The Keepers

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Chapter 30

It was now one month. One month since Pete said goodbye to his three friends. He had only made one other trip into town after his first supply run, and as he feared, tensions were boiling between Marwan and their few allies, and the rest of the civilized world. Pete knew he needed information and while the tablet that he had with him in the cave was great, it also depended on two things. Internet connectivity and batteries. Both of which were in short supply inside Pete’s new home. So during his last supply run, he stocked up on batteries and wi-fi range extenders. The connection wasn’t as good as in town, but he was able to get news updates every day.

And that news wasn’t good. Apparently a covert operation was put in place to take out Mombozi. Someone on the inside of his organization was paid off and an assassination attempt was made. After the unsuccessful attempt was reported to the world, Mombozi had his excuse. He broadcast to the world a half hour tirade, in which he cursed all of his enemies and told of certain death that waited for them in response to their treachery. It was then that he dragged out his would be assassin and shot him point blank in the head. The camera focused on the dead man until Mombozi grabbed the camera himself and pointed it towards his face, while pointing his finger at the body. His next words would be one’s that the world would never forget.

“This is just the beginning.”

That was one week ago. Pete watched as much of the news updates as he could while trying to preserve the batteries that he had. Since the broadcast, rumors began to swirl that nuclear war was imminent. That Mombozi was either deep inside a bunker with his finger on the trigger, or not even in Marwan at all, but pulling the strings while hiding out in one of the few countries that still called him an ally.

Pete didn’t know or care where he was. He just hoped his friends were safe. He also hoped he was wrong about the coming months. That maybe after the assassination attempt, Mombozi’s inner circle was getting nervous and would take him out themselves.

When Pete turned back on the news, it took about ten minutes to have all of those hopes dashed. Every channel was now playing footage over and over of the nightmare that human beings had been trying to avoid since the atom was first split.

A mushroom cloud was in the skyline of six major cities across the world. Pete knew what he had to do. He turned off the tablet computer and began preparations to seal off the cave from the outside world like he had been practicing for the last month.

Pete Carmichael knew that the next time he left this cave, the world he knew would no longer exist.

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