The Keepers

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Chapter 40

“He does not look happy.”

“No he doesn’t. Can’t say I blame him. I almost feel sorry for him. When he woke up this morning, I’m sure the biggest concern he had in life was choosing a topic for his thesis. Now those two just dumped a big pile of crazy in his lap.”

The two men in the SUV had been parked down the street from Alex’s house since learning of the supposed ‘lecture’. They were far enough away that they wouldn’t be detected, but also within reach of their surveillance equipment. They didn’t know what the outcome of Alex and Stephens’ presentation would be, but from the looks of it, they didn’t have anything to worry about.

“So do you think Jamison saw us at the school that day?” William O’Brien thought that they were being inconspicuous that day, but when Alex looked right in his direction in the parking lot, he sensed a tiny bit of recognition in his eyes.

“Maybe. But maybe that was a good thing. We may have forced their hand and that’s why they had to make their move now. And that might have spooked our boy.” Marcus Matthews was ready to get this over with. He had his own recruit to worry about, but when he got the word from The Conductor that Sebastian may have been compromised, he had no choice but to fly out here with Will and check it out for themselves. This Cosgrove kid was James Ellison’s recruit, but The Conductor believed that it was too risky to have him stake out his own guy. The plan was for James to make his approach in the next couple of days anyway, so Marcus and Will were just asked to keep an eye out until then.

But one thing was still being discussed among the group. How in the world did these two guys find out about Sebastian? Marcus was of the opinion that as soon as it was discovered that the kid was a potential recruit, that they should have just walked away. As bright as Sebastian was, he wasn’t irreplaceable. They didn’t have that much invested in him anyway. They hadn’t even made the approach yet. But The Conductor was adamant about sticking with him. When the Americans discussed the situation, they were all in agreement. The reason The Conductor didn’t want to walk away from him was that he had to find out how his name was leaked in the first place.

“I would love to be there when James makes his pitch to this guy”, Will said. “Cosgrove freaked out just hearing a theory about a secret organization that has been manipulating human history for the last five thousand years. I can’t wait to see how he reacts when he finds out that we’re real.”

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