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New Killer

Later that morning, after Luca finally woke, he rolled over, noticing that Adele was missing, and soon realized her whereabouts after hearing the shower running.

Slowly he climbs from the be, making his way into the bathroom to relieve himself as he watched Adele washed in the shower.

The thought crossed his mind to go to fucking her as he normally did, but he figured after their early morning fuck she probably bit sore, so he let her be.

But it didn’t take him from going to join her, teasing her, pinning her against the wall rubbing his hard-on on her ass just to get arouse out of her before turning taking his own shower.

Making Adele let out a loud sigh before grabbing her towel, leaving the shower slamming the door behind her.

Luca laughed to himself. She always complained about him being horny all the time but got mad when he rejected her, as she called it.

Once done, he dried off, walking into the room where Adele was sitting on the bed, lotioning her legs, ignoring him as he walked in.

It only made him shake his head. The girl hated being ignored but loved ignoring others. All the women in the house were this way. Truly Luca thought the shit was funny.

He had to mess with her, so sit on the side of her putting her over to him, kissing the top of her head as she put the lotion from her hands on his leg, rubbing it in.

“Luca, what if Ghost didn’t kill Otis and only taking the credit for it?”

“What makes you say that?”

She pulled back, looking him in the eyes as she thought about what she was about to say next like she knew something none of the rest did.

“Something doesn’t sit right with me. He claims to have killed Nicole and Otis, both by taking their head. Why stab Heidi in the back well, shoot her in the back?”

“How you know he was the one that killed Heidi?”

“Your father doesn’t know how to erase his messages, so I read them.”

At this point, she was looking down at the floor, playing with her fingers as she did when she was nervous or scared to say something.

“What else do you know?”

“I know that Kellan isn’t Kiefer’s son, and it wasn’t by mistake we met Leo in Trinidad.”

Luca stared at her for a moment taking it all in, thinking back to when they met Leo and how he thought he and Kellan looked so much like.

“I thought he and Kellan looked like, so what’s the deal he killed Heidi for leaving him to be with the pervert? Do you think this is the reason for all this? I think it has much more to it.”

“I do think he was mad at Axel for killing his family, but it was the reason for killing Heidi. If he wanted Axel dead so fucking bad, Luca, why not kill him the night he killed Heidi? Axel killed his family, not Otis or Chris’s dad, and it wouldn’t make sense to kill the person that’s responsible. He had the two people he hated the most in one sitting. Why kill one?”

She was right something wasn’t adding up. This man claim to have killed his uncle, Chris’s father, and his cousin

“Fucking shit, Liebe someone else is in play Ghost isn’t the only motherfucker after my father and his ass don’t even see it.”

“What if this person isn’t just after Axel but all of us?”

At this point, they both quickly got up, practically running to their closets to get dress, both coming out at the same time.

Luca looked to Adele. He could tell she thought the same as him. They had to tell his father they knew who Ghost was and the fact he’s been lying.

He couldn’t believe it all. The old fuckers were blinds as shit how the fuck they couldn’t see Leo, Ghost, whatever his fucking name is, wasn’t the one behind this shit.

Both made their way to the door, not before Adele stop picking up his spoiled ass dog as he handed Zeus over to him.

He could see now he was either going to have to buy her another dog or making Zeus starting to follow her again because he sensed she was upset.

After making it down the stairs on their mission to find his father in which they didn’t have to look far because they found him and Bridget sitting in the sunroom.

Obviously, they interrupted something by the way they both jumped apart, but this was more important than their make-out sessions.

“We need to talk to you alone, no offense Bri,” Luca said

“None taken. I talk to you when you are done then,” She said, kissing his father’s cheek leaving.

Seeing his father happy made him happy also. It was starting to make him reconsider the fact him not wanted him and Bridget to marry, but his father had to show him his ways had change first.

“What did I do now?” Axel asked, annoyed like he cared.

“Nothing, but don’t get mad with what we are about to tell you no one knows except us and take time to think about it,” Luca said

Axel stared at the two looking at them like they had grown two large heads, and they were growing together as he motion his hands for them to go now.

