The Keepers

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Chapter 39

“That went about as well as I was expecting. At least he didn’t flat out laugh in our face.” Stephen handed Alex another beer as the two men sat in the living room, going over the confrontation with Sebastian.

“I guess it was asking a lot to have him believe every word we told him here in one night. Especially after finding out that we were lying to him. I feel awful about that. Did you see the look on his face, Stephen?”

Stephen didn’t have to answer. As bad as he felt for misleading Sebastian, he knew Alex felt much worse. You could tell that the young man looked up to him and was genuinely excited to hear what he thought was going to be a lecture from a respected professor tonight.

But they were right about one thing. In the next few days, Sebastian would be approached and would soon realize just how real ‘The Keepers’ are. Both men had their doubts if they had accomplished their task of casting them in the role of the bad guy. Sebastian’s initial reaction to the idea of a group like that existing was at the same time skeptical but not dismissive. It boded well for them that after admitting that, yes, it could be possible, Sebastian’s first thoughts were how powerful and dangerous a group like that would be. He agreed with them that however noble the groups intentions had started out, human beings had the right to create their own destiny. There was a time that they may have been necessary, but in today’s world people were capable of incredible things. The only possible reasons for their continued existence had to be power and money. In Alex and Stephen’s opinion, the world had enough ambitious capitalists already. They didn’t see the need for a group that played by their own set of rules. Having Sebastian working from the inside would be a huge help, but they had both made the decision that no matter what Sebastian decided, they would continue on. They had come too far and gotten too close to give up now.

But damn they needed Sebastian.

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