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My Wife's a Savage

Luca stood in the torture room door, staring at the man name Ryder as he smirked at him.

The more he came down to the basement, the more it seemed like he knew him from somewhere besides the beach.

It was something about the man he was familiar with, but he couldn’t place him.

Walking over to him, Luca landing a punch in his face as he heard his nose break, with Ryder screaming out in pain.

It was satisfying hearing that he was in pain, enough to cause him more. The man was screaming for him to stop, but Luca let him rage to get the best of him.

Ryder was playing with them. He knew where his father was but wasn’t talking how he saw it.

He had two choices to tell or die. He was done playing this man’s games; it had been eight fucking months since his father went missing.

Luca didn’t know if he was alive or rotting somewhere on the side of the road or a shallow grave.

“I’m giving you a choice today Ryder tell me where my father is or die I’m done,” Luca said

He laughed; the fucking bastard laughed in his face like his life didn’t matter.

Luca grabbed his hair; he was going to beat him to death right then and there.

Until he felt a hand on his shoulder immediately, he knew it was Adele, her touch always calmed him, and she knew it.

Ryder was testing him pushing his buttons, but all he just wanted to know was his father alive or dead he just needed to know.

“Let me try” Adele said

“This gotta be a joke. You’re going to let your weak ass wife torture me” Ryder laughed out

This was going to be good. The fucker thought Adele was weak, letting him know he was the one who wrote the fucking note in the box with his dogs heads.

He looked over at Adele, seeing she just realized the same thing as she walked over the table.

His father’s favorite table, the one with the medieval devices, as she picked up the Heretic’s Fork and a belt walking back to Ryder.

“Let me put it this way if you want to live you’re going to tell us where the fuck Axel is at, or you better learn to stay awake” She said

“What the fuck is that thing?” Ryder asked

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Luca said laughing

Adele places the fork between Ryder breastbone and his throat just under his chin and fastens the belt around his neck.

He winced as he felt the iron poke him now. He had terror in his face know he knew Adele wasn’t weak as he thought.

“Oh, are you scared now?” Luca said teasing the man

“You see my wife’s a fucking savage you were the one who thought she was weak, but from where I’m standing you are the weak one” he said

To put fire to the flame, Luca walked over to the table, grabbing a knife, heating it over a flame scrolling back over to him, placing the hot metal against Ryder’s chest, trying to get the man to scream.

He watched as Adele walk back over picking up a scalpel the women loved her surgical tools.

Striding back over to Ryder, she decided to walk around him scraping the knife up and down his arms, neck, legs, torso digging it into the burn he just gave him.

Teasing him to make him move or jump, letting him know if he just fucked up a little, he was dead.

Adele took the scalpel cutting into his arm Ryder did his best not to scream or move as he whimper from the pain he was receiving.

“Okay, okay I will talk please just remove this fucking thing from my neck” Ryder cried

“Now, why would I wantta do that?” Adele asked teasingly

Luca laughed at her silliness. She was beginning to scare the shit out of the man who was good if his grandmother, him, or the others haven’t done it.

They were all crazy, but Dele was on another level of crazy she liked to tease and cut motherfuckers like she was doing surgery on them, he guesses the perks of being a doctor.

“Please, I-I will talk I promise j-just remove this thing” he cried

“NO! You’re talking just fine now so fucking continue bitch” She spat

It had just become real Ryder didn’t know it yet as Adele walked around the back of Ryder chair, wrapping her fingers in his hair, pushing Ryder’s head down, forcing the fork to pierce his throat not enough to kill him but to make him bleed.

“Humor me Ryder” Adele said

“S-she just wanted to know why your father killed her mother; that’s it. S-someone else was behind he that wanted him dead she r-refused t-that’s all she told me. I-I found her asked her to help me not giving her any information at first, but she found it out. T-that I wanted revenge y-your f-fucking husband k-killed m-my s-sister in cold blood a-and her dumped o-on our m-mother doorstep. I wanted him dead s-so I started blowing up his shit b-but then someone else came into the mix with me. I never saw him, but he wanted revenge. He was the one who sent the hitmen. He also was hired by whoever hired Bridget someone close to your family that wants to see you fall t-that’s a-all I k-know. Please remove this thing?” Ryder said

Adele laughed at his pleading, making Luca shake his head, but Ryder still hadn’t answered their question was his father alive if so where.

He could care less about the bitch he said he killed that was the least of his worries.

Finding his father was the only thing he was worried about than whoever Ryder was working with.


“He’s alive; she has him here in Berlin. Bridget wanted to t-take him to Russia, but without me, she couldn’t. L-like I-I said she doesn’t want to kill him only the truth. I-I will give you the address and tell you whatever else you need to know. Please, please remove this thing” He said.

The words relaxed Luca. It was all he needed to hear, and it better be the truth or the fucker wasn’t going to live another day; that was a promise. He places a hand on Dele’s shoulder, making her step back, giving him the change to remove the Heretic’s Fork from his neck and untying off his hands from the chair as Adele handed him a piece of paper and pen.

“Write it now, try some bullshit, and I will gut your ass understand” Luca said

“You don’t even remember her, do you? She was in love with you, and you just threw her away and for what” Ryder says to him

Luca raised his eyebrow at the man taking in what he just said, trying not to kill him.

He was also thinking who he could be talking about the only woman that ever said something about loving him beside his wife was Scarlett.

He was pretty sure she was Barbadian not mixed with anything, plus her parents didn’t live here.

Adele made sure they send the bitch body to her parents to give her a proper burial, so he knew it was her.

“Really, I don’t give a fuck who she was. The only woman I love is my wife if I killed her; I had a reason to.” Luca said

“Tilly was my sister you killed her over nothing she just wanted you to know” Ryder said

Adele looked at the man in surprise that was a name he thought he would never hear again.

The little slut never said anything about loving him like he cared anyway. She wasn’t anything but a powdered nose junky that would have killed herself overdosing snorting cocaine or someone else’s barrier.

She knew not to test him, which she did, ending with her death wish it was.

“Your sister was in my shit I told her to leave the bitch decided to disobey me. It ended with a bullet between her eyes, but I didn’t tell my men to leave her on your mother doorstep that I am sorry about parents shouldn’t go through that shit” Luca explains

Ryder looked up at him, nodding he wanted his life more than revenge for his sister.

He wrote the address on the paper handing it over to Adele beside him, she looked at the paper and back at him surprised.

“What?” Luca asked

“This, this is j-just 20 minutes away Luca Axel just been 20 minutes away the w-whole fucking time.” Adele said.

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