The Keepers

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Chapter 28

They were both speechless as they stared at the sheet of paper. Anthony had done it. He and his friend cracked the code. They were now looking at what could be the names of the potential new members of ‘The Keepers’. This was the break that they were hoping for. As excited as they were, their thoughts immediately went back to Anthony. On the one hand, they hoped that he was safe wherever he was, but mostly they just wished he was here with them. Exposing ‘The Keepers’ is a mission that all three men have been working on together and separately for years. They were a somewhat mismatched group, but together they had gotten closer to this shadowy organization than anyone else ever had. As much as they wished Anthony was there, they knew they didn’t have time to wait. They had work to do.

As they looked for a place to sit in the kitchen, something just didn’t feel right about being in there. Without saying a word to each other they instinctively headed out to the garage. It was where their little project had really come together. While Alex and Stephen had compiled plenty of data and evidence in their time working together, it wasn’t until they started working with Anthony in this garage that it all started clicking.

When they got there, they went right back to their old routine. It felt a little different with a lot of the clutter gone, but the old uneven table and cheap plastic chairs were still in place. They each took a chair on opposite sides of the table and took out the list again.

“Wow. I was thinking it was only going to be a few names to go through,” Stephen said. “Guess it makes sense though. Reggie’s team said there were twelve people at the meeting. And there are twelve names on this list.”

“That’s actually good news. More names mean there’s a better chance of finding one of them to join our side.”

“Let’s hope so.”

Alex took out his laptop and went to his favorite web browser. While he sometimes missed the days of going to libraries and book stores for research, he had to admit it was pretty convenient to have all that information in one place. He couldn’t help but wonder if computers, the internet or even electricity were some of the technological advances passed on by ‘The Keepers’. It was certainly possible. When you think about how far human civilization has come in such a short period of time, it seemed almost logical that they had some help along the way. And if any group has that type of capabilities and power, then maybe Anthony had the right idea after all.

“Alex, snap out of it. I said let’s search for the first guy on the list.”

“Sorry. I was just thinking about Anthony. Who is the first guy?”

“The first guy is actually a girl. Adrienne Moreau. French I assume. Where do we start?”

“The usual places you might find a young person these days. We’ll check all the social media sites.” Anthony paused a beat, not sure if he wanted to bring up the idea that popped into his head. “Of course, this might go a lot faster with Reggie’s help.”

“I thought of that. But we’ve put them in enough trouble. If Anthony is right, and they are on to us, I don’t want to jeopardize anyone else. Besides, we’re this close to the truth. I might sound selfish, but I kind of want it to be just me and you to break this wide open.”

Alex couldn’t help but laugh at that. He agreed whole heartedly with his friend. While Reggie and his team were a huge part of their success in finding this list, the rest was up to them.

“Alright. Let’s get started. I think we should keep everything that we document in one folder. If something happens and we have to make a run for it ourselves, I don’t want to waste time trying to pack everything up.”

“I agree. Here we’ll keep everything in this file folder. Now, we better get started. It might take some time trying to find someone on this list that is crazy enough to join us.”

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