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Dead Ends

Adele couldn’t help but wonder why the hell was they in South Carolina. Luca wouldn’t tell her why, only that she will see.

She didn’t like that at all to her. It felt like a setup. Everyone here thought she was dead, so why the hell it needed to be a surprise.

The whole way there, she tried to get the reason out of Victor or Erik since Luca wasn’t talking, and Jaxon was just like him, so there was no use with him.

Both were telling her the same fucking story wait until they got there. The shit was really starting to piss her the fuck off.

She sighed, sitting back in the seat of the limo, rubbing her temples, trying not to let the shit get to her as it did on the plane but seeing their smirks made the shit hard.

The sound of her phone going off relieved her some. She knew it had to be one of the others telling her they made it back home safe.

She took the phone from her clutch, turning it over to read the text from Axel, not who she thought but still a relief.

Just to make him feel bad, Luca wanted all of them to ignore him and the other three giving them a piece of their own medicine.

As he talked about how all they felt because his father and uncles wouldn’t tell them what was going on, why should Axel know what’s going on with them.

Sighing again, she put the phone back in her purse to only get another text from Axel once again. This time Adele couldn’t help it.

Axel: The rest are home. Where are you all fuck? I gave all of you time away. I miss my family, Dele. Please tell your stupid ass husband to call his father.

Axel: Please answer me, Kleine.

Adele: Luca had to handle business in the States. We will be home in a few days, and I will try to get him to call you.

Axel: Why did I have to find out that Nova attack after they were home? fuck Dele, you all were in Disneyworld. You shouldn’t have been attacked.

Adele: I know Axel, but I will handle it when we are home Nova know that

Axel:...So, you know who ordered the attack???????

Adele: Wouldn’t you like to know

Axel: Who Dele

Adele: Bye Axel

Axel was being too fucking nosey paranoid mostly. It was none of his fucking business who order the attack. He didn’t want them to know who was after him.

Sighing, she looked up from her phone, seeing Luca staring directly at her with his hand out, making her roll her eyes while handing him her phone.

It was no hiding it. He knew she was texting Axel, but she gave no fucks if he was mad for one. Luca was always mad about something, and today it was probably her.

He took the phone and began the text fiercely. From what she could see, he was cursing out his father for texting her making her guilting her into talking to him, which he didn’t

Adele was just missing her father-in-law. She knew Luca was missing his father to he was too big-headed to say so.

When he was done, he handed her the phone back, kissing the side of her head then rubbing her stomach, something he always did.

“Are you mad, Luca?”

“For what, Liebe?”

“Me texting Axel.”

He turned to face her with a small smile on his face taking her face in his hand, kissing the top of the head, the tip of the nose, the cheek, and the lips.

“Get a fucking room. We don’t want to see that shit,” Victor said

Obviously, he was still moody, making Luca flip him off without looking at him, then sticking his tongue in her mouth, deepening the kiss just to piss him off more before pulling away.

“Liebe, you miss your father-in-law. I know I miss my father too, but hopefully, this will make him come to his senses. No, I’m not mad.....And shut the fuck up, Vic. You’re just mad because you had to leave Trinity, and she’s making your ass wait.”

“No one asked you, asshole, and it was me who put the brakes on the shit. I don’t want to rush into another relationship. I like her, and I want to take it slow with this one. She seems to be the one I told your stupid ass this,” Victor said

Adele laughed, causing Erik, Jaxon, Luca, and Emma to laugh, but Rylee tried to hide hers. He only knew the girl for two in half fucking months talking. She may be the one hopefully she was.

“Damn, she hasn’t even gave up the fucking cookie, and you think she’s the one,” Jaxon said, laughing.

“Motherfucker, I know you’re not fucking talking, Rylee still having gave you the fucking cookie and got your fucking ass wrapped around her finger,” Victor said

Erik stupid ass was on the floor of the limo, killing himself laughing. The fool was something else, but that wasn’t news to her, plus it was funny as hell too.

The next thing Adele knew, Jaxon had Victor in a headlock. Luca was yelling at the two like he was their father, and Erik was still being Erik.

The only sane ones were her, Emma, and Rylee, who looked at them like they were crazy until they pulled up the house.

All the men got out first, then Rylee, Emma, and her. Once she was out, Luca took her by the hand, walking into the house with the others behind them.

Jake open the door, and they stepped in. Someone was there, making Adele open her clutch and Luca stopping her.

“AUNT DELE!” The little girl said, running up to her.

Adele jerked her head up to Luca, who had a smile on his face, then back to her niece, whom she hadn’t seen since she was four.

Olivia’s daughter, so that meant Toni was there or fucking dead she wasn’t about to take in any more children besides the ones coming out of her. Talia and Madison were the last ones.

