The Keepers

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Chapter 31

Several hours later and they had a short biography on the first seven recruits on the list. Included were the basics like how they old they were, where were they from, what college did they attend and what was there major. They also included brief personality profiles of each person based on what they could find on their social media pages and any clubs and organizations that they may be members of.

They were exhausted but still had more recruits to search for, so they pressed on. Stephen had a funny look on his face when he pulled up the next name on the list.

“Huh. Interesting.” Stephen scrolled down on the page he was on while Alex made his way to see what he was talking about.

“What is it? Do we have a winner?” Alex pulled up a chair and sat beside Stephen.

“Maybe. You tell me. Check this guy out. Sebastian Cosgrove. Graduate student. He already has a Bachelor’s in Engineering and is going for his masters. And look at what school he happens to be attending. I hear that’s a pretty prestigious university.”

“I’ll be damned. All this time we’ve been chasing these guys around, and they recruit a kid from my university. He may have even taken my class. I don’t recognize the name, but that doesn’t mean anything. Go to his Facebook page and see if we can find a picture.”

Stephen did just that, and within a few seconds they were staring at Sebastian Cosgrove. There were several pictures of him with friends and family. He seemed like a normal college age kid, maybe a bit more ambitious than most, but he seemed normal enough.

Alex was excited. He was getting a little worried with the search up to this point. They didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with the first seven recruits. There was no obvious way to approach any of them without arousing suspicion, especially the foreign ones. But Sebastian may be their best chance. If the kid was involved in campus life as much as his social media pages showed him to be, then there was a good chance that he at least had heard of Alex. If not, then at least there was an opening for Alex to introduce himself. And if they were being followed, then from the outside it would just appear to be a student talking to a professor.

With all of this in mind, the two men piled all of the data they had collected from the other seven recruits and put them in an empty file box. They decided without a word between them that all of their energies would go towards studying Sebastian Cosgrove and devising a plan to convince him to help them infiltrate ‘The Keepers’.

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