The Keepers

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Chapter 11

As each representative took his or her place at the round table, all eyes were on the table reserved for Everton. While the actions of their current president was alarming, there was still too much history of goodwill between themselves and the rest of civilized world represented here to completely write them off.

While most of the time, each countries ambassador would be the lone representative, the last few meetings had brought on a sense of urgency. That’s why there were presidents and prime ministers in all the seats today. All except one. Which was no surprise. However, his ambassador was in his place and looked as uneasy as ever.

“Ladies and gentlemen”, announced the secretary general, “please take your seats.” He paused to give the few stragglers time to get seated before continuing.

“First, thank you all once again for gathering here today. We all know the reasons we’re here so there’s no use for a formal introduction and opening statement. Who wants to begin?”

All eyes went back and forth between the only two choices in the room. The ambassador from Everton made no moves to speak. In fact, he looked like he couldn’t wait to get out of there. So the only other logical choice in the room spoke up.

“If I may?”, began Christopher Daniels, the President of the United Republic of Arkovia. The de facto leader of this union of nations, Arkovia also happened to have the world’s strongest military and economy. Which was no coincidence.

“As we can all see, Everton is represented by Mr. Krause, and not by it’s president, the once honorable Leonard Jacobsen.”

This slight aimed at Everton’s president drew rumbling throughout the room until the secretary banged his gavel to restore quiet. Christopher Daniels then continued.

“I don’t say that lightly. As you all know, Mr. Jacobsen and I go back years. We’ve been staunch allies since I took office. When disaster struck our country, the first one asking how to help was Leonard Jacobsen. That’s why this is so difficult to understand. For this great man that I admired so much to get into business with a man like Echo Mombozi, he must truly be in a bad situation at home. But however precarious his situation is in Everton there is no excuse for his actions the last few months. He and his government are giving legitimacy to one of the most corrupt administrations in history. And to pretend that Mombozi is going to use this technology for anything other than destruction is just downright foolish. We know better. He knows better. And I pray that my friend will come to his senses before it’s too late. But we can’t wait and do nothing. Not with the stakes this high. That’s why I’m here to today to bring this resolution to the councils attention and bring it up for a vote.”

As he picked up a binder and raised it for everyone to see, he continued. “As you can all see from the proposal in front of you, drastic times call for drastic measures.” Daniels knew that all of his closest allies in the room had already read the proposal. He wouldn’t have gone through with it without knowing he would have support. By now the other ambassadors in the room, including Mr. Krause from Everton were beginning to read the proposal. Before they could get to the substance of the matter though, Daniels continued.

“I am proposing that effective immediately all trade, travel and aid be suspended indefinitely to Everton, Marwan and the other countries mentioned in this proposal. We have tried to reason with these leaders and to no avail. This is an unfortunate but necessary step. Of course the ban can be lifted by each of the aforementioned countries cooperating with us and our inspectors. I am holding out hope that our friends from Everton realize the seriousness of their actions. I am not so hopeful that Marwan’s leader will do the same. Let’s just hope that they don’t take our former allies down with them.”

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