Disorganized Minds

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Axel sat up in his hospital bed, trying to adjust himself. He was alone, giving him time to think about his actions.

The first thing that popped in his head was what the fuck was he thinking he had a whole family that needed him, and they almost lost him.

It was clear that Luca needed him no matter how old he got or how many children he and Adele had. Luca was going to need him.

Victor and Jaxon, too they had just got their places in life, and right when Jaxon got settled getting to know his father, he lost him. Now he sees couldn’t let him lose him too.

Then his three little ones needed their father, not just their brothers, their father, and much as Axel hated to admit it, Bridget needed him as well.

Hell, she needed him as much as he needed her. It wasn’t hard for him to say it. It was just him who didn’t want to admit it, but he does love her.

This is the first time since his wife died that he felt love for anyone besides his son.

Luca has been the only one he was focused on for so long he guessed he forgot how to love.

Now realize that his son has what he’s been telling him for so long that he needed to stop running, admit his love to the woman, and stop sleeping around.

He was able to lie to Luca and Victor nosey ass tell them that the girl was just helping him with something, but the truth was he was fucking her, trying to make himself stop loving Bridget.

Wrong he knows, but Axel thought he didn’t deserve to love again. Especially not with the woman he killed daughter, nor did he deserve love from someone other than his children if he deserved that.

Axel also made the mistake of not killing Ryder when he had the chance allowing sending someone to attack them on vacation.

The day he was shot, the only that he was thinking about was stopping Ghost. The man was getting bold, following his son taking fucking pictures sending them to him.

He just thought if he took himself out of the equation, he would stop, but that was all lies the motherfucker probably would have came after his sons just for the hell of it.

What surprised Axel the most was Conard. That asshole was going to tell Luca everything if he died.

He had the nerve to tell him that shit, thinking he couldn’t hear them talking as he was in his coma or whatever the shit was.

Axel heard them all. All the crying, the praying, even cursing him out. He heard it all. That was the part of him that wanted to stay that fought to stay.

Now he was mad at himself. Mad at the pain he caused, mad that he was the cause of his grandson being born early. Although Kane says it had nothing to do with him.

Mad because he had to listen to his sons begging him not to die, that shit hurt the mostly listening to Luca and Bridget begging him not to die.

He sat in silence, listening to the machines beep, not realizing he was crying until he felt the wet drops hitting his arms.

Quickly he wiped them away before someone walked in, seeing him in his weakened state.

Yeah, that was family, and the only other person he showed his emotions to was his mother.

The beeping and the silence were killing him. Axel used to hearing Sophia and Luca arguing, Adele yelling at them, and his mother cursing them all out.

But, Kane and Mary insisted that he needed his rest, then maybe in a week he could go home clearly that was a fucking lie.

It’s been a month over a month, actually, and his slow-witted cousins still had him in the fucking hospital in motherfucking rehab.

Telling him, it’s to teach him his motor skills. He didn’t need shit. From what he could tell, he could use his hands and body just fine.

Then not letting him walk unless he’s has a fucking walker like he was old fuck his own mother didn’t need a fucking walker.

On top of that, they wouldn’t let him see his fucking grandchild that been in the hospital just as long as him.

Xerxes was getting bigger by the day he only ever seen him through a damn fucking picture each time Adele, Luca, or his mother came to visit.

Today that was going to change. He was going to meet his grandson, and he was going fucking home whether Kane or Mary liked it or not.

If he had to throw a fit like one of the kids, he would, but there was no way he could take much longer in the cubical even know if it looked like a penthouse.

Finally, he heard someone walk into the room. The clicking of the shoes told him it was a woman that was between Bridget, his mother, Adele, or Nova, the four he couldn’t get rid of.

They were there early in the mornings to fussing at him as he cursed at the nurses, Kane and Mary.

Then Adele was there at every fucking therapy session yelling tell him it was his fucking fault like he didn’t already.

The price he had to pay for the stupid mistake he made, either way, he loved it family, and Ghost wasn’t going to ruin that for him.

Neither was he going to tell Luca, Conard told him all he needed to know, and if the time comes, he would tell him the rest, but now it was still their fucking battle.

“You look miserable,” She said

“Course I do, Dele, get me the fuck out of this hospital, and I will do better. I miss being with my family, holding my kids, grandkids, cursing and throwing shit at Luca and the rest. I fucking hate it here,” Axel whined.

She laughed, leaning over, kissing his fucking head laughing as he pulled out his fucking heart on how he missed his family.

“I didn’t hear you say you missed Bridget, me, Nova, or your mother,” She said, smirking.

