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Too Early

Things happened so quick one moment. Kane was checking Adele then she was screaming. The next thing Luca knew, he was getting rushed out of the room as Mary and Irene ran in.

It was so much blood, and his wife was in pain. What did she do to deserve this so much? Was the thought running through his head.

Hell, was she going to be okay? fuck was his son going to be okay? The thoughts of his father completely left his mind at this moment.

As Luca sat outside of the room’s door, he could hear Kane yelling orders at his sister and Irene.

The blood pressure monitor going off, Adele still screaming moments later nothing.

Luca was helpless to her at this time. He couldn’t be in the room with her, and he couldn’t tell her everything was going to be okay.

Nova was the first to show up running. Her face was red with the look as she been crying, coming up to him, encaging him into a hug.

Something new to him this girl never showed emotions to anyone but his cousin. She either she thought he needed, or she needed more than he did.

She hugged him, crying in his arms for about 20 minutes, making him wonder was it only about Adele and baby or was it more.

The only thing he could do at this time sat there holding her, waiting for her to stop. At this time, they were the only two in the hallway, that was until Kellan show his face.

He looked at the two of the weird, causing Luca to shrug. He didn’t know what was going on with her. It was Kellan’s job. He was her husband.

“You two look conformable,” Kellan said

“Don’t start that shit. I take it she heard about Adele.”

Nova pulled back, looking up at him, confused, standing up, stepping back, wiping her tears, and looking up at Kellan then back to him.

“No, w-what wrong with Dele?” She asked

As Kane opened the door, stopping Luca from speaking instead, he stood, taking Nova with him before dropping her to her feet, waiting for Kane to talk least to tell him Adele was okay.

Kane sighed, giving Luca a small smile which wasn’t helping. His heart was jumping out of his chest, and he was trying to calm himself before something happen he didn’t want.

“Breathe, Luca, she’s fine, and the little one small but fine...his little ass came out fighting and hollering she had a placental abruption meaning the placenta separated from the uterus. It came from the stress she’s been under, plus her high blood pressure. The good thing is she did it here in the hospital. It could have ended differently for both of them,” Kane said

“Wait, Dele had the baby just now?” Kellan asked

Luca and Nova rolled their eyes. The idiot wasn’t listening to a fucking thing Kane was just saying. He plainly said his little one was fine. Who the hell he thought he was talking about.

“Try to keep up, idiot,” Luca said

“How much he weigh?” Nova asked curiously, stopping Kellan from talking.

Kane looked over to Luca. Seeing was it okay with him to tell Nova the information. He should know she’s family, so it was fine.

“3lb 8oz small, I know, but he’s breathing on his own his was lungs fully develop, but he still needs oxygen and feeding tubes for now, and if you want to see him, Luca, you can.”

“I will let Nova go for right. I want to see my wife if that’s fine and talk to you,” Luca said

He nodded, waving Mary out of the room, telling her to take Nova to the private NICU while he walked him to Adele’s room.

She was still asleep, and Kane informed him that it was best to put her to sleep while doing a c-section which was the best opinion at the time.

Luca understood he only cared if he did everything in his power to save her and their son not and what he had to do to get it done.

“Thank you for saving my wife and son. I know I know I don’t thank people a lot, but I don’t know what I do without her... My father tell me and be straight with me, Kane will he make it through this?” Luca said

“Truly, Luca, no...one of the bullets pierced his heart, the other hit his lung. One reason he’s not breathing on his own Conard kept his heart beating on the way to the hospital. That was the only thing that kept him alive and ventilator. I got his heart beating long enough for the surgery, and like I said, we did all we could. Axel made it through the night, but now the ventilator is doing all the work. I’m sorry, Luca,” Kane said, patting his shoulder walking away.

He could think about that right now. Luca didn’t care what he was saying. He knew his father was strong like any other time he would tell him he needed to be there for his wife, and he was.

Slowly he sat on the side of Adele’s bed, rubbing her arm as she quickly opened her eyes, trying to sit up.

“I don’t think you want to do that, Liebe.”

“The baby...”

