The Keepers

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Chapter 41

Sebastian was exhausted. Even though it was Saturday and he could actually sleep in, he didn’t get much rest the night before. The whole ordeal with Dr. Jamison and his journalist friend had really gotten to him. He had to admit that the topic they were discussing was fascinating to consider. And if he used his imagination, he could see that it wasn’t impossible to believe that a group and a civilization like that had existed. It would certainly explain a lot of things throughout history that scientists and historians had no answer for. But when they started discussing the actual existence of the group and that Sebastian himself was going to be chosen to join them, he had understandably freaked out.

Like most people, when he thought about conspiracy theorists, he would quickly roll his eyes and dismiss them out of hand. From JFK to Roswell, there was always a reasonable explanation to these so-called conspiracies.

Yet, this somehow seemed different. If it had just been the journalist, Stephen, he wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But Alex was no conspiracy nut. He was intelligent, thoughtful and being an archaeologist, very detail oriented. He left no stone unturned when doing his research, literally and figuratively. He wasn’t the type of man to go around throwing out wild ideas without being certain of the proof behind it. Especially when his reputation was at stake.

It was that thought that kept him up all night. And the fact that he wanted to believe it. But at the same time, if he were going to play along with this fantasy, he would have a tough decision to make. As much respect as he had for Dr. Jamison, if he were actually approached by ‘The Keepers’, how could he turn them down? To play a role in determining the direction and the fate of the world would be extremely tempting. However, he also agreed with Alex and Stephen that the people of today deserved the chance to dictate their own future.

The more he thought about it, he had to side with Alex and Stephen. Even though they lied to him, he could understand their reasoning for doing so. The future of the world was on the line. They felt that they had a moral obligation to stop ‘The Keepers’ and needed Sebastian’s help to see that it was done. At the same time, Sebastian knew that if what they told him was true, then turning down ‘The Keepers’ would be a dangerous situation. Alex and Stephen claimed to have proof they had killed in the past to keep their identity a secret. He could only imagine what their reaction would be if they were rejected.

So Sebastian had a choice. If they did approach him, the smart thing to do would be to turn them down immediately before he hearing or seeing too much. Surely they wouldn’t kill someone just for saying no. But if he truly wanted to be a part of taking them down, the most effective way to do that would be from the inside, as suggested by Alex and Stephen.

Effective, maybe. Extremely dangerous, definitely. But Sebastian knew that the stakes were high. Sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing would be the safest move. Some might say the smartest move. But he was not one to take the easy path. He was more ambitious than he liked to admit, and the thought of being responsible for taking down a group like ‘The Keepers’ was intoxicating.

There was something else that he had to admit. He had been imagining what it would be like to accept ‘The Keepers’ offer. Sure, he could see how a group like that could be corrupt and immoral, but he could also imagine the good that could be done with their knowledge. Some of the greatest inventions in history would have saved millions of lives if only they had been introduced earlier. It was these conflicting thoughts that he had been struggling with ever since that night at Alex’s.

The trouble was that he could see both sides points of view. If this was all true, then he would be put in an impossible position. One way or another he could determine the direction of human civilization. Should he join Alex and Stephen and blow everything up? Let the world dictate its’ own future? Or be a part of something that would control world events for the next thousand years? As he was contemplating all of this, there was one thought that he kept coming back to.

Please let Alex and Stephen be wrong.

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