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Father and Son

It was coming up on the ninth month Axel had been away from his family. AJ was about to a year old, and Adele’s birthday was a few days later.

He had already missed Sophia, Ansel, Josie, and Tyler’s birthdays. He refused to miss AJ and the twins.

He stepped out of the shower looking at a naked Bridget standing in the doorway.

The woman was sucking him dry the only thing she wanted was sex, and he thought he was terrible about it. She smiles as she walked by him, getting in the shower herself.

“I thought you would wake me before showering” She said

“And I thought you would let me go when you got the fucking truth” Axel spat back

Really could have gotten away many times, but he chose to stay waiting for her to let him go, plus the sex was good.

He still was trying to figure out things from the first night they fucked, and how she never open up about to this day.

He still doesn’t know if she is pregnant or not, but he was hoping to God she wasn’t, but God wasn’t on his side lately.

“Axel stop fucking whining you and I both know if you wanted to fucking leave you would have now come fuck me” Bridget said

“FUCK NO! I fuck you three times back to back if I fuck you again you won’t be able to function” he tells her

Bridget lets out a small chuckle from within the shower, with him turning to leave when something catches his eye.

It couldn’t be what he thought it was Axel was about to kill this bitch. The sad thing was she wasn’t even trying to hide it.

“Bridget?” Axel called out

“Yes, Axel?” she asked

“Why is there an ovulation test in the trash?” he asked

She was quiet for a long moment before stirring in the shower turning off the water, stepping out little at him with a smirk.

Axel’s stomach turned knowing what she was about to say he knew he should have stopped it after the first time, but something in him wanted it.

He walked to her, punching her in the face, then gripping her throat, pushing her back against the wall. Bridget started to fight as she scratched at his arms, trying to make him let her go.



“I-I c-can’t b-breathe A-Axel” she struggled out

Axel had forgotten he was holding her by the neck; he let his anger slip from him for a moment.

He thought he had it under control apart of him; he never showed his son nor admitted to the one thing about it. He was good at hiding it.

Axel released her throat and walked over to the corner removing his towel, putting on his boxers and sweats.

“Fucking talk Bridget. But first, tell me, are you pregnant? Don’t lie.” Axel said

“You wouldn’t understand if I told you, yes I am” She said

Hearing them words it Axel like a bag of bricks was damn near sixty years old and was about to be a fucking father again this time he had no one to blame but himself and his urges.

“Before you ask why. I don’t know. It was something about you. I wanted to cause you some kind of pain, not for you to die just pain. The more I watch you, the more I wanted you. I didn’t think you would want me back the other month when you asked me for sex. I was excited then I give you a chance to leave you stayed. Axel, you could have walked out the front door many times you didn’t that tells me you wanted to stay. You know you’re still in Berlin. I am sorry I just wanted someone to love me” She said

Axel didn’t know what to feel at this time in a way he wanted to beat the shit out of the little bitch.

Then, on the other hand, he wanted to embrace her hold her thing was he wasn’t looking for love.

However, Adele, Sibylla, and Luca were always on his case about having someone to love him he tried.

She cheated with his brother. Then he found out years later about it and had a child. Two of them, by him too, even know Lina tried to tell him they were his.

Axel sighed and walked up to Bridget as she backed away until he grabbed her arm, pulling her to him, hugging her. Axel didn’t know what made him do this, but it just felt right.

“Are you sure you’re pregnant if so what’s up with the ovulation test?” he asked

“Well, you don’t pay attention Axel that’s a pregnant test box under it that box was just placed there, but I took the pregnancy test two days ago it was confirmed yesterday at the doctors” she said

Axel knew he was stuck, this girl had caught him in her web and Luca, nor his mother would like it.

Hell, Adele, Victor, nor Jaxon wasn’t going to like it, but he could let her go.

He releases her to let get dress as he put his shirt, and both of them walked out of the room into the kitchen.

Where he started to cook as she sat at the table watching the TV from the dining room.

Axel now knew it was time for him to go home to stop his family from the worrying boy was they were going to be pissing when they find out for the last two, and half months, he stayed on his own free will but will get the fuck over it.

Taking a quick look back at Bridget, he smiled, thinking of the fact she may be in love with him how he didn’t know to him it was just infatuation, but with a baby, in the mix, it could be more.

He finishes cooking, fixed their plates, and walked them to the table when the door swung open.

The first person he saw was his son with his gun drawn directly at him but put it away when he noticed him and no one else.

Axel could tell by his face he was mad, confused, and sad while waiting for him to explain himself, which something he didn’t have to do. He was the father to him.

“Really, you cooking fucking breakfast for the bitch that kidnapped your fucking ass?” Luca asked


Before Axel could give a reason, he walked up to him, punching him square in the middle of the face, and the shit hurt like a motherfucker.

Hell, it had Axel seeing stars for a moment, but he couldn’t be mad at his son because he would have done the same.

Axel went to stand, but halfway up, Luca hit him again, letting all his emotions come out with his hit.

“YOU (punch) LETS US BELIEVE (punch, punch) YOU WERE FUCKING DEAD (punch), BUT YOU WERE UP IN HERE FUCKING THE BITCH THAT HAD YOU (punch, punch, punch)” Luca screamed

“LUCA STOP!” Victor yelled

Axel could hear Victor, Erik, and Kellan yelling as Luca continued to deliver punches to his face until Victor and Erik pulled him off.

“Chill cousin” Victor said

Bridget ran to him, helping him up off the floor with Erik and Johan talking him over to the chair quickly; she ran to the hallway bathroom returning with the first-aid kit, sitting beside him, cleaning his face.

“Don’t touch my fucking father bitch” Luca said


He knew Luca was pissed, but he was still his fucking father, and he would be damn if he were going to be treated like the fucking child.

“Did I, because from what I saw coming in here was you and she was acting like a fucking couple. We have been breaking our fucking necks for the last nine fucking months looking for you. You missed your two babies birthdays; you remember them, Sophia and Ansel, not to mention Emma having her baby, Vince’s first birthday, Josie, and Tyler’s birthday. While your fucking ass was playing house, you could have called and let us know you were okay. Father shit, I was about to put a fucking coffin in the ground because I was starting to believe you were dead. If it wasn’t for Adele, my kids, believe it or not, my little sister and brother I would have gone crazy, started killing people for no damn reasons or ended my own life” Luca said

Axel could say nothing. There was nothing to say he was right. He stood up, walked over to his son, embracing him in a hug.

Hell, he missed him too, and no matter how old he got, he was his baby, Axel couldn’t believe he was able to stay away for so long.

“I’m sorry, but I’m here now you’re here. I know it’s time for me to go home, and just to let you know she is coming too” Axel says to him

“Father, don’t tell me you in love with the crazy b...”

“Luca...Let’s just say I fucked up” Axel whisper


Axel looked at the other six men in the room. They all had surprise looks on their faces before shaking their heads like that we’re some kind of fucking saints.

“WHAT?!” Axel yelled

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