Disorganized Minds

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A few weeks later, they all had settled back in Cologne, and Adele knew Axel wanted to fight against it.

Sibylla threatened him, telling him he wasn’t leaving her sight, and she gave two fucks about him being grown.

Long as Bridget was carrying his child, she would be in their care and sight because she did trust the bitch.

It didn’t matter anyway if Axel wanted to come or not. He couldn’t stay Berlin because he was presumed dead.

The real reason was he thought everyone in the house was still mad at him, which they were there was no, mistaking it, but they were happy he was alive.

Adele was trying not to think about Axel and his problems, not today of all days because it was her and Lucas’s birthday.

One thing she forgot to say the day she went into labor, was on her birthday. Lucky her, right?

Anyways Luca had plans to throw Lucas a big birthday party and later that day throw one for her.

They had Axel back, and now they could enjoy themselves without thinking if he was dead or alive, so all of them tonight could get fucked up.

All that could because Anne was three months pregnant by her little brother.

At first, she was mad because Jacob just turned 20 and barely escaped being a father to a child who didn’t belong to him.

Bridget was pregnant too, which Mary conformed; she was right at two months.

Adele was sitting in the sunroom at the back of the house watching at the crew was sitting up for Lucas’s birthday party.

It was so much stuff for a one-year-old and 18 children this was Luca doing him doing alone Adele swears that man was a child at sometimes himself.

“Am I intruding?” a voice said

Adele looked up at Bridget, standing in the doorway. She never made eye contact as she stared at the floor.

It amused her the thought of her being scared. However, Adele had nothing against the girl for what she did.

If she was close to her mother, she wanted to know why somebody killed her or revenge on the man who killed her.

Not to sleep with him though that was too weird, that was her problem, not Adele’s.

“No, I was just watching them set up for the party you can join me if you like” She told her.

Adele could use this time to find out what Bridget’s motives were. Axel always kept her locked in the room like a dog.

Only letting her out to eat he act if he were scared one of them would kill the poor woman well Sibylla probably would but not them.

It sad she didn’t even leave Zeus in the room by himself. As of now, he was with Luca in his arms like a teacup dog or something.

The Dobermans were with her only because Luca made them come in the house with her because they wanted to bite everyone who came in the yard they didn’t know.

“Did someone put you up to this, Bridget?” Adele asked

“Up to what?” She asked

She knew this bitch knew damn well what she was talking about trying to play dumb they all had enough of people trying to play them dumb.

Getting pregnant saying the babies belong to one of the men in her family.

They didn’t need anyone else coming in their lives plotting against them, and before they could trust her, she had to show them she cared for Axel.

“You got pregnant by Axel, and I want to know did someone put you up to this or was it for his money I saw the house you had him in the neighborhood it was shit you know it, I know it, so which one was it?” She said

“Neither, I-I don’t know what made me do it. I j-just wanted to loved...”

“And you thought Axel would do it. Honey, do you know Axel that man is whore the day you can get my father-in-law to love you hell will freeze over. I’m not saying he doesn’t care for you because he does but love Bridget. He only loves his children, grandchild, and family” Adele said

She wasn’t trying to hurt her feelings or nothing. She didn’t what her to get her hopes up either.

Axel told her it was hard for him to love after Luca’s mother, and when he did open his heart to another woman, she tried to kill him and his son.

So the only thing he was looking for was someone to keep his bed warm from time to time, in other words, a good fuck.

“You got Luca to love you, didn’t you. I heard the same about him. He loved no one be himself, Father, and that girl Emma that he took from the street to raise. Ryder told me how bad his sister was in love with him how he broke her heart cheating with other girls, but you got him to stop all that to love you, and he’s older than you also” She said

The age wasn’t an issue, so why did she bring it up? Someone had to talk to her voicing their opinion about their age.

If it was Sibylla, she couldn’t talk about anyone the old woman was banging a fucking 28-year-old man it made Adele cringe just thinking about it.

