Disorganized Minds

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Late Nights

For one reason or another, Adele couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation she and Axel had yesterday. She wanted to know what made him say she may be the one that kills Ghost.

She also felt he wanted to open up to her but was scared she would go back and tell Luca, which was probably true.

Anyone could see the weight was heavy on Axel. It was getting hard for him to carry it any longer, she understood that this was his battle, but everyone needed help from time to time.

Then the thing with Ghost, she didn’t understand why not kill Axel whole family as he did him. If it were for him, his children and grandchildren would be dead.

Fuck she would have wanted the same vengeance he gave her family whether they were her by blood or not.

It was something else to the story he wasn’t fucking mad at Axel for killing a woman that wasn’t even in with him.

Someone wasn’t telling the whole story behind this shit, only bits and pieces of it. It had to be more in which they probably never know.

She couldn’t help but worry, although she and Luca promise themselves not to worry about Axel and his problems after what happen to her with Xerxes.

It was the scariest shit she ever through, and she didn’t want to experience it again. She told Luca that she was up to having another baby, but this time they will wait until he was two.

Although Kane kept telling her it was the stress she was under but deep down inside. She thinks it was because Sibylla and Axel wanted to play God.

It was all in the past. He was there now, alive and healthy everyone loved him, even Victor’s new friend.

Plus, she was happy Victor decided to take this relationship slowly. He was always so quick to jump one, but Trinity seemed to be a nice girl with a good head on her shoulders worthy of his time.

Both shared a lot of the same interest, also in the being, she made it pretty clear he wasn’t getting it until he earned it after Sibylla’s little story she told, he finally did.

It was hard to believe it been over four months since Trinity moved to Cologne. She moved here the same month they left Trinidad.

At the time, Victor was upset he wanted her to come with them to Florida, but she told him it was his family time and she wasn’t apart of it yet.

She also refused to move in the house with them, insisting that she would rent a penthouse 30 minutes away, but Luca put her in something they own, plus it was Victor lived there anyways.

Another good thing was Vince loved her. She loved him acting as if he was her son. It also gave her a break from his clinginess.

He needed a mother figure, someone other than her. Vince was already confused, thinking that she was his mother, Luca, and Victor was his dads.

Everyone in the house thought it was funny, but she saw it as a problem of him lacking what the other children had a mother.

It wasn’t Victor’s fault he thought he found someone in Kenzie. Hell, they all did until she started acting weird and shit.

Starting right after Bridget came in the house initially, she thought it was because she thought Axel was cheating on her sister.

The real reason was she wanted Axel just because he was interested in Rylee, a nasty little bitch wanting men just because they show interest in her older sister.

It also didn’t doubt her that she truly did want Luca the bitch seemed like one of them girls that always wanted something others had.

She was just glad that Trinity wasn’t that type of person. Her interest was strictly on Victor and Vince the way it should be.

Finally, Adele got the strength to turn over in the bed if she didn’t mention it before. Yeah, she was still in the bed with a thousand thoughts running through her mind.

Looking over to the clock on her nightstand, reading the number saying 3:37 in the morning. Luca was still out with a tight hold on her like she was going to run away.

He mumbled something in his sleep before snuggling his face in the crook on her neck. It was nice to know she was his safe place as he was to her.

“Can’t sleep?” Luca asked, half asleep.

“No, how you knew I was awoke?”

Luca let out a small chuckle kissing her neck holding her body close to his humming for a moment before he spoke.

“I told you, Liebe, we are connected. I felt the moment your mind started to wonder. Tell me, what’s going on in that big brain of yours?”

“Nothing really, it’s just Axel. I know we promise each other not to worry about him, and I promise him not to say anything, but I feel guilty hiding shit from you even when it’s nothing... Yesterday Axel left his phone in the sunroom, someone sends him a message I was curious, so I looked at the message....”

“Babe, if he still fucking around on Bridget, that is none of our business.”

Adele shook her head, no laughing. She knew they all had their suspicions about Axel sleeping around.

It was confirmed the after he was shot, some girl showed up crying, asking for his fucking room, having the receptionist calling up to their private floor telling them.

It was the first time any of them ever seen Bridget mad. She ended up beating the bitch ass in the middle of the lobby. Victor and Jaxon just stood there, letting her.

It wasn’t until someone called security they pulled her off but not before getting ten more hits in.

To piss the girl off more, she was the one the police locked up charging her with assault besides the one who actually did the assaulting. Evidently, she didn’t know exactly who they were.

“It’s not that... It Ghost was texting him from an unknown number. I reply all his talk was off the wall. He was just taunting, talking shit about me being weak, kidnapping me, fucking me in submission shit like that something that. What got me was he seem scared of you more the Axel. I don’t think he wants to kill Axel. Just fuck with him. It’s more to the fucking story that Axel nor Conard in telling.”

“He should be scared of me and you too. Let him try to touch you. If he thought my father was a monster, he hasn’t seen one yet. Maybe you are right. I was thinking the same. Why kill for a woman you didn’t want or love you, and it was my father and uncles that killed them. So why kill Heidi but haven’t tried going after Grata? But that’s something for another day... You need sleep, so I’m going fuck you to sleep.”

Adele wanted to protest at first, but before she could open her mouth, Luca was already in her as one of his hands move up her front to her throat as the other massaged her breast.

His movements were slow as steady as he moved his just enough to suck on her neck, then nipping her earlobe.

“How do you want this, Liebe? Do you want me to make love to you or...do you want to fuck you senselessly? It’s your choice, Schatz.”

Adele wanted to tell him to fuck her senselessly. Then again, she wanted him to make love. Why couldn’t she have both?

“I...I want them both.”

“Good, I do too.”

With that, he pulled out, flipping her over on her back, thrusting back into her kissing down her neck to her breast as she fuck her slow whispering how much he loved her.

For a good 30 minutes, he fucked her that way in different positions. Then it turned rough and hard, making Adele scream.

The louder she screamed, the harder Luca fucked. She knew he loved hearing her screams and knew exactly how to make her do it.

He had her on her knees with her back against his chest, and his forearm around her throat pounding into her pussy hard and fast.

“Cum, you know you want to.”

Adele knew what Luca was trying. He wanted her to cum so he could push her face down in the bed and punish her pussy like he wasn’t already.

She shook her head no as his hand found its way down to her clit, rubbing it in circles as he sucked on the back of her neck.

“FUCK LUCA, YOU’RE NOT FAIR” She screams, feeling herself cumming

He laughed, doing exactly what she said he would do for about a good ten minutes before cumming himself, then rolling off the bed pulling them to the bathroom to shower.

After coming back to the bed, it took her no more than five minutes to fall back to sleep. She had Luca to think about that.

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