Disorganized Minds

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The eight of them just made it to the plane. Luca could tell that it was something heavy weighing on his brother’s mind.

Victor wasn’t the one to show his emotions, and most of the time, it was hard for either of them to decipher his facial expressions.

Today was a different story. He looked lost, like he was fighting with himself, glaring at the seven of them, waiting for one of them to say something meaning him or Adele.

But she is in her own little world wondering why the hell were they going to South Carolina.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to tell her. Victor just thought it was best this way.

The original lie was everyone wanted to see where she was from. Nova played it off, telling her it would make her understand her more.

At first, she believed until everything got blown to hell, and he had to send everyone else home, but the eight of them.

After that, Adele started asking questions about why they needed to come to South Carolina if the others were going home.

Victor, with his big ass mouth, just had to tell her that they were going to handle some business and someone wanted to meet her.

Now she wanted to know who and how this person knew she was alive. Not wanting her to know, he told her it was a surprise, the first thing that came to his mind.

It was funny, though, to see her pout like a big baby, his big baby as that trying to get information out of him, which she should know by now doesn’t work.

Like now, her head was lying in his lap with her looking up to him, poking her bottom lip out, trying the same shit their kids try to use on him when they want to shit.

Instead of falling her little puppy dog face, he sat her up, getting up himself walking over to sit beside Victor.

Calling Erik and Jaxon on the side of the plane they were on so the three of them could talk, he needed to know what was going through Victor’s mind.

“Fuck you too, Luca!” Adele said, flipping him off

“Liebe, I know you want to fuck me, but unless you want the whole plane to hear...”

“You know that is not what I’m talking about, asshole,” She said, cutting him off.

Luca laughed to himself. One of the biggest things Adele hated was to be left in the dark, but she had to learn everything isn’t meant for her to hear or know.

She didn’t take shit well like that, always throwing shit as of now, the bottle flying at his head that she thought he did see until he caught it without looking.

“Strike one, Dele, pregnant or not, you know I will punish your fucking ass still, but then again, that’s what you want.”

Her only reply was her flipping him off again, making Jaxon, Emma, and Rylee laugh. She was in one of her fucking mood swings that he hated.

Finally, she got up. First, her thought was the bedroom, but she only moved to the back of the plane with Emma, Rylee, and Hanna right on her tail.

Luca could hear them talking about how stupid and stubborn he was how he was wrong for not telling her why they were going to South Carolina.

The four of them kept looking back at them laugh and giggle like either one of them cared, and while the other three were trying to make Adele feel better, they fail to tell her they knew the truth.

Ignoring them, Luca turned, giving his full attention to his brothers and best friend, ready to get to the bottom of Victor’s emotional glaze.

“Not to pry in your business Victor but why the fuck you look like someone stole your dog?” Luca said

“You are prying, so leave me the fuck alone,” Victor said.

So, he was emotional. The one who claims not to let anything get to him was an emotional wreck, but why he hates to sound like Adele, but it seems he needed someone to talk to.

“Do this have something to do with a certain woman you been talking to lately?” Luca asked

“I SAY TO FUCK OFF LUCA!” He yelled, getting up moving

“Damn someone being bitchy, what go your panties up your ass, Vic,” Hanna asked from the back of the plane.


Fuck he was being bitchy. Luca saw his ass act this way before either she said something to hurt his feeling or he was on his fucking period.

Luca had to fight with himself whether to follow him and try talking with just the two of them or leave it alone, which he couldn’t do.

He got up, walking in the direction Victor just left in, telling Jaxon and Erik he would talk to him alone or make he should have gotten Adele to since they were closer.

“Fuck, Vic, what is your fucking problem? I was trying to have a conversation with you, my brother. Shit, are you on your fucking period or something” Luca said

“Luca, just leave me alone.”

Besides doing want, he asked, he did the opposite sitting down across from him as Victor sit back in his seat, looking up at the ceiling.

“Fuck, you’re not going to leave me alone, are you?”

“Nope, so fucking talk.”

Victor took a deep breath releasing it, rubbing his hands down his face before sitting up straight looking over to Luca.

“I like her, you know the month we were in Trinidad I got to know her without sex just her she’s sweet, speaks what on her fucking mind, wants to know me the real me then....”

“Then again, Kenzie did the same thing minus the sex thing she wanted that right off the back... Vic, something I learned about females there are different types. For a fucking example, Scar she was hoe we both know that right off the back she was clear about what she wanted you allowed yourself to love her anyway because you knew the real her. Kenzie wore a fucking mask, letting us see only what she wanted us to see, but when a woman throws herself at you, that normally means she was up to no good. Trinity, on the other hand, is a good woman. I only got the chance to know her for three weeks, getting nothing but good vibes off her. Your son adores her. If Nova gets along with her without her having to warm up to her, you know she is good. Nova loves you too much to lie to you. The girl looks at you as her little brother, although Dele calls you two soulmates. I think of two as evil twins. She was ready to kill Kenzie afuckinggain after you killed her. Dele too, all I have to say is allow yourself to love again and when you both are ready, move to the next step.”

He knew it had something to do with Trinity and him not wanting the others to break and confuse a woman, a good woman this time.

“Now I see why everyone comes to you for advice. You sure you don’t want to hang up The Don title and become a psychiatrist, you good it,” Victor said, laughing.

“Naw, I just told you something at I experience, I never loved before Dele. I knew she was for me the moment she ran into me that day outside of Starbucks. Something inside of me set off alarms. I knew I was leaving soon. I just couldn’t pass that up. You, on the other hand, got to sit down and know Trin. Tell me would have done the same as I if the table were turned?” Luca said

Victor looked at him, and a smile crept across his face telling him that he would have kidnapped Trinity as well if he needs to.

“That look alone tells me we are not too different after all. You thought I did wrong in the past, but you thought about doing the same when you first met Trinity. If she made you want to do that, Vic she right for you this make sure you make it sticks and don’t make the same mistakes I made mistakes I’m still regretting although she forgave me I can’t seem to forgive myself,” Luca said

“You had a temper Lu you...”

“Don’t you ever call me that fucking name another in your fucking life. Yes, I did still do. She knows that and loves testing it. I just found other ways to release that anger,” Luca said, cutting him off.

Victor shook his head, laughing, knowing he only called him to get a fucking laugh, but he was glad he was feeling better.

“Thank you, brother, I needed that,” Victor said

Luca just nodded at him as he got up, going back to the other part of the plane to see have Adele ever calm down.

Seeing she was laughing and talking with her girls, Erik and Jaxon told him his answer, but he knew he wasn’t out of hot water just yet as he sat beside her.

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