“He’s fine in need of a name, I haven’t seen him yet, but Nova and Kellan are with him. I needed to know my Liebe was okay,” He said, kissing her softly.

She gave him a big smile laying her head on his arm, calling him a big teddy bear, making him chuckle giving her a side hug.

“Only for you, baby.”

“Good, she’s okay... a-and I’m sorry about that, Luca,” Nova said, looking at the floor.

Luca didn’t know what she had to be sorry for. She was upset for what he thought was Adele, but it had to be his father, or Kellan did some shit which wasn’t his problem.

“Yes, I’m fine, Nova, but not having any more babies anytime soon. I do know that. What are you sorry for? You pull a Kenzie or something?” Adele said laughing


Making them both laugh same goes for him. He didn’t want Nova crazy-ass, just like she didn’t want him. Her craziness was only meant for Kellan.

“She had a break down I thought she heard about you. It had to be about father or Kellan being a jackass. Why come to me? I have no idea. I told all their crazy asses my not a fucking psychiatrist. I’m starting to think we should have kept egg donor,” Luca said, receiving a glare from Adele.

“Eat a dick, Luca. I don’t need a fucking psychiatrist. You looked like you were about to have one of your panic attacks and like you needed someone. I didn’t mean to cry, but Axel has been nothing but nice to me, treating me no different from the reason of you. I know you are our Don now, Luca, but we can’t lose him.”

Nova was right, but it wasn’t in their hands right now. It was up to his father and their so-call God or the Devil which ever they believed in. The only thing they could do was pray.

“You right, but it’s nothing we can do at this moment...You saw our son. How is he?” Luca said

“Small, white he doesn’t even look mixed, and I don’t think he will...but a little beast like his father he wouldn’t let the nurse put the tubes in his mouth for a little tiny baby he’s a fucking fighter...But have you seen your father” She said

He shook his head. He didn’t have the time, too. Once Kane told him what was going on, shit happened so fast with Adele nothing else mattered.

“No, I will now and went I come back we can see if you can go see our son so we can name him,” Luca said.

Leaving Adele and Nova to talk, Luca walked up to his father’s room, trying to ready himself to see this father.

Opening the door to see his grandmother sitting by his father’s bed crying. This was some shit his grandmother had lived 84 years, outliving her husband and two of her children.

One of them isn’t even breathing for himself, telling him their family was fucked up beside a regular family. They had to be one of the world’s biggest mafia that was falling apart.

“Grandmother, you mind me talking to my father... Adele had the baby two months early. It happened so quickly didn’t have to call anyone, but they are fine. He’s in NICU, and she’s the room on the next hall over third door down.”

“Talk some sense in your father’s ass. I don’t believe that shit he can’t hear us while I go see my new grandbaby and my Kleine,” Sibylla said

Hell, she didn’t have to tell him twice. That’s what he came there to do was talk to his father beg him if he had to.

“Shit, what were you thinking, huh, father? You can’t die on us. Sophia, Ansel, Raine, and Bridget need you fuck I need you.”

Wiping his tears away, he reached over, taking his father’s lifeless hand in his holding it like a child needing his father. That is how he felt now.

“Dele, had the baby because your ass had to go fuck up stressing her out. 3lb 8oz I haven’t seen him yet, and I don’t plan on telling him about his Opa or reminding the others of you... fuck, it’s not time for you to die. You waited 30 fucking years to find love again, and you found it, although you fail to admit it. Live for that, live for your children, grandchildren, mother, Adele, and the rest. I know I shouldn’t be begging like a fucking child, but shit, you’re my fucking dad, the only person I had for a long time. I need you to live long as you can die from a fucking heart attack at 90 or 100 not being shot at 58.”

“It will take a miracle to turn this around, Luca. Your slow-witted father thought if he died, Ghost would leave the rest of us alone. He doesn’t understand he wants all of us dead, him, me, Kiefer, Vic’s adopted parents, everyone that worked with your father, not just him,” Conard said.

Luca stared up at him, listening to the most he has ever gotten from any of them. Maybe he could get his uncle to tell him now, but if anything like his father, he wouldn’t.

“So, let me help, uncle, who is fucking Ghost.”

