Disorganized Minds

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It this GoodBye?

All three of the females in the room passed out, but he didn’t think it hit Bridget until Kane was about to call the time.

Her face went pale as she dropped like a sag of bricks. Victor didn’t even have time to fucking react. That’s how fast she went.

None of them notice the machines weren’t going off anymore. They just all assume Kane turned them off.

Until Luca looked up at Kane from the floor, he helped get Bridget up. The man was staring at his father in disbelief.

Making Luca quickly stand. Axel’s eyes were still shut, but he was breathing on his own, his heart fucking beating.


“FUCK, HE’S ALIVE! KEN, JOHN, ONE OF YOU GET IN HERE NOW!” Kane yelled, calling the other doctors

“I’m going to need all of you out the room now,” Kane said calmly this time.

All three scooped up the three women removing them from the room and going back into the waiting room with the rest.

They were just as surprised as them all of them came there ready to say their goodbyes, but fuck, his father never ceases to amaze him.

The fucker was alive fuck he was alive, he wanted to die, but something had other plans. Luckily them plans were for him to stay with them, at least he hoped.

Sophia placed her small hands on his arms and pulled him from his thoughts, making him turn in her grey eyes.

The only thing he could think to do was pulled her close to him as he brushed the hair out of Adele’s face, then Sophia curls out of hers, smiling at rubbing his nose to hers.

He never thought they would be like this with her. Luca was so mad that Mila raped his father, having the both of them not mention how bad as hell they were fuck Sophia still was bad.

He knew he wouldn’t change it for the world. Luca loved his little sisters and brothers. It was nice not being to only one, although he wanted to kill Victor and Jaxon half the time.

Sophia, being Sophia, climbed over to Adele’s side, staring in her face as she stirred from her fainting spell.

Adele slowly opened her eyes, staring up at him and Sophia looking stupidly, trying to figure out why the hell they were smiling.

She rubbed her head, sitting up still staring at the two of them, then at the others in the room, and at his grandmother and Bridget, who were still out.

Suddenly she looked over to the room door. Tears started to wail up in her eyes, but before they could fall, she wiped them away.

“Dele, don’t cry. Daddy’s okay,” Sophia said

“What she means is he’s still alive. I don’t want what the fuck happened, but he started breathing on his own,” Luca said

Hearing that, she sat up straighter then up, running to the room with him on her heels before Luca could stop her. She was in the room yelling orders.

Kane scrolled up to his side about thirty minutes later, patting him on the shoulder, pointing at the door, leaving for him to follow.

They ended up in his office, where he went straight to his desk, losing his tie letting out a long and loud sigh.

“Something wrong I need to know about?” Luca asked

“No, I don’t know what the fuck Axel was trying to do, but that shit there wasn’t it... He’s breathing on his own, but that doesn’t mean shit Luca until he wakes up. We don’t know shit, and your wife knows more than pediatric, doesn’t she?” Kane said

Luca laughed. Adele started school to be a regular doctor but then decided she would be better at a pediatric doctor instead.

“You can say that, so what we need to do for my father?”

“Continue to pray to whatever we pray to...we’re evil people, Luca. I don’t think that was the Lord’s work,” Kane said

He scoffed, walking out people like them needed God at some point even know he knew all of them were going to hell, all burning together.

Back in the waiting area, Bridget was finally up, but his grandmother was out, and he was starting to worry him making him call Kane to check her.

Apparently, she was okay, just exhausted and stress, so Kane got him to carry her to one of the rooms to rest set up with an IV.

Before he could leave the room, Adele practically came running straight into his arms, but he didn’t think she was aiming for that.

“Whoa, Liebe is someone chasing you.”

“What no, he opened his eyes, Luca. The first fucking thing he starting doing was pulling at all the fucking wires on him. I calm him down some, but he started asking, well, screaming for you.”

She didn’t get him the time to take in what she had said before she grabbed him by the hand, pulling him back to his father’s room.


“Really, no one tried sedating him?”

Adele stopped staring at him like you go and tried to sedate him if you think you can do better, making him drop the subject quickly.

“Erik and Kellan held him down while Liam and I tried sedating him since Mary and Irene were scared too did shit.”

