The Keepers

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Chapter 24

The Conductor sat in his usual chair as he listened to the update from one of his many contacts around the world. Standing to either side of him was two of his guards. He knew they intimidated people at these meetings and that was the point. It was his idea to dress them the way they were to add an even more sinister feel to their presence. The tattoos were also a nice touch he thought. Members always assumed that they were ex-military, but the fact was they came from all walks of life. He found that ex-soldiers sometimes had morals and questioned things that went against their personal code. These men didn’t have that. That’s what he needed. Unquestioned loyalty. He sometimes asked them to do things that most soldiers wouldn’t be comfortable with.

So they stood there behind him as this young informant nervously told him about a top secret program that was in the beginning stages of development at a biochemical research center. As he listened, he knew that this was something that his group did not come up with. These things used to never happen, but they were becoming more and more common. People were inventing and coming up with new technology every day now it seemed. It was something that he was always prepared for though, so he called one of his guards over. He whispered in his ear for a few minutes as the informant looked on in terror. The Conductor tried to hide his pleasure at this while he gave the guard instructions. Both guards left and The Conductor gave the informant his payment and was now left alone.

After all of these years, this job was finally getting to him. For the majority of the time that he was in charge of this group, he never came across these situations. But for the last decade or so, it seemed he was getting daily updates about new and unknown developments in technology. The group of course had access to internet technology from the beginning. He always wrestled back and forth when it was time to unveil new innovations to the world. There were several trusted people within the group that he talked to when it came time to release information. He had to consider the consequences and what would and could happen as a result of each action. Especially when it came to ground breaking technology that he knew would change the world.

The internet was the one that always stuck out to him. He and the group had laid the groundwork for it for the last several years before its release. It was just a matter of time before someone pieced it together and discovered it on their own, so he needed to act quickly. He also knew that once it was released to the world, that nothing would ever be the same.

All the inventions throughout time basically were leading to this. Beginning with the wheel, to the automobile and the airplane. From the telegraph to the telephone. All of these had the same purpose.

They were each an increasingly faster and more efficient way to connect people from one point to the next. Now the internet allowed people to connect from their living room to anywhere and anyone in the world. This was obviously groundbreaking and would set in place the future of all business and communications for years to come. But, like any once in a lifetime innovation, there was always a downside. And for The Conductor it was clear.

For the first time in its’ existence, ‘The Keepers’ would have competition.

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