Disorganized Minds

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Text Messages

Everything was almost back to normal with them except for the lies, that is. Axel was home, so was Xerxes, and Adele couldn’t be any more excited.

Xerxes’s was getting bigger by the day, plus he was a mama’s boy when Axel wasn’t trying to steal him, which made Adele happy and Luca sour. He wanted all the kids to himself.

Talia was also stuck under her like she was scared Adele was going to run away. She took time to get to know Luca, but she rather follows her.

Adele didn’t mind, though. It was good to have someone she could mold to be a good person and see it every day.

The girl was smart but didn’t realize it herself. She told Adele that her mother’s boyfriend always told her she would amount to nothing, just as her mother.

He reminded her of her father so much besides the molesting. At least the bastard had the decency to keep his hands to himself in that matter.

She was so glad that Luca and Victor killed the motherfucker. If she could, she would have gone with them and killed him herself. He was fucking lucky.

That was in the past, and no one, not even her need to think about the shit any longer than it needed to be.

Her only focus at this moment was her family being grateful that Axel lived. Although he has been a fucking jackass for the past two weeks, he’s been home.

Like now, he was talking shit to Victor and Hanna, both were ready to kick his ass, and he thought the shit was funny.

Yesterday he and Nova got into a screaming match because he told her she was a bad mother because Leah fell off the couch.

He acted as if the baby wasn’t a year old. She only fell because she rolled off the couch on purpose, trying to follow her daddy out of the room.

Then it was because he failed to kill Ryder when he fought out that he was working with Ghost. Instead, Nova killed him.

The day after Axel came home from the hospital, Ryder decided to show his face after four and half months.

As soon as he opened the door, Nova shot him in the leg and walked over to him, stabbing him in both eyes then slitting his fucking throat while holding Leah in her arms.

The little girl thought the shit was funny, a fucking game or something their kids were going to be fucking ruthless with all the killing they see them doing.

Finally, Victor and Hanna left the room to stop the fucking arguing between them and Axel. He was too hard on them.

Telling Victor not to jump into the relationship with Trinity too soon, he was right about the situation, but they were set to marry.

Victor didn’t like him putting himself into his relationship ending it by telling him to fuck off. It was the same with Hanna.

The difference with her as he told her she was the problem, why Jacob and Anne drifted apart, but the real reason was Anne.

Anneliese was using Jacob to cope with losing Liam, and the only reason she had Kayden was because Erik found out she was pregnant.

How Adele didn’t know, but if it wasn’t for him, she would have aborted her nephew, and Erik, with his big fucking mouth, told Jacob that’s when the drifting started.

Adele loved Anne, but that pissed her off. If she didn’t want her brother, she should have said so. Jacob wouldn’t have given a damn at long as he was getting pussy.

Now she was trying to be mad because he’s fucking Hanna. The girl had to learn it was one or the other either she wants Liam or Jacob, and it was clear who Jacob wanted.

“Don’t look at me like that, Kleine,” Axel said

“Like you need to mind your own fucking business. As you tell us, by the way. Have you told Bri you love her yet?”

Axel shook his head, getting up walking out of the room. He was always in their business but hated when they were in his.

A few moments later, his phone vibrated, surprising Adele he never left that fucking thing lying around. He had to be slipping.

Luckily for Adele, she knew his password; Axel was smart but dumb at times. He would sit right underneath her and type in his password besides using his thumbprint.

She felt wrong as she picked up his phone, unlocking it, hoping it wasn’t some naked picture of one of his whores.

Instead, it was a message from an unknown number spiking Adele’s curiosity. She knew Axel had a name for everyone in his phone. This was someone new, but who? So, she opened the message.

Unknown: I heard you tried to kill yourself, Ax. Shame... I thought we were having so much fun. Did you think it would’ve stopped me from killing the rest of you bastards off? When I said I was going to kill all you fucking assholes, that is what I fucking meant. It’s either that or you kill me if you fucking can.

Adele: Or could you just take your losses and leave it Ghost? People make mistakes. I’m sure you have too. Axel had years to change, and he did, but you... you held on to revenge which made you bitter.

