The Keepers

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Chapter 22

“I’m getting nervous. You should have heard something by now, right?”

Alex was pacing the garage like a caged animal, willing Stephen’s phone to ring.

“Relax, I told you this guy is a pro. He will check in when he has something.”

On cue, his phone rang, which he answered before the first ring completed. After saying hello, he just listened to the report from Reggie. It was apparently good news, because he smiled as he hung up.

“Well, don’t just stand there grinning, what did he say?”, implored Anthony.

“His team on the ground followed our four friends to a library. They each arrived separately but within the same half hour. One of Reggie’s men made his way inside, posing as a library visitor. Each man approached the front desk, said something to the receptionist and headed toward the back of the library. What was interesting though, was that during that same time frame, eight more people approached the same desk, asked for directions and headed toward the back of the library. Reggie’s man noted that the last one to enter had a German accent, and was being very flirtatious with the girl at the front desk. One of the other men appeared to be Japanese, and the others were definitely not American. Reggie said he was putting together a plan and would call me back if and when it came together like he hoped.”

“So there’s twelve of them, and eight are from out of the country,” Alex pondered. “Makes sense that they would be global.”

“I just hope Reggie and his crew know what they are doing. If those guys get any sense that they’re being followed, this whole plan is for nothing. Not to mention the danger that they would be in.” Anthony said, his mind clearly thinking back on Nasir.

“We’re too close now,” replied Stephen. “This might be the only chance anyone ever gets to take these guys down.”

Alex was still pacing inside the garage when he said, “Now I guess we just have to wait and see if Reggie’s team can deliver anything solid. I don’t imagine these guys are going to stick around town for long.”

Stephen was looking as determined as his friend had ever seen him when he answered, “They’ll get us something. I can feel it.”

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