Disorganized Minds

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Victor still felt that he was in a dilemma he’s been fighting with himself months after meeting Trinity. He tried taking Luca’s advice, but his mind was screaming run while his heart said stay.

Why did love how to be so fucking hard? It was crazy, easy for him to fall in love with a woman who was using him but hard when he had a good one in front of him.

He started to feel like his father pushing away love, and Trinity saw it every day he would become distant.

Blaming it on the fact, his father was fighting for his life now. The lie was blown since he was now since he was home. Soon she would see the truth.

Victor tried talking to Luca again, but he just told him the same shit as before. It was the same with Adele.

The only other person he could talk to was Nova. He didn’t know why but at times, she gave good advice. Most of all, she was a damn good listener.

His quest to find her didn’t take long. She was always in one or two spots in the house. If it wasn’t the kitchen, it was her and Kellan’s room, but today she was in the sunroom.

Luckily she was by herself, well, not completely because she had her little demon child with her that loved to bite the shit out of him.

For some reason or another, he was the only one in the house that Leah loved to bite. No matter what he did, she bit him, and Nova thought the shit was funny.

As he walked into the room as Nova looked up at him, smiling softly, then looking back out the window, it seemed that she had something on her mind as well.

Victor nicely sat on the couch next to her, thinking about the right way to approach her. Nova was sometimes a complicated person.

Although she was a good listener, she took shit the wrong way, leading her little ass to get all defense and shutting you out.

“If you going to talk, Vic, just fucking talk. I don’t bite well I do, but not today,” Nova said

“Are you okay? You seem upset.” Victor asked.

She turned to him, placing Leah in his arms, now giving him her full attention. It was kind of creepy, maybe because she was so little.

Then again, he was waiting for her to attack him as she normally did. It was also creepy when she was normal.

The fucking girl was crazy, and Kellan failed to see it. He and Luca swear she had a split personality disorder.

“Talk boy, I don’t have all fucking day.”

“Tell me what’s on your mind first.”

She rolled her eyes, looking down at the floor, making Victor notice for the first time since he sat that she didn’t have makeup on.

It was rare not to see any of the girls without makeup when they didn’t. They were either sick or pissed about something.

But now, he could see Nova’s true features like all the rest. She also beautiful but not as Trinity, plus she didn’t look like she was about to kill the whole universe.

“There’s nothing wrong just trying to figure out Uncle Axel. Why he tried to kill himself? Why be so damn stubborn fuck? If they want to die so fucking bad, why don’t we just kill their asses and serve their heads to Ghost on a fucking silver platter? There case fucking solve. I’m tired of watching them die, Vic. We need to do something.”

“That’s true, Nov, but Luca and I did all we could for them. Father made it where we wouldn’t found shit if we looked. The only thing we know if he killed the man’s family, a family that wasn’t even his. His fucking wife was cheating. None of her children was his, so I don’t think that was an issue it has to be something else. That’s just my opinion. My advice to you don’t worry about yourself. He will come to us if needed.”

She nodded, playing with Leah’s hands as he thought still about the best way to go about his conversation.

“What do you really think about Trinity?” He asked

“I like her. I think we all do. She gets along with all of us great, and she’s good with Vinny. That’s a plus. She treats him as if he was hers. I think that she is good for you, so whatever you got going on in that head of your Vic, let it go in the words of Elisa,” Nova said, laughing.

He couldn’t help but laugh. The more he talked to Nova, the more he seen what Adele was talking about. They were alike in a lot of ways.

Victor wouldn’t say they were fucking soulmates, maybe evil twins, that’s how he saw it, but she was eviler.

“That’s hard. I think I love her....”

“You know you love her, Vic. Luca told me about your little conversation the other month on the way to South Carolina; he told me to talk to you since we were somewhat on the same level, but I told him I would wait for you to come to me, which you did. Let me ask you something. It’s the same thing I asked Luca about Adele, the same thing I felt when I met Kellan. When you first saw her did you feel you would doing anything to be with her, something crazy like your brother did?” Nova said.

“I felt something stab me in the heart if that is what are you talking about, and yes, I wanted to grab her run and make her marry me fuck I still do?” Victor said

“Then do it, go to her, tell her how you feel jump for it and run to the courthouse and marry her if that’s you want. I love you, and I want you to be happy. You and I fight a lot. I know mainly because I love aggravating you and Luca. You two have to know that, but you are my family. I wouldn’t change that for the world. Go to Trinity tell her I want you to be my fucking wife or go caveman on her like Luca did but marry the fucking girl and have me some more nephews or a niece for your niece to play with,” She said

Victor chuckled then kissed Leah on the forehead as she was trying to bite him as usual while he handed her back to Nova before leading over kissing her cheek.