Unknown: My, my, my who do have the pleasure of texting with today is it Ax little new toy Bridget, or is his sweet little chocolate daughter-n-law the weak little American.

Adele scoffed. He thought she was fucking weak. She would show him fucking weak clearly. His ass didn’t know who the fuck he was fucking with.

Adele: Wouldn’t you like to know? Do you know what I see Ghost? You are the weak one hiding in the shadows to get your fucking revenge. A real fucking man goes head to head for what he fucking wants. You are just an infant man, a bitch that wants to be seen. You are still living in the fucking past. Okay, Axel killed your fucking family, but why are you so mad when the motherfucking bitch you were married to was a damn whore? And all the children she had putting them off on yours wasn’t even yours. Yeah, I know, and I may not know your fucking name or what you fucking look like, but I know why you fucking crying bitch and acting like a damn child that someone took his toy away grow the fuck up and grow some balls if you want Axel come for him face to face.

Unknown: You a little hothead bitch, aren’t we? Maybe I wrong about you, Adele. Maybe I should take you for myself. See, can you give me some of them beautiful babies like you been giving Luca. Too bad that I’m not into black little bitches with a foul mouth like yours. I like my women obedient, tie-down, and fucked. Then again, you can be tame. Oh, did you all like the present I sent you... Otis’s head in the box like your precious dogs?

What the fuck was this man talking about? No one sent them Otis’s head. His guard retrieved it. Something was right, but she wasn’t letting him know that.

Adele: Sorry, interested in old dick just know he may not want my husband’s help but know this Axel will kill you, we that day comes hope I’m here to see your fucking face

Unknown: Optimistic, aren’t we? But we will see tell that father-in-law of yours, Conard, and Kiefer to watch their fucking backs, you little bitch. Maybe you should to weakling, but then again, I don’t want your husband going all crazy.

He ended the text just like that, blocking Axel’s number, and he was calling them the weak ones. He was scared not of Axel but Luca. Why?

She was so deep in thought she didn’t notice she was still holding Axel’s phone nor him standing at the door.

“Dele, why do you have my phone?”

“You left it. I was about to bring it to you.”

Axel eyed her closely as he walked over to the couch, taking the phone from her hand, unlocking then looking back at her.

“You were on my phone. What the fuck Adele? I’m not Luca. How the hell did you know my password?”

“Sorry, I was curious. You know what they say... Curiosity killed the cat. Sorry, Milo, but that what they say,” Adele said to Axel as Milo raised his head from the end of the couch.

She could tell Axel was mad, but he would be just fine. It wasn’t like she told Luca or called him in there to talk to the man.

“Kleine, this isn’t a fucking game...”

“I didn’t say that it was Axel. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have scooped in your phone, but he pissed me the fucking off. This man is a fucking pussy. He knows it. You know it if he wanted you dead so fucking much, Axel. Why play this fucking games? He knew that you would raise Luca to be a savage, ruthless one as that. That’s why he promised not to go after your kids, Luca, in particular. He is scared of him, not you. Axel, you are so focused on protecting us you don’t see the bigger picture we are the distractions. He doesn’t want to kill you. If he did, he would have already,” Adele said.

She let that soak in for a moment before she got up, getting the baby from his swing to feed him, then making her way to the kitchen with Axel behind her.

“You know you are too damn nosey for your own good, Adele, but this stays between us understood,” Axel said

“Like you’re not... The last time I check Axel, Luca was my husband, not you. Plus, I can’t tell him shit he doesn’t already know. The asshole never said anything meaningful, just shit to get under my skin, and I told him the fucking truth he didn’t like it.”

He nodded, looking back at his phone Adele guessed, reading over the text between the two of them then looking at her surprised.

“Like I said, you are something else. I see why my son loves you, thank you.”


“Sticking up for me although I been an asshole to all you,” Axel said

“Axel, you are my father even know I may not call you dad or father only because it feels weird, but I do look at you as the first real father I ever had. It’s a shame it had to be my father-in-law. I know you will kill him even if you have to get Luca’s help, but you will be the one that kills him,” Adele said

“Or you,” He said, walking away

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