Disorganized Minds

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The week went by fast, Adele came home from the hospital two days after having Xerxes, but he had to stay.

Luca didn’t like it, but he knew it was for the best, plus they were back and forward to the hospital anyway. Checking on his father who condition hasn’t changed.

It was killing him for one. Today he had to decide to pull the plug on his father or wait another week.

His grandmother and uncle had already said their goodbyes; Kellan, Johan, and Anne did too. None of the rest of them could accept it.

Grata when into his room, beating the shit out of his chest, trying to make him wake up if he was still alive. She killed him.

Luca did understand his father was all she had left, really. Her sisters were gone, including her husband. If his father died, that was it.

Grata never liked Kiefer and said that Conard was weird, so she never took the time to know them over the years.

He also found out that his Uncle Kiefer had a fetish for young German women, one of the reasons Grata hated him another reason his father didn’t want him around.

The bastard had one time for him to catch him fucking a young girl. Ghost wouldn’t have to kill him because he would.

Still laying in the bed, Luca rolled over to his side, pulling his wife to him, inhaling her scent as he kissed her neck.

He laying there with his naked body to her, partially one against each other, feeling as their heartbeat beat as one that is what Luca was focus on.

He listened to his and Adele’s heartbeat trying to find his answer that was telling him it was time to let go.

It really didn’t matter if it were today or next month. If his father were going to live, there would be a sign by now.

Luca sighed, resting his chin on the top of Adele’s head, feeling as her tears drop on his arms and his as they ran down his face.

Obviously, they were feeling the same thing. Neither one of them wanted to say it. It was heartbreaking.

Now every day, he had to look at his little sisters and brother, knowing he could do shit to save their father.

Then to Bridget, who was trying her best to get him just to admit his fucking love to her, hell he saw it, his Grandmother, and Dele saw he was just too stupid to see it.

Or he didn’t want Ghost to know that he was in love again. There was nothing else he could see cause why else cheat or whatever he was doing.

For a whole hour, they laid in the bed wrapped up in each other’s arms until a knock pulls them from one another.

Luca swiftly grabbed a pair of sweats, throwing them on, walking to the door opening it to Victor and Jaxon.

For some reason, he knew it was his brothers as he looked at them, trying to read their emotions, but it was hard since they weren’t showing them.

He stepped out in the hallway pulling up the door, so they could give Adele time to get herself situated and giving them time to talk.

“You decided yet?” Jaxon asked with his head down

“Yeah, it’s been a week. Nothing has changed. I can’t stand seeing him like this. It’s time to let him go,” Luca said.

Both of them held their heads down out of nowhere. Victor punched the wall screaming, making Adele run from the room and Erik from around the corner.

“FUCK THAT SHIT LUCA YOU CAN’T FUCKING DO THIS SHIT. YOU CAN’T DO THIS SHIT TO ME!” Victor yelled as he dropped to the floor.

For the past three years, Victor has been around him. He never once showed his emotions until today. Luca didn’t know what to make of it.

He did the next best thing kneeling on the floor, pulling his brother into a hug holding him. Adele did the same, hugging him from his back letting him cry it out.

Jaxon walked off at the same time their grandmother walked in, making her chase after him. Erik just stood there until Adele stood up, hugging him.

“Enough of the fucking sobbing if my brother fucking knew all of you was crying like some bitches. He would haunt until the day you die... now get the fuck up both of you go get fucking ready, so we can go say by to my brother your father,” Conard said

“Didn’t have to be a jackass about it,” Adele said

Conard scoffed as he hit her in the back of the head playfully as she walked in the room then.

Conard tried to be nice as he held out his hand for Victor to take, but he slapped it out of his face.

Again, his uncle laughed. Looking at the face Victor holding, he could help but laugh as he walked back in the room.

Adele was in the shower, so he wanted to join her, but he knew he was going to kick him out for the simple reason she was bleeding.

He was right the fucking door was lock causing him to wait and leaving him to his thoughts again.

Thinking how in the hell he would tell Sophia and Ansel their father was dying and why the hell did they leave it up to him.

Luca could barely hold himself together, and if it weren’t for the anxiety medicine and Adele, he would have lost it again already.

Sad he knows he’s supposed to be this big-time mafia boss here. He is crying for his fucking daddy like a little bitch.

Adele came from the bathroom at the time, letting him go in to brush his teeth, shower, and blow-dry his hair, then going straight to his closet.