“Can’t I promise your father that much, but I will tell you your father made a grave mistake like he did with Bridget’s mother. Letting his anger get the best of him, we were all mad our Donna was dead, his wife was dead, it was a lapse in judgment he killed the man family think of what you would do.” Conard said.

That was stupid. Why kill someone’s family and not kill him? That didn’t make sense.

If it were him, he would have killed the whole family illuminating the whole bloodline. His father knew that was stupid.

“That’s is all I’m going to get, isn’t it?”

“Yep, but if your father dies, something I plan not doing anytime in the near future, I will tell. Unlike your father, I will take your help, but I won’t overstep him...Oh, congratulation on my new nephew. He knows how to make an entrance, doesn’t he just like his grandfather who was born early.”

Luca one last looked at his father kissing the top of his leaving him and uncle sensing he wanted some alone time with his brother.

Now he was going to find Mary, Kane, or Irene so he could see if it was okay for Adele to leave her room to see the baby.

“Mary, don’t you fucking dare walk away and you see me coming up to you,” Luca said

“Actually, Luca, I wasn’t walking away. I was coming to meet you must you always be fucking rude I swear you have only one mode that’s jackass mode unless it’s Dele or your grandmother,” Mary said

Rolling eyes, he stopped looking down at her, who was staring up at him looking annoyed.

He didn’t give one shit about her attitude since she always had one then blaming others.

“Mary, let’s not talk about people being assholes because we will know you are one too but can Dele go see our son?”

“If she doesn’t act like she is dying like the last time she had a c-section, she can. It’s only been an about hours since she had it.”

He didn’t think about that. They had a hard fucking time getting Adele out the bed after the twins, but after getting shot in the back, she was up hours later, leaving all of them baffled.

This time it was easy. Adele didn’t put up a fight, just sit up carefully got out of the bed into the wheelchair.

Making Luca think they were played the first time so that she could get attention.

They make their way down to the NICU into one of the private areas to see their son. Nova didn’t lie. He was small

Almost small enough to fit him in one of his hands, he had tubes running out his nose along with a little oxygen mask and an IV.

Making him scared to touch him, Adele didn’t waste any time touching his little feet and hand make him swarm a little.

Although he should be sad, his father was lying upstairs technically not alive his little man brought a smile to his face.

“Talia is going to spoil the shit out of him, Luca. That is all she talks about is her little brother getting here... I want you to name him.”

“Me? Why me?”

“Because he’s your son.”

It caught him off guard names started to run through his mind, none that he liked, so he took out his text Talia for help.

The past two and half months, they bonded. It still pissed him off thinking of the time he missed with his daughter, but she was here now, plus she loved Adele.

Octavia made a stupid move killing herself making her teenage daughter hate her hell. They didn’t have to tell her mother was dying. She knew.

Also knew her mother refuse treatment, thinking she had a better chance of surviving than chemo. Realizing her wrong is when she sought out him and Adele out.

Luca couldn’t lie at. First, it was weird as fuck Carmella was the only teenage person in the house, and he didn’t know how to interact with her, neither did Erik.

They both raised teenagers Luca with Emma, and Erik was his sisters, then adding Talia with Carmella, and it was fucking nerve-wracking.

As quickly as he texted her, she texted back quicker, flooding him with names she liked and some names she mentioned to Adele.

Only one name stuck out to him that he liked. It meant monarch a perfect match for his name, now hoping Adele would like the name too.

“Talia, send me some names. I like Xerxes. It means monarch or king. You like that?” Luca asked

“Middle name?” Adele asked

“Dele you killing me, how about Adriel; Xerxes Adriel Kohler I’m not big on Biblical names, but we need it plus I like that one that way my boys all you will have middle names with A’s like their father,” Luca said.

Adele turned to him a big toothy smile as she mocked him, then to a regular smile, shaking her head giving her attention back to their son, who finally decided to open his eye for a quick minute.

“The fuck, my son got blue eyes. They sure they gave us the right baby,” Luca said, laughing.

“I’m sure they did, Luca. You forget Grammy has blue eyes, not grey as Axel likes to call them, so do Jaxon... I like the name. It suits him,” She said.

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