Kingdom, they were to stay the night in the castle and eat dinner and breakfast with the princesses.

Luca, Isa, Sibylla, and the other men decided to stay at the house. On top of that, they refuse to let the boys come talking shit about it would a cold day in hell before he let his son or any of the boys spend the night in a castle with some fucking princesses.

While they ate dinner that night, Adele had a strange feeling that someone was watching them, but no one stood out to her.

She tried to push the feeling away for some odd reason. She couldn’t. Every time someone walked past her, she got an odd feeling.

Bridget had to sense it, too, because she was also on edge. Something didn’t feel right to herself, and she wasn’t waiting around to find out what.

“We need to go now,” Adele said

“Why, what’s wrong,” Hanna said

Adele’s eyes sweep over the room again still. Nothing unusual people were sitting with their families eating, talking, and laughing, but the feeling was still there.

“Something doesn’t feel right. Someone is watching us from where I don’t know, but I can fucking feel it, Hanna. I need you, Piper, Kylie, Kelly, and Rylee to get the girls back to the room you go to Bridget.”

“What, no I can help you,” Bridget said

“We know you can, Bridget, but Hanna and Rylee will need your help,” Nova said

Bridget nodded, help getting up. The kids walking normally to the exit, Adele called for the check, still watching the room.

They play it off, making it look like they were just finished with their meals going back to their resort to settle in for the night.

Adele, Nova, Emma, and Anne got up after paying walking out of the dining area going back to their resort.

It was a couple of minutes away from the castle that they were dining in, so besides waiting on the shuttle, they walked.

Like anyone else would do to make it normal, they talked about crazy shit like Liam showing up two in half years later and how they all felt about it.

They were a few minutes away from the resort. A woman came running by, bumping into Nova, saying sorry. It wasn’t until she walked off when they notice Nova was bleeding.

Emma quickly turned, running after the woman with her pregnant ass right behind her leaving Anne to stay with Nova.

Adele watched ass Emma tackled the woman to the ground. Some people walking by stood there and watched as the two fought on the ground

“YOU NEED YOU LEAVE NOW, PLEASE!” Adele says to the couple and their children.

“Ma’am, you’re pregnant. My husband can help,” The woman said.

That was nice of her, but they didn’t need her or her husband’s help with their mess, plus the bitch was about to die.

“That’s fine. She’s one of our friends when she drinks she gets a little crazy this always happens,” Adele says

The couple nods, walking away in the same direction they came running from. Adele was hoping Anne had gotten Nova up and back to the resort.

Adele waited until they were in the clear before walking up the woman gripping her by the hair dragging her into the brushes.

She bends down to the woman’s level as Emma held the gun to her head. The girl tried to hold a straight face, but anyone who could tell she wanted to cry.

“I’m going to ask you one question and one question only, so answer wisely. Who send you?” Adele said

“Ryder, he said not to kill anyone. I was told to stab you, but that would have killed your baby, so I stab the other girl. It was just a warning,” The woman said

Ryder... Adele let his ass live, and he turns on them really, he was never one of them, so when she got back home, he was about to die a slow but painful death.

“Warning for what?” Emma asked

“I don’t know. I’m just an assassin,” She said

“So are we bitch” Emma said

As Adele nodded for her to put the silencer on the gun then putting the trigger, blood hit Adele’s nude dress, making her frown and kicking the body.

“This motherfucking go us out here killing people in fucking Disneyworld when I get home he’s going to from wish I killed him ten months ago,” Adele said

Emma laughs at her while she took out her phone, calling Jake and Ben then Luca, but they already knew the situation.

Nova called Kellan being crazy as fuck talking shit about she was dying, that she loved him, and need him to come to hold her hand as she died.

Kelly said she did the same thing to Victor, who crazy yelled in the phone die in a fucking ditch before hanging up the phone, and she called him back just to called him a punk ass bitch

Mary and Zhara were some of the ones who didn’t go to dinner with them and stay at the resort.

So, Mary was able to check Nova, telling her that it only cut her side, leaving her with six fucking snitches, and the girl still cried like she was dying.

The girl was a big fucking baby, and Kellan didn’t make it better cradling her ass like he would do Leah kissing her fucking forehead.

Making Victor go over to them, snatching Nova up out his arms telling him to stop babying her big ass and be a fucking man ending with her latching on to his leg, yelling, hold me.

They were a fucking embarrassment, and it been like that for the whole month in half having Nova explain to her mother Victor was the little brother she never wanted that’s why she aggravate him so, but it was like that with all of them Victor just got it the worse.

After that, it was the end of their little vacation. Luca made them all go home except her, him, Victor, Jaxon, Hanna, Emma, Erik, and Rylee.

Now eight of them were headed in South Carolina to meet with one of Victor’s connections which they wouldn’t tell her who, only that she would found out when they got there.

This had Adele curious, asking questions the whole way to South Carolina, a place she thought she would never again after she killed her father and siblings.

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