“I said my fucking family Dele. How the fuck can I miss the four of you, your asses, here every fucking day? I can’t fucking miss people I see every got damn day,” He complained.

Adele shook her head, taking out some bandage then coming back as she started to remove his IV’s from his hand and arm.

Then she walked over to the dresser pulling out the boxers sleeping pants, and a t-shirt. Axel’s eyes grew big. This was something Bridget help with, not her.

“Kleine, what the fuck are you doing? Because pretty capable of taking my own fucking bath, and I don’t think Luca appreciate that,” Axel said

“Chill, Axel fuck, I’m about to touch your stinking ass in no shape or form. I’m just taking out your clothes so you can take a shower. I’m pretty sure you are capable. I’m just taking you to see Xerxes if you up to it,” She said, smiling placing a shirt on the bed.

Axel felt like a child in a candy store, happy as hell after a month he was about to see his grandson fuck yeah, he was up to it.

“Don’t fucking play with me, Adele. Last time you told me that shit, you roll me into physical therapy. I promise you this time I will not be a happy camper.”

“Axel, just go fucking shower and get dress, and stop fucking crying. I fucking swear you and your fucking son whine about every fucking thing I say. I said I was fucking taking you. Now hurry the fuck up before I change my mind, crybaby,” She said

He didn’t know who the fuck she thought she was talking to. Luca must haven’t punished her ass lately because she had a fucking attitude problem.

“Dele, I’m not fucking Luca. Maybe you should go get an attitude with him so he can bend your fucking ass over or whatever you two do,” Axel said, smiling.

That was until his clothes came flying that his head making his ass react in throwing them back, yep she needed Luca’s dick, and he needed her pussy. It showed on both of them.


With that, Axel knew he had officially pissed Adele off, which mean for him to quickly get to the bathroom before she found something else to throw at him, something hard this time.

It was funny, though, how she got mad at the littles things. It was almost like she was still pregnant, but he knew that wasn’t the reason Adele was just evil half the time.

Axel quickly took his shower, trying his best not to move the wrong way. His scars were about healed, but the pain was still there.

Once he was finished, he dried off pull on his boxers and pants but needed help with his shirt, and he was scared to ask Adele since she was already mad.

He slowly walked out of the bathroom into the living area of his room, still holding the shirt in his hand like a fucking child.

“All that fucking talk and you need fucking help, don’t think Bri doesn’t talk. Why haven’t you told Kane you’re having trouble lifting your arms, Axel?”

“Because I’m not, it’s just the movement of me putting on not lifting my arms.”

She shook her head, getting up, walking over, pointing at the chair for him to sit. Yeah, Adele was a tall girl, but he towered over her, but not that by that much.

When she was done, he sits there waiting, thinking she was about to the wheelchair or maybe the walker, but instead, she held out her hand for him to take.

“No wheelchair or walker today? I must be special.” Axel said, laughing.

“Father, shut the fuck up, or Dele will you where you stand,” Luca said

Axel looked over to the corner of the room to where his two sons were sitting, both with unbothered looks on their faces.

“So, both of you were out here the whole time she was torturing me in the room? And here I thought you love me,” Axel said.

“Please tell me why he’s being a jackass. Is he high off his medicine Adele? Because I’m fucking ready to knock him out.” Victor said.

“No, he thinks it’s cute. I’m telling you the two of you should have sent Bri. I was ready to choke the life out of his crazy ass. This hospital got him fucking looney tune.”

There the three of them were talking about him like he wasn’t even standing there.

What was he fucking invisible man or some shit? Plus, he thought he was going to meet his grandson.

“It’s nice to know what the three of you think of me, but I thought we were going to see my grandson Adele?”

“You are his over there with his father. He gets to go home today... and so do his Opa,” She said, smiling.

The only thing Axel got was his grandson with Luca, that when he saw him bending down, removing him from the car seat and Victor patting the seat next to him.

He sat quickly, holding out his arms for Xerxes. Bridget was right. He had gotten bigger since the last picture he saw of him.

“How much does he weights now?” He asked

“5lb 5oz little still but bigger and healthy to go home just as his Opa it seems that you two were waiting on each other,” Luca said.

Axel nodded. He was happy for once for the last month. It’s been terrible looking at the same walls not being able to leave the room when he wanted that all ended today.

Also, he was able to hold his grandson. Maybe they were tied to each other, him being born on the day he should have left this earth.

To Axel, Xerxes gave him part of his life as he did with him. It was an unspoken reason shit happen the way it did that day, and for a reason, Axel would’ve changed a thing.

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