Disorganized Minds

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Unseen Circumstances

After hearing the news, Luca ran straight out of the house, yelling orders to the driver to get to them to the airport as fast as he could.

He also told the rest if they were in the car in five seconds, they would be finding their own way back to Germany.

At first, Victor thought he was playing until the limo started to move without him in it, causing his crazy ass to chase it.

If it weren’t for Adele, Luca would have told the driver to speed up just to be evil as hell. He and Victor were always doing stupid shit, even in situations like this.

Adele reached over, taking Luca’s hand in hers, trying to let him know everything would be okay, but hell, she didn’t know herself.

Everything was so fucked up months ago they were in the same spot with Erik, then losing Otis, Sibylla having a heart attack. Now Axel was fighting for his life because he wanted to be stupid.

She had just talked to him an hour before he got himself shot. He was supposed to by doing handoff with the Russians, not starting fucking wars.

It was like he was trying to get himself killed, probably thinking this would get Ghost off his fucking ass or maybe make him come after them for real with him dying.

Axel didn’t know the angle of Ghost. He was just guessing the man had him running around like a chicken with no head.

To Adele, this was all a game to him. He wanted Axel and the rest to be scared like fools they were and playing right into his hands.

Why couldn’t they see that? It was something about Ghost that she didn’t understand. Why not attack them all?

He had to know if he killed Axel. Luca, or Victor to stop until they found him, then putting his head on a platter.

This was a dangerous game. It sounds like that was his plan to take all of them to hell with him. Leaving the question of what the hell did Axel do to this man.

Ghost was running off hate and revenge Luca had to see this, but the only thing he saw at the time to her was someone after his father.

Obviously, Luca sensed her frustration because he finally squeezed her hand, making her look up at him and him giving her a small smile.

With his other hand, he cupped her face bring it closer to him so he could kiss her, but they receive a loud scoff from Victor.

Making Luca let out a deep chuckle before kissing her, then turning to his cousin, who rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Soon after, the fasten seat belt sign flashed on, letting them know they were about to land then pilot over the intercom.

Pilot: Don and Donna and the rest of the crew, this is your pilot speaking. We have begun to descent into Cologne. Please turn off all your portable electronic devices and stow them away until we land. Please make sure your seat back is straight up in preparation for landing and your seat belt is fastened. We will be on land in approximately 10 minutes, and there will be three separate cars waiting for you.

Adele reached for her seat belt, but Luca already had it buckling her in with a stupid little smile on his face.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Adele said

“No, I didn’t, but you were moving slow,” Luca said

He was trying to keep himself happy they all were, and the only way to do that was to smile, no matter how hard it got.

“Luca, how are we going to handle Ryder?” Adele asked

“There’s no handling him, Liebe. When I see him, I’m putting a bullet between his fucking eyes. There will be no torture. No explaining his ass just will be fucking dead. Now you have the choice of letting Nova crazy-ass do it or me it’s your choice,” He said

Adele knew her choice. Nova needed to kill him. She was the one that was attacked, although the knife was meant for her.

She looked over at Emma and Rylee, who both nodded, telling her they were thinking the same thing, then at Erik, Jaxon, and Victor, who pretend like they weren’t paying attention.

“Let Nova crazy-ass have him. She hasn’t had her fun in a while just don’t give her crazy ass the AK,”

“Or the Uzi we all be dead,” Victor said.

They all laugh. The girl was crazy. She was like the female version of Deadshot put any gun in her hand, and it was a headshot, but none of them trusted her crazy with the gun.

“But I want to be there. I have never gotten a chance to see her kill the last time she went on a mission. You made me still because of my situation like I can’t take care of myself,” Adele said

“I know you can, Liebe, but he can’t,” Luca said, rubbing her belly.

Smiling, she put her hand over his, then leaning over kissing his cheek, he was right, but it didn’t mean she had to sit back and do nothing.

After landing, they all got in separate cars, her, Luca, and Victor in one, and Erik, Emma, Jaxon, and Rylee in the other two.

They were going back to the house then to the hospital, but the three of them were going straight to the hospital with the rest of the family.

Adele wanted to kill the tension. The only thing she could think about was to ask Victor about Trinity. She seemed interesting.

