The Keepers

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Chapter 18

The plan was simple enough. Another one of Stephen’s old contacts, this one a former police officer who now owned a very successful private detective agency, had various ways of tracking down and surveilling people without being seen. Due to the sensitive nature of this particular case, and not wanting to put his contact in the same danger as Anthony’s young friend, the main goal was to simply track the movements of the four men on the list. After a quick phone call with the P.I., Stephen found out this was actually easier than he had expected.

While the men in question weren’t well known public figures, they were extremely busy, upper management of powerful companies. So they weren’t exactly booking their own flights and hotel rooms. Apparently a few polite phone calls and emails, combined with the work of a few competent hackers working for the detective agency could go a long way. The P.I. assured Stephen that any move the men made, whether it was through their companies or using their own credit cards, would be easy to trace. They could have a tail on each of the men by the end of the day.

Anthony looked a little worried about this. “Are we sure we want to put their people in the line of fire. Remember what happened to Nasir. Did you tell him how dangerous these people are?”

“Reggie is a professional. He wouldn’t come right out and ask the nature of our business and why we want them to be followed. But without going into detail with him, yes, I let him know that this was serious business and to take extra precautions. He assured me his people are professionals as well.”

“How soon can they be in place? According to Anthony’s friend, this meeting could be imminent.” Alex was anxious to get started, afraid to lose this one chance that had fallen in their lap.

“They’re already working on it”, Stephen assured him. “He didn’t elaborate, but apparently the wheels are in motion as we speak.”

Indeed, Reggie Masters and his crew were following up on leads at that moment. They worked as calmly and as confidently as always. Reggie told his men and women to be extra cautious, but didn’t go into detail. If they only knew how dangerous it actually was. As they got to work , they just couldn’t see what the big deal was in following around a few boring businessmen.

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