“So, he’s aware of what is going on?” He asked

She shook her head, placing her hand on the doorknob, ready to turn it, but for some reason, he felt the need to kiss her, so he did.

“Okay...Not that I’m complaining, but what was that for?”

“Tu sei la mia vita non dimenticarlo. Ti amo Piccola.” (You’re my life, don’t forget that. I love you, baby.) Luca said in Italian, not knowing why.

“Same about you, Luca. You just going in to see your father. What you think he’s going to kill you? I Love You too,” She said, kissing him.

It wasn’t that he thought his father was going to kill him. The thought ran across his mind about him killing his father.

What the fuck was he thinking and why? But he knew what he was thinking. If it was that bad, why not just get fucking help? Damn stubborn fool.

“Father, you need to calm down. There’s no need for you to be acting like a fucking fool,” Luca said calmly as he could.

“Why didn’t you let me fucking die? You fucking idiot, I was ready to fucking die,” Axel yelled.

Luca rolled his eyes. The man was fucking unbelievable he’s alive and fucking pissed at him because his body didn’t let him die. What the fuck?

“For one, I was ready to let your idiotic ass die. I was the one who told them to pull the fucking plug. It was you that decided not to fucking die to blame your fucking self bitch.”

“Damn, I feel loved...I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that,” Axel said.

“No, you shouldn’t have Axel be glad you are alive luckily, you are alive obviously it wasn’t your time... and you need to let us help you if shit is this bad making you want to die,” Adele said.

His father glared at Adele then at him. Luca knew that face the face that was saying. I’m not telling you two shit.

“So, you are will to let this man kill our family just because you killed his family because of his?” Adele said, making his eye go wide.

“Don’t worry, that is all we know. You did a good job hiding his name and everything else. We know you paid Toni and Ethan to stay quiet. If this is truly what you want I will leave it alone, but I won’t let you, Conard, or Grata die. Kiefer, I found out some shit about him I didn’t like so that motherfucker can rot in hell for as I care, and you should have killed him when you found out, but if I ever catch him looking at my wife, Nova, Emma, Kelly, Hanna, Talia, or Cam I’m killing him. Ghost won’t have to.” Luca said

Adele looked at him weirdly. He forgot that he never told her about Kiefer and his wondering eyes and hands with young women, mostly German.

Conard caught watching Adele one day, and it didn’t sit well with him. He wouldn’t tell him all the details but enough to let him know it was sexual.

“I did that to protect you, her, and all of them out there. I understand Luca, I promise you I won’t die, but I rather die before the people I love. Yeah, I should have killed Kiefer. That was my mistake; I thought he change. What’s he done now?” Axel said

“So, you will admit to Bridget you love you her?... And I haven’t caught him doing shit yet, but Uncle Conard did catch him watching Dele the other day by the pool. He wouldn’t say what he was doing, but I got the picture,” Luca said

“Ewww... Your fucking uncle was jacking off looking at me. What is he some type of pedophile?” Adele said.

Luca and his father laughed, making his father hold his chest as he laughed. Adele looked at the both of them crazy.

“Kleine, you’re not a child by far... but you can say that he does have a habit of messing with teenage girls up to their mid-20′s I thought it had stop and he never touched anyone in the family, but if Luca catches him and put a bullet in his head that is on him...” He said.

His father stopped for a minute like he was spacing out of something staring at Adele’s stomach, then his hand immediately went up, touching it.

“T-the baby w-where i-is your stomach?”

“Downstairs in NICU, there were some complications that cause her to go into labor early. You were one of them, but he’s fine. We have a 3lb 8oz well 3lb 14oz baby boy now tiny but alive and well,” Luca said

“Name?” Axel asked

“Xerxes Adriel Kohler.”

“I like the name. He looks like he is going to live up to it,” Axel said.

“Yeah, think your teenage granddaughter for his first name the middle was all me and he has blue like grandmothers I don’t think they’re going to stick, but I was hoping for a baby with brown eyes like the two of us for once. I guess we have to wait for the next one, huh, Dele?” Luca said, laughing.

Pulling out his phone showing him pictures of their son, Adele rolled her eyes, shaking her head yes.

On the other hand, Axel was excited, ready to meet him, thinking he was about to going then until Adele told him no.

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