The Keepers

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Chapter 19

The Arthur J. Williams public library was just your average library with a decent amount of foot traffic that came through each day. It had been around long enough that no one working there could have told you who Arthur J. Williams was if it hadn’t been for the plaque in the entry way. Like most libraries, the same people would come and go at different times throughout the week. The workers recognized some of the regulars, but for the most part they were busy enough that most patrons went unnoticed.

Such was the case when a man who appeared to be in his fifties walked through the door. He was dressed much nicer than most of the others in there that day, but he would have had no problem blending in.

Lacy worked part time at the front desk when she was home from college. She was used to men coming in and flirting with her throughout the day, but it was always harmless. So she knew what to expect when this stranger came strolling up to the desk with a confident smile. The German accent was different than the usual guests, but the intention was the same. He was charming, she had to admit, but after a few minutes, she was relieved when he asked her for directions to the biography section.

After politely listening to the flirtatious man who was at least 30 years older than she was, she finally pointed him in the right direction. As she watched him walk away she didn’t even notice that the man didn’t stop when he got to the Biography section.

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