“Bridget me and Luca are different. Was what you were doing trying to do? What Luca did to me to get Axel to love you?” Adele asked

“No, I truly wanted to know why he killed my mother. Somewhere between watching him all the time made him want him. I started loving him if that makes sense” She said

Adele stared at the woman, searching her eyes to see there was any truth to her words.

To her, she was filled with lust and obsession, but her eyes were filled with love and want.

She felt sorry for her; the only thing she could wish for was Axel not to hurt her.

“Mickey Mouse, I thought the party would be of something else when Axel said your husband was planning it” She said, seeing the black and red balloons.

“Yeah, the twins’ first birthday party his Minnie Mouse was in the house because it was a bit cooler. If you were wondering the twins and Lucas are 11 months apart, my birthday is today also, and the twins’ birthday is two days before their father lucky us, huh” Adele said, laughing.

Bridget started to laugh too, but she didn’t how happy Adele was not to be pregnant.

She knew it wouldn’t be long before Luca started talking about Lucas was getting too big and ready to try again, he made it clear to her he wanted three more babies four if she allows it

“Do you know who Ryder is working with?” She asked

“No, just some man from Hamburger at least what he told me. I think his dumb ass doesn’t know either. I told him to stop doing business with the man. When someone who doesn’t want you to see his or her face is up to no good. He was using him Ryder was too foolish to see it.” Bridget said

She saw the truth in her words, but Adele was going to milk her for all the information that she could if Axel wasn’t, she sure the hell was.

Bridget didn’t seem like a dumb woman at all. She paid attention to a lot, so why not see what she knew about Ryder.

“Why did you marry Ryder?” Adele asked

“Me married Ryder no. I married; no one just changed my last name. Is that what he told you? If he did, the man is crazy. I would never marry that crazy bastard. I made the mistake of sleeping with him 2 ½ years ago. Then he beat the shit out of me because I wouldn’t suck his dick after I caught him in the bed with his sister” She said

Adele choked on her spit when them words came from her lips. No wonder why he was mad at Luca for killing his sister.

“So, the ice princess was in love with my husband but fucking her own brother please tell me they were step-brother and sister” Adele said

“Sadly no” Bridget said


Both of the women started to laugh, this was good tea, and Adele was starting to like talking to Bridget.

The rest of them was too stuck on their husbands lately, but she still wasn’t going to get close until she knew fully knew she could trust her Adele didn’t want a repeat what happen with Mila.

“I was wondering where you went to, I see you found Kleine” Axel said

“You called her baby girl, not Queen, why?” Bridget asked

“Just a nickname Bridget she’s my daughter-in-law first then my Donna. I don’t call her Queen because that’s my son’s job. She is his Queen and only his. Some may call her that be we mostly called her Donna. I’m not the only one that calls her Kleine; my mother, Vic, Erik, Kellan, and Johan do as well” Axel explains.

She was glad that Axel cleared that up. They didn’t need another crazy bitch, thinking she would take Axel away from her.

“So, what should I call you?” She asked

“Adele or Dele will be fine you don’t work for us you’re his girlfriend I guess” Adele said

She shook her, getting up to walk over to Axel, who held out his hand for her to take Adele as she mouthed they needed to talk to him.

She was going to let him know what she had learned about Bridget, where he stood with her.

Axel nodded, walking away, looking back, smiling right before Luca walked in with Lucas on one arm and Zeus on the other, the twins, and Ty right behind him.

“It looks like daddy got his hands full” Adele said, laughing.
“Nothing I can’t handle, but it’s time for the party” Luca said, handing her Zeus although she reached for Lucas.

They all went outside to let the children enjoyed the party, but Lucas wanted to stay stuck on Luca.

The boy was a daddy’s boy. She was sure he would be mama’s boy, but he is truly his father, baby.

He was just like him attitude and all as of the twins too, at least she had Ty.

The most important thing was the kids had fun all, but Lucas hated the man in the Mickey Mouse costume, and he didn’t like the smash at all. Maybe because Luca smacked him in the face with it, the other children enjoyed themselves byrunning through the yard eating cake, cupcakes, and other sweets and prizes.

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