The Keepers

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Chapter 42

“So you’re confirming it then. Sebastian was contacted by them. I guess we already knew it, but getting a visual was important.” The Conductor already knew the answers to the questions he was asking to the three men who were listening to him from the intercom. He just wanted to hear them say it. These three weren’t directly responsible for Sebastian’s identity being revealed, but they didn’t know that. They were however responsible for keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity involving Sebastian and neither of them had a clue about the professor or the journalist before he brought it to their attention.

James Ellison spoke up. “Again, I have to take full responsibility for this situation. He’s my recruit. I should have intervened with Dr. Jamison when I saw that he had taken an interest in the kid.”

He was right, thought The Conductor. As a group, they kept a list of people who might be out to expose them. Dr. Alex Jamison should have been at the top of the list. When a student at his school was chosen as a recruit, alarm bells should have immediately gone off.

But they hadn’t and that was okay. He had been around long enough to know how to handle situations like this. Their target was still in play, but that didn’t mean he had to let these four off the hook without making them sweat a little. Ironically, the man who was responsible for this mess, Wilhelm, was in Germany and clueless about his role. The Conductor would deal with him at another time.

The Conductor motioned for one of his guards to come closer. As he does, The Conductor writes down three names on a piece of paper:

Alex Jamison

Stephen Pearson

Anthony Joseph? Where is he?

He slid the sheet of paper to the guard without a word. There was no need to explain. He waited until both guards left the room before continuing.

“Listen guys, this isn’t the end of the world. It’s not ideal, but we’ve had this problem before. We still make our pitch to our guy, he says yes, then we monitor the other two for a while. These guys usually go on to the next conspiracy when they see that they’re getting nowhere with us. We just have to make sure these things don’t happen again.”

The four men on the other end of the intercom could only nod in agreement as the connection cut off.

“I still don’t get how this happened”, said James. “How in the hell did they know about Sebastian?”

“We don’t know either”, answered Will. “That’s what we talked about last night when we were watching him leave Jamison’s house.”

“That doesn’t matter now. The fact is, that they know. They may even know that we know. If and when Sebastian says yes, then all of this is meaningless”, Marcus replied.

“And if he says no?”, asked William.

“That’s when things will start to get interesting.”

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