Disorganized Minds

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Axel had to pay his own fucking pilot to keep his fucking mouth close about bringing him and his brothers to South Carolina. That was some fucked up shit.

Then Grata decided it would be best for her to disappear for a while. Although Axel nor Conard thought that wasn’t a good idea, it still didn’t stop her.

To Grata, she needed this time alone and felt that Ghost won’t bother her since he never saw her as a threat in the past but who knows what that man was thinking.

Ghost had to be tracking them down. How else did he know about Luca’s three-month trip because it wasn’t the talk of the house, and that scared Axel more about letting Grata go on her own.

It was her own decision, and he couldn’t stop her even if he wanted to. She had her mindset on something, and that wasn’t going to stop until she did it, so she went her way, and they went theirs.

And 13 hours later, they were in South Carolina on their way to meet with Toni, Adele’s brother-n-law, and Axel didn’t know what to expect from this man, so they were prepared for the worse.

To be on the safe side, Axel made plans for them to meet up at one of his old warehouses in South Carolina. That way, nothing would alarm Luca or Adele that they been there.

Axel knew this was wrong sneaking around behind his son’s back, knowing he was The Don now, but like he said many times before, he would take his own head before letting that motherfucker kill his son.

Plus, he didn’t have to worry about Luca catching them there because it was one of them jobs where you go handle your business and leave the same day, so no one knew you were missing.

About 30 minutes later, they arrived at the warehouse. He could see two cars parked outside, making him and Conard shared a look, both pulling their guns and getting ready for anything.

Kiefer looked at the two shaking his either he knew something they didn’t or laughing at the fact of how much they were alike.

The car came to a stop. All three men and a couple of their guards step out with them, making their way inside.

Just Axel’s luck, Ethan was the first person he saw. Axel’s mind began to wander, thinking, why the fuck was Ethan? There shouldn’t he be in Germany somewhere and not snooping here.

“SHIT!” Axel said

“Shit indeed, Axel. What the fuck are you doing here? When my cousin said he was meet some people from Germany, I didn’t expect you. Now I know Luca wants to meet with him, but you too are you working against your son My Don?” Ethan said

Axel notice he didn’t have the German accent as he normally did, making him wonder was he masking it or was the shit was all made up.

“Your accent is gone, and no, I would never do that shit Ethan, I’m here on different business, and I trust you not to tell Luca,” Axel said

“I assure you my accent is still in place. Why shouldn’t I tell Luca? Like I said, he’s my Don mean he’s my boss.”

This motherfucker was testing him, letting him know that he was loyal to his son, and Axel knew that he didn’t need to hear that right now. He needed him to state he was loyal to him for the moment.

“Ethan, I need you to trust me on this Luca cannot know I was here; I make it worth your time.”

“Either you’re in some deep shit, or you going back your sons back doing shit Axel. If Luca or Adele found out I helped you, I’m dead, and you know it, so if you want me to stay quiet, you better be paying good and fucking covering for me when it’s time plus I want to know what kind of shit you got yourself into this better be fucking a good reason.”

Axel knew in order for Ethan to keep his mouth shut, it was going to cost him, not like he could pay, just the fact Victor was monitoring his fucking accounts after that shit with Kenzie.

It was either not to him or to tell him and have Kiefer or Conard pay the man that which that is what it to be.

“How much then I’ll tell you,” Axel said

“1.5 Mill for the both of us like I said, I don’t work for you, and it’s not like you don’t have it either.”

“MOTHERFUCKER! Fine, if that’s what it takes, and if I find out you fucking told, I will kill the both of you my damn self. ”

He looked at his brother, then back at Ethan and Toni. After they exchange account information, they all sit down and begin to talk.

“I did some shit in my past, Ethan, that I care not to reflect on just know this it’s a man named Ghost that Luca is going to want you Toni to track down I’m paying to tell you empty handing on that nickname or anything,” Axel said

“That still doesn’t tell me shit, Axel. Why hide it? You know he will help. Fuck I would help. That’s why I’m a hitman.”

“NO! I FUCKING SWEAR YOU FUCKING KIDS DON’T FUCKING LISTEN!” Axel yelled, hitting the table, forgetting about his broken hand.

“He’s after me, my brothers. What used to be my mafia Ethan, I can’t get you, Luca, or none of them involve not to die from my mistake. He’s already toying with me, following them to Trinidad. Just do what I ask. Please do I have your and Toni’s words,” Axel said.

Ethan and Toni stared at each other for a moment, then nodding, making Axel sigh in relief.

“Thank you.”

“I’m not doing this for you. It’s for my sister-in-law. She was dealt a fucked hand in life. Your son kidnapping her had to be one of the best things that happen to that girl. I hated not telling her little brother she was alive, but he ended with her any way it that was faith, but if this helps her and her husband, then I’m down with it,” Toni says

Axel nodded again, then shook both of the men’s hands before leaving. They all got back into the car, heading right back to the airport.

On the plane, Axel’s phone pinged like always. He thought it was Bridget or Luca, but again it was an unknown person, meaning Ghost.

A whole month when by since the last time he texted, Axel just did what the fuck he wanted. So what was it now? He thought as he slowly opened the text.

Unknown: I see your little family when to Disney World instead of the Virgin Islands. Was that you’re doing?

Axel: Leo, I know nothing that you are talking about. I had no clue where my son was taking his family after Trinidad, so if he did take his kids and the rest to Disney World, good for him.

Unknown: Ax, you must have forgotten who you’re talking to. One of my women already stab one of yours....what was her name.

Axel began to panic. Looking at his brother fumbling with the phone, Kiefer sat up in his seat, going pale so did Conard.

“What is it?” Kiefer asked

“This asshole playing with us he sends his fucking minions after our kids after he fucking said he wouldn’t,” Axel said

When another ding came through on his phone Axel with a shaky hand, unlocked it, slowly opening the text, scared of what it may say.

Unknown: Don’t have a fucking heart attack like your mother did, Axel. You may not make it, unlike she did. Now I remember the name. It was Nova.

Axel: Nova’s your daughter-n-law, you know that, right?

Unknown: I know the knife was meant for your daughter-in-law, not mine, but it seems that you and your son hid the fact she was pregnant again.

Axel: Look, Ghost, I did what you want. They wouldn’t find out shit leave them alone.

Unknown: So, why are they headed to South Carolina at this moment?

Axel: The same reason I just left there, I suppose, but they’re going to come up empty-handed. I promise you that you want to come after somebody come after me bitch not them, and right now, I think you are fucking scared. That is why you are taking the time to fuck with me. You’re scared of my son, or is it, my daughter-in-law.

Unknown: Funny Ax funny keep talking.

Like always, he ended their little conversation. Axel was tired. He didn’t know what Ghost was aiming at but know he needed to be stopped.

“Kiefer, I need to tell you something,” Axel said

He eyed him cautiously, not knowing what he was about to say. Axel didn’t know how to tell him either it something he should have told him a long time ago, but it was none of his business.

“Get to telling it motherfucker” Kiefer said

“Kellan isn’t yours, I know...”

“Ax, I knew that already Heidi was pregnant before I ever fucked her. That’s why Leo hated my guts because your father made us get married. I know, but I raise him to keep your crazy ass father from finding out, and we wonder why your mother is crazy hell he drove her to it.” Kiefer said laughing

That was out the way. It was time for them to get back home before the other discovered they left and hope Ethan and Toni keep their word.

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