“We know the man Leo that we meet in Trinidad is Ghost. Before you go all crazy, Axel, let us explain,” Adele said.

“Ghost been fucking lying to you, father. The only person he killed was Aunt Heidi, the motherfucker just been taken credit for the others if he wanted you, Uncle Otis, Nicole, and Chris’s father dead, why not kill you all at the fucking gala? You were there well, not Nicole,” Luca stated

Axel rubbed his chin. Luca was waiting for him to go off screaming about why can’t they mind their own fucking business, but it never came.

“If that’s true, why lie?” His father asked.

“To scare you, stop you from letting us find him and kill him, Axel. Ghost never wanted you dead if he did, he could have done it a million times before, but he didn’t. He told you that Ryder was his informant. The woman we killed in Disney said that Ryder sent her. Ryder was fucking Russian, Leo is Italian, and Russians attacked you only because you were alone like an idiot. It was easy for them to say you attacked them,” Adele said

“But I wasn’t alone. Conard was with me.” Axel said

“He wasn’t with you when you were attacked. They separated for a reason,” Luca said

Again, his father sat there rubbing his chin, thinking it was starting to scare Luca and not that many things scared, but his father was one.

“You’re more fucking nosier than I thought. Adele, I didn’t think you read the other messages too, but I guess it was my fault I should have erased them, but how did you come up with this?” Axel said

“One Ghost seemed as if he’s a sniper he will kill up and personal if he has to but is trained not to be seen same as you taught Erik, so I’m guessing he used to be one of your Capo’s or assassin. Second, why risk being seen if he didn’t let Heidi see him? Why let Otis? Third, why change his fucking M.O. assassin? They find the one way they like to kill and stick with it. Erik likes to be in the shadows creeping on his target, getting his hands dirty. Ghost is more of a silent killer. He likes to stay hidden. He wouldn’t risk any of that shit, father. Now, will you let us help because whomever this because fuck they are after us of all. Not just you anymore. They’re after us, you, and Ghost. He just doesn’t know it yet,” Luca said

Just then, his father’s phone when off, along with his and Adele’s. They all looked at their phones then at each other.

Unknown flashed across all their phones, Luca could understand his father’s phone, but his and Adele was a different story.

He opened the message reading it, then he read it again, slowly trying to make sense of the message that was a fucking riddle.

Unknown: I’m here, I’m there, I’m nowhere, I’m in your dreams, I’m in your thoughts, I take your heads, as you take losses, can you find me before it too late?

“The fuck type of shit is this? The motherfucker wants to be Dr. Seuss or something? Father, please tell me you know who this is?”

“Fucking beats me. I’m stumped on this one may be enemies you made,” Axel said

“I kill all my enemies and make sure there no one else left to come after me, and mines this is all on you and your sloppiness.”

Axel rolled his eyes the same time as Victor, Jaxon, Conard, and Erik came running into the sunroom.

“Let me guess you all got Dr. Seuss’s fucking riddle too?” Luca asked.

“Yeah, what the fuck is Ghost up to now?” Victor asked.

“Sorry, brother, but this isn’t Ghost. We have a new enemy. My beautiful wife here put two and two together figuring out Leo, a.k.a Ghost, only killed Heidi maybe because he was butt hurt she married the pervert beside him, but I’m guessing it’s more to the story our dear father will share with us later,” Luca said

Conard’s eyes when wide, surprised at the fact they knew who he was now, probably asking himself did he tell them the rest.

“They guess all this?” Conard asked

“Yeah, that and Dele breaking into my phone chatting with Leo himself also reading my old messages,” Axel said, scratching the back of his head.

“You stupid little fucking you don’t know how to erase messages,” Conard said.

His uncle had a point. If it weren’t Adele, it would have been him or Victor. They all knew his passcode. It was Axel’s birthday. His ass was fucking uncreative.

