The Keepers

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Chapter 12

“Wow”, was all that host Charles Kramer could utter when the live feed from the united global assembly ended and the camera cut back to him.

“You heard President Daniels say it folks. Drastic times call for drastic measures. I’d say those are pretty drastic measures. Let’s hear from our panelists. Joining us again are Sarah and Edgar. You two have been on so much lately that I don’t think introductions are necessary.”

The two guests politely agreed before getting serious.

“Wow is right Charles”, Sarah began. “Finally a step in the right direction. Like I’ve been saying all along, hit Mombozi where it hurts, financially. He’ll bluster and fuss, but in the end, he knows he can’t win a war with the rest of the world. Even with an ally as strong as Everton. And Everton is already hurting so bad economically, that they won’t be able to take this blockade for too long. I guarantee you Jacobsen is on the phone with Mombozi right now trying to find a way out of this.”

Edgar wasn’t so sure. “Oh I have no doubt that Jacobsen is trying to convince Mombozi to back down. But he’s not the one calling the shots in that relationship. Mombozi already got what he needed from Jacobsen. By now, they’ve built up an arsenal big enough to do some serious damage. He’s not stupid enough to think that he will come out on top, but he also is smart enough to know he has leverage. No one in that room wants these bombs to start going off and they will negotiate within reason. At least that’s what Mombozi is counting on. Will they negotiate? Daniels sounded pretty adamant to me. I guess we’ll see.”

Charles Kramer turned to the camera before replying.

“Well, one thing we know for sure. The ball is now in the court of Echo Mombozi. What he does with it may be the difference between peace and the next world war. “

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