The Keepers

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Chapter 15

Channel 8 news broadcast in progress:

“We go live now on the scene to our very own political correspondent, Mindy Freeman”, lead anchor Tara Reeves said as she continued coverage of the ever-changing news out of Marwan.

“Good evening Tara. As you can see, I’m standing at the border of Marwan where a make-shift tent village of reporters has set up shop. This is as close to Marwan as any outsider is allowed these days. Mr. Mombozi has instructed his border security to be courteous but firm. So far they have behaved themselves, but the tension all around is so thick it’s almost visible. Even the young guards who can be arrogant and intimidating during normal times, are noticeably nervous and on edge. We did manage to speak to the minister of information, but as expected, didn’t give us anything of any substance. Just the prepared statements that we assume are coming from Mombozi. All indications from sources tell us though, that the Marwan military is preparing as though they are expecting a siege. Mombozi himself hasn’t been seen in public since last week, which we all know is unusual. The longer we go without seeing or more importantly hearing from him, the more tense the situation becomes. Tara, back to you.”

“Thanks Mindy. Stay safe out there. Like all of us I’m sure everyone there is hoping for a peaceful resolution to this. Stay tuned.”

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