“Now that we know that Leo is the man we met in Trinidad, I assume is Ghost. What are we going to do about it?” Victor asked

“Nothing, we need him,” Axel said

The four of them turned, looking at Axel like he had lost his fucking mind. He couldn’t be serious. He just couldn’t be

But from the look on his face told Luca his answer, there better be a damn good reason they were about to let the man that murdered his aunt in their life.

“Why the fuck is that?” Luca asked

“Victor, Hanna, Zhara, and Trinity are damn good hackers. I know Erik, Kellan, Johan, and Jaxon are good with what they do, but Ghost is a tracker. He’s good at shit like this if we want to live, we need him,” Axel said

“Chris punk ass is a tracker,” Luca said, annoyed.

Making Conard and Victor’s stupid asses laugh because they knew what he was going at, they couldn’t risk it.

“Father, this man threatened your ass threaten your family, and you want him to help us?” Luca said

“Yes, I just need to talk to him. Let him beat my ass in the ring help him let go of the anger. Chris maybe a tracker, but trust me, we need Leo, Nick, and Sebastian on this one....”

“Who the fuck are those fuckers? I know fuck about the three men you just name. Why the fuck you think I trust them?” Luca said

“Luca, I’m trying to overstep your authority (‘He was,’ Luca thought). You just need to trust me on this. You been The Don four years and damn good too, but I was The Don for over 30 years. Let me fucking help,” Axel said

“Says the asshole that refused my help,” Luca said, pissed.

Luca wanted to punch the shit out of him so fucking bad when he wanted to help his stubborn ass. He gave him a fucking cold shoulder now he wants to help. He like nothing fucking happen.

Adele touched him to bring him back to reality as he looked over to her, searching her eyes on what to do, which they told him to let his father help.

“Fucking shit, fine fucking fine, you better be fucking thankful. I trust my wife’s opinion and how much I love her. We need a fucking last name on Leo so Victor or one of the others can find him. We also need Ethan back here and Toni. I’m sorry, Liebe, but we have to bring your nieces and nephew here. I will get Toni a house build on the land if that’s okay,” Luca said

“It’s fine, Luca. Maybe this will give me a second chance that I need with them,” Adele said

“Rossi, Leonardo Rossi, and before you ask Nicholai Sokolov is Nick, we need him because he’s Russian, the only Russian I trust, and Sebastian Lehmann... Erik’s father,” Axel said

That made Luca whip his head to his father quickly. Erik’s father was fucking dead is he telling him someone else was about the raise from the dead.


“Yes, the father you knew died, Erik, not the man that help create you. Sorry to tell you this but your mother was a hoe she was married to your uncle and sleeping his brother. You are Sebastian’s sons. Your sisters, on the other hand, I have no idea who their father is, but they weren’t Sebastian or Louis. I told them to tell you, but they both were too fucking stubborn. Some families are fucked up yours was one, and come to find out mines was another sorry” Axel said, patting his shoulder.

For once, they all were speechless, nothing to say as they all looked at each other while Erik looked lost.

“It doesn’t matter anyways my mother was selfish killing her and my father because he was tired of the bullshit. I knew she was cheating nothing like this, so what my father couldn’t have kids or something, or he was just pussy whipped by a whore?” Erik asked

“Both if you asked me... We were friends, best friends with your father and Bastian, for along time. Bastian didn’t even know who your mother was married to him because he was in jail at the time they met. Until two years after they were married, their relationship started at a bar it lasted for two months by then it was too late they had created you and if it wasn’t for Louis begging her not to abort you... remind you of someone, but you would have died like all the rest... but no, your father couldn’t have children,” Axel said

“Thank you for telling me. I needed that the truth since they wouldn’t give it to me,” Erik said

Axel was nodding at the same time his phone went off with him. Looking at whatever it was made his face go white as a ghost.

As turned it around, letting everyone see a picture of Elias and Maire’s heads setting on their dining room table with a note saying another win for me.

“I-is that my...my...my m-mother and f-father h-heads?” Victor asked.




Hate to end the book on a cliffhanger really I don’t until the next book

Any thoughts?

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