He finally had someone good she could tell that someone who wanted him for him, not his money or who he was, made Adele happy.

“Trinity seems interesting, and you two like the same things. You both computer geeks,” Adele said

“Really, Dele? Now? Luca put you up to this, didn’t he? I’m playing it safe that’s what you two are worried about. I know I rush in my last relationship because I didn’t want to admit that I love Scarlett and thought that it would help if I mask that with Kenzie. In all actuality, I made shit worse she hated my son. That should have been the first clue. All she saw was my money which should have the second, and the way she looked at you, Luca should have weighted over all of them. She was always asking questions about you and him; I was just stupid. Fucking Happy?” Victor said

Luca started to cough, choking more like it. Adele didn’t know was it because Victor admitted he loved Scarlett or Kenzie, but she was more interested in the second one.

“Wait, back the fuck up. You knew she wanted Luca and did nothing?” Adele asked.

“Fuck that the bitch would have died touching me, but you just admitted you fucking loved Scarlett after fucking three motherfucking years. I can’t even be mad because I fucking knew it,” Luca said, all excited.

Victor laughed, getting out of the car, surprising Adele, not knowing they were at the hospital jumping out of the car behind him, then Luca.

They all ran into the hospital, going into the private wing getting stopped by Kane at the receptionist desk.

“Kane, my father,” Luca said

“For now, Luca, he’s fine. The good thing he survived the night, two shots to the chest close range to the heart. One in the torso, back, shoulder, and one in the leg. He also had some internal bleeding that was stopped with the help of Irene, Mary, and two of my colleagues be grateful for that, but he’s still not out of danger...He’s on a ventilator which I recommend he stay on for three to five days. I let you be the decider for that and what to do if his heart stops afterward. I’m sorry, Luca, but unless Ax starts breathing on his own, there is nothing I can do,” Kane said

Adele had to sit down. She was feeling lightheaded. The whole room was spinning until she sat. All the color from Luca and Victor’s faces left, and she was looking for Luca to have a panic attack at any moment.

But it was her who she should have been worried about as she looked down, seeing blood between her legs.

As she looked up, Adele noticed Victor’s eyes were on her, seeing it too as he patted Luca’s shoulder to get his attention to her and off Axel of the moment.

“Luca, I think we may have another issue because I’m pretty sure Adele shouldn’t be bleeding. Should she? Last time I check, she was pregnant and only six and a half months or seven, right?” Victor said as calmly as he could.

Luca’s head whipped to her, then back to Victor, not giving him time to speak again. He lifted her from the chair, running to find Mary, Irene, and Kane.

They Kane coming out of his office, he could see the horror in Luca’s eyes running up to him. He nicely took her from him, running her to one of the rooms.

“Luca, what the fuck happened?” Kane asked

“HOW THE FUCK DO I SUPPOSE TO KNOW SHE WAS FINE THEN...Then Victor said something about her bleeding. What the fuck going on Kane is...is she going to be okay.... fuck? Is our baby going to be okay? I...I can’t lose my father and Adele nor my child not like this,” Luca said, panicking

“First, Luca, I need you to calm I can’t have you having a panic attack on me, not now, okay, try deep breaths and let me check, Adele.”

Luca nodded, sitting down, holding his head in his hand, taking deep breaths as Kane did an ultrasound on her.

Adele was scared, but she was trying not to let it show Kane seen that giving her hand a light squeeze.

“His heartbeat is strong, Luca, but he position which he shouldn’t be it’s the stress and I hate to say it but you in labor I can try to stop it, but it doesn’t always work.”

“Will...will he survive i-if she has him now?”

Kane slowly turned to Luca with a small smile, then back at Adele. She could tell Luca was just as scared as her.

“There is an 80% chance that he will survive. Adele is 27 weeks. The only problem with any preemie baby is their respiratory system being undeveloped, trust me. If he’s anything like his parents, he will survive,” Kane said, laughing.

“Okay...and be real with me, Kane, my father. Is there any chance he will survive?” Luca asked

Adele was waiting until the first wave of pain wanted to hit Adele, making her sit up straight on the bed. The pain was on another level, nothing she felt before.

It felt like her pussy ripping apart that wasn’t supposed to be happening, but the only thing she knew he had to get the fuck out of her.

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