“Ummm...Luca, what the fuck is this?”

“Your niece Paisley I thought that was obvious,” Luca said sarcastically.

She knew this motherfucker wasn’t trying to get smart with her like she didn’t who the fuck she was. That wasn’t the damn question she wanted to know why she was here hugging her.

“Hi, Paisley, what are you doing here, and where are your siblings,” Adele said, hugging the girl back.

“They in there with daddy and Uncle Ethan,” She said

Uncle Ethan, what the hell was this little girl was talking about? She knew damn well her brother was dead unless Luca, Victor, and Axel lied to her about killing all the bastards.

Adele pulled herself from the little girl, speed walking into the living room where she came from mad as shit and ready to kill his ass if he was still alive.

Instead, she was met with Toni and their hitman Ethan. What the fuck, and why was Paisley calling him uncle?


“Calm down, Dele. I will explain,” Toni said

He got up, coming over to her with his arms out. Knowing damn well, she didn’t want a hug. She didn’t like his ass before, and she sure didn’t like his ass now.

So, she sidestepped him making him frown, looking at Victor, who shrugged his shoulder in response, letting her know this was his doing.

“Look, Toni, I don’t know how you knew I was alive and what you but I’m not taking your kids back to Germany with me if that is what you want,” Adele said.

“Damn Dele, still cold-hearted, I see but can’t blame you, mama. Pregnancy looks good on you, by the way, but that’s not why I’m here. My kids are staying with me. If you want to know, I knew you were alive from day one because I was here the night your husband took you. I said shit because it was either you go with him or die for real I figure being with him was better than dying, and I was right,” Toni said.

Adele looked back at Luca, who did the same as Victor shrugged his shoulder again, then pointing to the couch for her to sit. She was going to have to talk to him.

“Liebe, I didn’t know who he was that night I only knew him as the private investigator that Ethan set me up with it wasn’t until three months ago when I found out he works for Vic and how he found out about how your family trying to kill you, but we are here today because we had him look into Ghost hoping he can help,” Luca said

Adele looked at Toni then back at Luca and Victor. She felt bad for treating him that way. She guesses she was still a little bit bitter to some of the people in her family.

“I’m sorry, Toni, and thank you for protecting me,” Adele said

“It’s good, mama. I know how you feel but sorry to tell you... Don, I couldn’t find shit. I search high and low nothing, man I’m sorry. Whoever this man is don’t want to found or someone doesn’t want him to be found,” Toni said

Adele saw the anger rushing through Luca’s veins. Knowing his father did this, he controlled it shaking his head and then holding out his hand to shake Toni’s.

“Thank you anyway, Vic. Wire him the money, and let’s get ready to go. There’s no need to stay until you want to spend some time with your nieces Dele” Luca said

“No, I don’t need them to think I’m staying when I’m not. It will break their hearts, but I will stay in touch with them send them gifts, but Toni, don’t let them tell the others I’m alive.”

He nodded but looked disappointed in her, which she cared not. Toni knew why she didn’t like him, she was grateful for what he did for her, and it had nothing to do with the kids with it.

“Dele, they don’t have contact with the others, so you have nothing to worry about, and you need to stop hating them because me, their mothers and fathers,” Toni said

“I don’t hate you never did. That’s why you, Keith, and Tina live to take care of my nieces and nephews. I love them. They were turned against me, as I say. I will stay in contact with yours and yours only. I don’t trust the rest,” Adele said

The whole time Luca was staring at the two. He looked pissed for what Adele didn’t know but was sure he would voice his opinion.

“You two fucked or something?” Luca asked

“WHAT NO!” They both yelled

Where the fucked did he get that from? Adele wondered there was nothing in their conversation that suggested that they use to fuck

“Don, Adele was a little firecracker. No one was getting that if they tried back then, but no, she thought I took advantage of her sister not knowing the truth. She hated me for it though I couldn’t blame her,” Toni said

Luca was about to speak, but his phone ringing cut him off. He looked at it, then at her, and Victor answering it, mouthing “grandmother.”

“Yes, grandmother?” He asked

His eyes widen, then looking at Victor then her she could see the tears in his eyes before getting up quickly walking out the room.

Adele quickly got up behind him, running to see what was going on this was unlike Luca it had to be something bad.

“Luca?” Adele called out

She eventually found him leaning against the island with Victor, and Jaxon was right behind her.

“What wrong?” Victor asked with a shaky voice

“The stupid fool got his ass shot grandmother saying we should get back asp Uncle Conard said this wasn’t Ghost this time father ass got in a fight with the fucking Russians during a damn trade the motherfuckers shot him six times they’re not looking for him to make it,” Luca said

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