Disorganized Minds

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Axel opened his eyes, trying to adjust to the bright light shining in his face.

The bitch got one of her minions to drugged him again for the tenth time this month.

It was starting to take a troll on him. He was having a hard time staying awake and alert to his surroundings.

One thing he did notice he wasn’t tied up or in the basement anymore naked, that means someone touched him.

Again, the light shined in his face, making the hand of the person who had it, headbutting them, which he should have thought it through before doing it.

The man screamed, letting him know that he did something, and Axel laughed to himself as he cursed about.

Axel believes he broke his nose, and if he thought that was bad, he had to wait until he recovers because he would cause more damage than that.

“If I were you, I would behave, Axel” Bridget said


Axel felt the bed drip on the side of him he was still having trouble seeing slowly, but his other senses were kicking in he could smell Bridget as she sat on the bed beside him.

She was still scared bit telling him she just wanted answers the thing he wanted to know why do all this why not come to him and talk it out he wants to know who put her up to it.

“Why don’t you stop playing games, tell me what you fucking want. Or do you want to fuck me? If that’s it my dick is up for grabs” Axel said

“You think you’re funny, don’t you Axel? Just tell me why you killed her” she said

“If you tell me who the fuck you are talking about, I will. I have killed many people in my day. I can’t tell your ass something if I don’t fucking know Bridget” He said

Finally, his eyes were adjusted where he could see the woman in front of him for the first time.

All the other times, she would sit in dim light or the dark. He just had to follow her voice, but he could always smell her.

“My aren’t we beautiful” Axel said

“This isn’t a game Axel. Ionna Popov, does that ring a bell? Since you need the names of your victims.” She said

Axel thought for a moment the name didn’t hit anything. Who was she to her? Why want answers now?

He stared at the woman in front of him, trying to place the woman she was talking about.

“No, it doesn’t who was she to you?” He asked

“A-are you serious, you don’t remember killing my mama in front of me? I may have been five at the time, and it took me some time to remember. You cut off her limbs, starting at her feet as she fucking screamed for you to stop. You kept asking her, “Where is he?” It played over and over in my head until the doctors got it to stop. Then a man came to me two years telling me he knew who killed my mama if I help him bring you down. I could have the world at my feet, but I needed to do it before your son married. While you were still the Don but I was too late. Then I met Ryder; apparently, he had a bone to pick with your son about killing his hoe ass sister he was the one who killed his dogs, send the hitmen I just want answers, please tell me why?” She said

He thought hard on who she was talking about; she was talking about the woman he killed before Luca was born.

His wife was with him that day. He remembered how she begged him to stop cutting the poor woman up because she didn’t know shit.

This was the first time his wife had gotten on his bad side. Axel smacked the shit out of her that day; he never thought he would become like his father that day he did.

Axel made sure he pushed that day in the back of his mind. He tried his best to teach Luca better but fail somewhere along the way.

Looking back to the girl in front of him who claims to be Ionna’s, daughter that didn’t look a day over 20.

She was sitting here telling him she was the little five-year-old in the room that day there was no fucking way this woman was 36 years old.

“You are bullshitting me, Bridget, there’s no fucking way your ass is 36” Axel said

“So, you do remember?” She asked

She stood up from the bed walked over the men at the door, whispering something in his ear.

He asked her was she sure she nodded, and he left. Surprisingly, she wanted to be alone with him.

He wondered if she wanted more than a reason why he killed her mother. Don’t get him wrong he was a man that desired things right now. He was sexually frustrated; he needed to release.

“I don’t think it a good idea to be left alone with me” Axel said

“Why? If you wanted to killed me, you would have done it with him here. I know all about you Axel” Bridget said

That was true if he wants to kill them, they would have been dead soon as his vision cleared.

He didn’t sense a threat, so he played her little game, but that wasn’t why he didn’t think they should be alone.

“Tell me why you did it” She said

“If you do me a little favor” Axel said

Bridget stared at him weirdly then glanced down to his pants, putting her hands over her mouth, all surprised like she never saw a hard dick before.

“Don’t tell me you’re a thirty-six-year-old virgin?” Axel said

“WHAT NO! But you want me to have sex with you for information on why you killed my motherfucking mother?” She Asked

That’s precisely what he wanted; he knew how to get shit. He wanted out of people.

It wouldn’t be the first time he traded sex for information, but she wanted to know she would do it.

“So, what’s it going to be? I will shower do the necessary needs before if that’s what you worry about, or is it your husband? Him finding out?” He said

“I’m not married. Ryder is just a person I wish I never met, but what you are asking is a bit too much” she said

Axel wonder was she into women the reason why she was scared or was his dick too big for her liking, either way; he could work with it.

He glanced back at her, and she quickly looked away, pointing to the door on the room’s side.

“Bathroom, there are clothes in there for you” She said

“Answer me one question before I leave.” He said

“Why go through all this if you weren’t going to kill me Bridget?” Axel asked

“The man’s name was Friedrich that came to me saying he knew the man who killed my mother. He told me if I deliver you to him before your son Luca “married the nigger bitch from American,” these are his words, not mine. He would give me the world I never plan on helping him kill you. As you can see, I’m half black myself.

The only thing that man was planning to do with me was to use me then kill me.

I wasn’t stupid as he thought, I wait until your son was married, cut all connections with me a year later, and found out he was killed.

As I said, I wish I never met Ryder he talked me back into this shit, now he’s missing.

You know his whole reason behind this was about his slut of a sister Tilly killed by Luca. Now he’s probably dead with her” She said laughing

Pissed is what Axel was. He knew that his uncle wasn’t up to no good now; it makes him wonder if his mother has anything to do.

She better hopes she didn’t because she would be the next one dying by his hands, and Luca nor Adele won’t be able to save her.

