The Keepers

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Chapter 23

As the group shook hands and started to make their exits, Wilhelm was the first to leave. Now that business was out of the way, he was anxious to catch up with the young woman in the front. As he made his way to the desk, he couldn’t believe his luck. Standing at the front desk was another beautiful woman, though a few years older than the first and they were having a friendly conversation.

Wilhelm liked his chances now. Surely between the two of them he would be able to convince one of them to have a drink with him tonight. While this town was nice enough, it wasn’t exactly known for its nightlife. However, if he could convince one of these beauties into showing him a good time tonight, it will have been worth the trip.

When he was almost to the desk, the second woman turned to go after thanking the receptionist for her help, clearly not watching where she was going. She ran smack into Wilhelm who was more than happy to help break her fall. Both of them dropped their bags, and after apologies were made and assuring each other that they were okay, Wilhelm helped her pick up her bag and its contents. After a clumsy introduction it was clear to Wilhelm that she was interested. He was quickly forgetting about the receptionist at this point.

“Miss, I know this may sound a bit forward, but I’m only in town for a night and quite frankly, I can’t stand the thought of sitting in my hotel tonight. Is there any chance you would join me for a drink? I’m sure you know your way around town more than I. It will at least give me a chance to make up for running over you.”

After a slight hesitation, the young woman answered, “Sure, why not? You seem like a decent guy. Put this address in your phone. If you can’t find it, just put it in the GPS and it will bring you right there. My girlfriends and I meet up there a couple of nights a week. It’s small, but the drinks are reasonably priced and the people that go there are usually pretty tame.”

“I can’t wait. How does nine o’clock sound?”

“Perfect. Just make your way to the back. That’s our usual table.” She looked at her watch and continued, “Shoot, I’ve got to get back to work. So, see you at nine?”

“I’ll be there.”

Wilhelm could hardly believe it. She was not only a knockout, but at least twenty years his junior. He was practically skipping out of the front door. He never even noticed a man in his late twenties walk by and drop a piece of paper in his knapsack as he made his way outside.

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