When he was finished, he made his way down the stairs to the others sitting in the dining area waiting for him to talk.

“You need to tell them first, Luca alone,” Sibylla said

“I don’t get why I needed to tell them. Why can’t you or Adele do it? Fuck Grandmother, I’m not equipped to shit like this,” Luca said

His grandmother smiled sadly at him rubbing his back, cupping his face before hugging him. This would be the moment his father would yell, “mother, stop babying the boy he’s fucking grown.”

Times like that never got old with him to Luca. He just believed his father was jealous since technically he was the baby boy and his son was getting his attention.

Before Luca knew it, he was in the living room with his two younger siblings, Josie and Adele, thinking of how to do this.

“Hey, why don’t you three sit with me,” Luca said, patting the couch next to him.

“You know how father been in the hospital w-well he...he...he wo....”

“He won’t be coming home because he’s dead I heard Nana talking to Uncle Conard. We know. But why Luca? Why would someone want Daddy dead? He did nothing be care for people and us. That’s not fair. All the bad people in the world, why our father? Will Erik go back to being our Daddy?” Sophia said.

Luca smiles at her taking her into a hug and holding her, wiping her, Ansel, and Josie’s tears, then kissing their foreheads.

“Don’t know why someone would want our father dead baby, and no, Erik won’t go back to being your father, but Dele and I will raise you with the help of Nana and Bridget since you two do love her like a mama,” He said.

“So, she can still be our mama? You won’t make her leave?” Ansel asked.

Fuck, this was so hard for him even know they understood. He was still screaming inside, ready to kill anyone that looked at him funny besides family.

“Why would I make Bridget leave she’s family? She has our little sister, and she more of a mother to the two of you than anybody ever been. I may not have wanted her and father to marry her, but I see she is good for him and you,” Luca said

They both smile then ran back into the dining area while he and Adele talked to Josie before she ran off crying.

Back in the dining room, Luca told them his plan. From there, they all left going to the hospital. The whole there, he hoped that someone would talk some sense into him.

“It’s going to be okay, Luca. I don’t how, but it will be maybe after this Conard will tell us who Ghost is, and we can put an end to this,” Adele said.

She always had the right things to say, and that is what he wished for. He needed to kill someone, but watching Nova kill Ryder would be the first, then Ghost’s head.

The hospital entrance was filled with reporters. How the fuck they knew his family came to a decision today. He had no clue, but he was going to find out who they were and kill them.

Getting out of the car, all they heard was the reporters screaming things like:

Mr. Kohler, how are you feeling knowing you are about to pull the plug on your father?

Mrs. Kohler, how has your husband been taking this? I know these are hard times. How is the family holding up?

Are you going to release how a restaurant chain owner Axel Kohler ended up shot six times? Also, is it true about him being the most wanted mafia leader, the Ax Killer?

Mr. Kohler, Mr. Kohler, are you going to answer our questions?

Most of the reporters there knew who the fuck they were. They just wanted them to slip up on camera admitting.

Luca pushed past like they weren’t there. Adele and the rest did the same until one pissed him off, stopping his little sister asking her questions.


He could say it better himself, but Victor was about to kill all of them bitches if he didn’t get him right then, but Uncle Conard snatched him by the arm then picking up Sophia walking into the hospital.

“Vic, chill, we can’t lose it like that in front of them, asshole. We are all upset, but you heard them damn questions. They asked about him being the fucking Ax Killer either Becker isn’t on his job, or they fucking with us. All of Germany know who we are just about but never have the reporter asked shit like that,” Luca said, whispering.

Victor didn’t speak a word just jerked his arm away from Conard, walking to the elevators. Luca just shook his head, taking his little sister from his uncle.

They all make their way up to the private floor, where Kane stood by his father’s door waiting as he, Adele, his grandmother, and Bridget when into the room.

Victor and Jaxon made their way in finally as they listened to Father Abbelen say a prayer. Slowly Kane started to turn off the machines.

With each one he cut off, Luca’s heart dropped deeper in the pit of his stomach, Adele and his grandmother gripped tighten on his hands.

One moment he thought Victor was going to pass out, and before Kane touched the last button, his grandmother did so.

Luckily Jaxon was quick enough to catch her. Soon as the last machine was cut, the heart monitor flatline. This is when Adele fell to the floor, causing catch her before she hit.

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