“Am I interrupting something?” Trinity asked

“Nope, I was just leaving. He’s all yours just hope he doesn’t hit you in the head to drag you off to faraway land,” Nova said, laughing.

He couldn’t help but laugh as Trinity looked at her like she had lost her damn mind, which she lost along time ago.

“Is she always like that?” Trinity asked

“Worse,” He said

She shook her head, holding out her hand for him to take as she smiles down at him, slowly he places his hand in hers, then standing up, towering over her short 5′5 figure.

Without saying anything, she being to walk to the stairs leading them to his room, Victor wanted to stop her and ask why they were going to his room, but for some reason, he couldn’t.

Once they were in his room, she sat him on the bed, standing between his legs with her big brown eyes staring down in his cupping his face.

“Victor, I really like, and I’m not like whoever it was that broke your heart. Please know that. Adele told me some about Vinny’s mother. I don’t if she the one you killed or not, but I’m not her, nor do I want to be. I want you and Vince in my life fuck. I want to make more babies with you if you let me. I’ve been giving you time to come to me, but I guess I had to come to you. Fuck Victor, I love you. Please tell me you love me too.” She said

He didn’t know what came over him. He just pulled her down to him into a passionate kiss. Clothes starting to fly on the floor.

The next thing he knew, he was hovering over her naked body, entering her as a wave of passion hit him, a good wave that he never felt before.

Trinity’s moans were like a drug to him, making forcing him to fuck her harder as she begged him not to stop.


“Hold it damnit,” He growled.

Stopping, he flipped them over, placing her on her hands and knee spreading her ass cheek as he buried his face into her pussy


“Fuck Trin, you going let the whole fucking house know we fucking” Victor said.

In response, she pushed her pussy back in his face for him to continue fucking her with his tongue for a good ten more minutes before he entered her again.

Snatching her by the hair, pounding into her like it was no tomorrow, the louder she screamed, the harder he fucked, not caring who heard.

Luckily none of the kids was on the same floor as them, but Victor knew between Jaxon, Rylee, and Hanna was ready to kill the two of them if they were in their rooms.

“Shit, shit, fucking shit Victor you are trying to destroy my pussy” She moaned.

“Damn right for you to know this belongs to me...NOW SAY IT...WHO FUCKING PUSSY IS THIS?” He said, whisper yelling the last part.

As he pulled out, slamming back in with just enough force to make your squeal gripping the sheets as he pulled her back some by the hair.


“FUCKING SAY IT, TRIN!” He growled


Victor flipped them again with this time with her on top. She started to ride him, but he had other plans.

He sat up in the bed, turned her around, pulling her body back to him lift her leg, entering her again fucking her ruthlessly.


A hard knock came on the door. Victor wanted to scream, go the fuck away, but he didn’t trust his own voice that this time.




Just what he fucking needed, his grandmother ruining his mood. Luckily, he was about to cum himself, busting all up in her without time to pull out.

That fucking wicked woman always had the worse timing. She knew she didn’t have to knock. She did that shit the fuck with him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to busted in you.”

“It’s fine, Vic. Whatever happens, happens I’m in it for the long haul, so yes, I will marry you,” Trinity said

He quickly pulled her head back to his chest, looking down into her eyes, moving his mouth, being nothing was coming out.

“How?” He finally said

“I heard you and Nova talking. Like I said, I love you and Vince, I love your family, so whatever you want to do, I’m in. I meant what said I’m in it forever, Victor Kohler,” She said, pulling his face down to her for a kiss.

After they laid in each other arms for a good hour and a half before going to shower, heading back down the stairs getting a weird smirk from his grandmother.

Victor had a feeling she had told the hold fucking house that he and Trinity had done the nasty the woman couldn’t hold water if she tried, and neither could his father.

He calmly walked over to her sitting rubbing her back as Trinity sit next to him, hugging on to his arm as Conard shook his head.

“So, was she on top when you came?” Sibylla asked

“MOTHER!” Conard yelled laughing

This was his family, an embarrassment to all of them, this made his red go completing red like the rest, and Trinity laughed.

“What did you have to talk to me about?” He said, trying to ignore his grandmother’s question.

“That was it. Just wanted to know, was you fucking the shit out of her, or was she fucking the shit out of you? It was hard to tell,” She said, laughing leaving the room.

“It’s your mother,” Victor said, laughing at Conard.

“Yeah, but she your Grandmother,” He said, leaving.

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