He got up from the bed and went straight to the bathroom, relieving himself first.

He realized he wasn’t hungry or needed a drink but didn’t remember eating.

He couldn’t say she kept him drug because he only remembered once when Bridget was in the room telling them to do so.

Axel removed the clothes on his body, nothing of his choice for sure. This woman was either going to let him go or buy him some clothes. That he enjoyed wearing not the shit she had for him.

He stepped in the shower letting the water run down his body the feeling was good like he hasn’t done this in forever.

Axel starting to think about how he was missing his grandson grow. He was three months the last time he saw him.

The twins were probably talking more, Josie and Tyler, who were looking for him, not to forget his babies Sophia and Ansel, it may took some time to warm up to the fact they were his, but now at the moment, they were without both parents.

He knew Luca was going crazy; Axel just hoped Adele could keep him sane the main thing he was missing his family, so he would do whatever it took to get back to them.

Finishing his shower, he dried off, putting on the clothes Bridget left in the room for him.

Turning to the mirror, he saw a sight he hadn’t seen before a full beard that needed to go lucky.

She had left a razor in the bathroom. Bridget had to know he would want to do this.

Axel hurried and shaved then returned to the room where Bridget was sitting the chair in different clothes herself.

“So, I guess you want to fuck first, then give your information?” She said standing

For the first time, Axel noticed that she had blue eyes. First, he thought they were grey, but they are blue.

He was used to biracial people with grey eyes like Sophia, Josie, the twins, and AJ but not blue. It was unique and beautiful, especially on her.

Not saying a word, he grabbed her by the back of her neck, kissing her. She refuses to let him in at first, but when he grabbed her ass, she opened up, letting him in.

Axel gripped her thighs, hitching her up until her legs wrapped around his waist.

He walked them over to the bed, laying her down on the bed, lifting her gown, kneeling between her legs.

“You don’t have to do that...”

“OH...MY...GOSH!” she cut herself cut by screaming

Axel wasn’t the one who had sex without pleasing the women first in some kind of way, and he sure wasn’t the one to put his face between her legs if he thought that she was a slut.

Bridget was one of the females that fit the category for him to eat out.

Axel rubbed her clit with his thumb, sticking his tongue in, and out of her and moans was refreshing.

Something he hasn’t heard for women in months that was unusual to him. He knew that Luca, Erik, and Victor were always teasing him about being a man whore, but he couldn’t help it. He liked getting pussy.

He could feel her reaching her climax as he licked, slurp, rubbed and fingered her pussy she grabbed ahold of his to his long hair which had to go he didn’t see how his son dealt with it.


“Well cum let me taste it” Axel said

Bridget’s body shook as she cum she trembled like she was having a seizure.

Axel got up from his kneeling position and started to shed his clothes climbing over her.

He helped her removed her gown, thoroughly kissing down her neck down to her titties nipping and sucking at them as he eased himself into her, not even thinking about a condom, and neither did she.

“SHIT!” Axel yelled

“Yeah, you like it don’t you, well fuck me that’s what you wanted FUCK ME!” Bridget said

Axel pulled out, flipping her over, pushing her head down in the bed as he shoved his dicked back into her.

Fucking her hard like she wanted him pounding in and out of her ruthlessly until her screams filled the room.

“I see we like it rough it this the way you fucking wanted it, huh” Axel said, thrusting in and out of her.

“YES, FUCK YES!” she screamed

He was surprised that no one came running into the room with all the screaming she was doing.

Axel had to assume she told them beforehand not to come if they heard anything.


“HELL NO! You wanted it like this. That’s how you will get it. What you thought I was too old to fuck you, senseless?” Axel said, gripping her by the neck, pulling her back up against his chest. As he continued to fuck her hard.

Axel felt her tighten around him, letting him know she was cumming or about to, so he continued to fuck her harder with each stroke.

He stopped, and she pushed him back onto the bed, climbing on top of him.

Without thinking, he pulled her face to him bring her into a fierce kiss, while she rode him hard trying to get him to cum he could tell by the way she moved on him, be damn if it wasn’t working.

“Fucking shit women keep riding me like that and I’m going to cum” Axel told her

She begins to ride him faster to his response. It was making it hard for Axel to hold back every time she switched rhythm. His balls tighten until he could hold it anymore.

“Shit I’m about to cum” Axel said trying to remove her

“No cum” She said


“No, but I get to ask something of you now” She said


Axel tried to push her off, but she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck fucking him faster and hard if that was possible. He could hold back anymore; he had no choice but to release.

“FUCKING SHIT YOU ARE CRAZY!” Axel said as she rolled off of him

“You liked it” She said laughing

He couldn’t believe this woman just made him cum in her. What woman wanted to get pregnant by a man he’s age?

The only thing he could ask for that she didn’t, but shit always had a way to bite him in the ass the woman was 16 years younger than him and another child at this age would be hell.

“Why in hell would you want me to get you pregnant?” Axel asked

“Tell me why you killed my mother first” she said

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Axel yelled as she showed him a knife

“FUCKING FINE! I thought she was someone else. I saw her talking to one of my enemies. I assume she was his wife or lover. When she claimed not to know him, I thought she was lying, so I torture her. It wasn’t until I killed her when I found out she was innocent, just someone looking for a job. I’m sorry, Bridget, it was a mistake, a bad one. I should have listened to my wife, but I didn’t. Now you what the fuck was that” Axel said

She turned her head away from him like she was ashamed of something scared to tell what she wanted.

In a way, she reminded him of Adele when she first started getting used to Luca, and the rest of them scared to speak her opinion.



Was all she said before jumping off the bed, running out the room. Axel got up to follow but couldn’t put on his pants, fast enough about the time he got in the hallway she was gone.

“The fuck was that about?” Axel asked himself

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