The Keepers

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Chapter 43

The last forty-eight hours seemed like a dream to Sebastian. Since the night at Alex’s he had tried to carry on with his normal daily routines. His first day back at class on Monday was a challenge. He was constantly looking over his shoulder and checking his cellphone, expecting to be contacted by someone from ‘The Keepers’ at any moment. Or at the very least he thought maybe Alex or Stephen would try reaching out again. But so far nothing out of the ordinary had happened to him. The further away from that night that he got, the more he began to think that maybe Alex and Stephen were wrong. Maybe it was just another crazy conspiracy and he had nothing to worry about. He really started to feel foolish for believing all of that nonsense now.

He was through with his classes for the day and realized he was getting hungry. He started towards the campus cafeteria when he made eye contact with a girl that he recognized from one of his classes. He’d had conversations with her before and thought that she was not only really cute, but exceptionally bright as well. He never got any vibes from her that she was interested in him, so when she smiled and walked towards him he was caught off guard.

“Sebastian?”, the girl asked. “I wasn’t sure if you remembered me.”

“Of course. You’re Anna, right? We had Biology together one semester.”

“That’s it! I couldn’t remember what class that was, but yeah, that was me. How have you been?”

“Busy as always. You know how it is. I’m actually starving right now. I was headed to the cafeteria to grab a bite. How about you?”

She then looked down at her watch, which Sebastian thought was a sign that she was about to blow him off, so he was pleasantly surprised when she said, “That actually sounds good. Mind if I join you?”

“Of course I don’t mind. I was just going to be eating alone.” This day was beginning to look a lot better, Sebastian thought to himself.

The two students made their way to the cafeteria and after each sat down with their meal, Sebastian noticed that Anna had a bashful smile on her face.

“What is it?”, Sebastian asked.

“Nothing, it’s just weird. I was just talking about you to my dad.”

Sebastian had to pause and try to think of the connection to her dad. He then remembered that Anna’s father worked for the company that he was interning with this year.

“Really? I didn’t even realize he knew who I was. He’s a pretty big deal there.”

“Well, he knows you. He hasn’t mentioned you before, but this morning he asked me if I knew a Sebastian Cosgrove. He found out that one of his interns was a student at his daughter’s school and I guess he got a kick out of it. Apparently he asked around about you and your supervisors had nothing but good things to say about you. Anyway, he immediately goes into matchmaking mode, asking if you were single and if I thought you were my type.”

Sebastian couldn’t help but blush and he noticed Anna turning a shade of red herself.

“Well”, he asked. “What did you tell him?”

“I’m sitting here aren’t I?” The two shared an awkward laugh while staring down at their plates.

“So, he wanted me to ask you something. Feel free to say no, but he wanted to know if you had any plans tonight. One of his clients is having a barbecue at his house and he told me I should invite you.”

Sebastian couldn’t believe his luck. He had been feeling so much stress over the last couple of days, which he had totally forgotten about in the last hour or so. Now a girl that he had a crush on was inviting him to a dinner party where one of his future bosses would be.

“I’d love to go. Just give me directions to this place and I’ll meet you there. We can get each other’s number and if I have trouble finding the place I can call or text you.”

They each took down the other’s number and programmed them into their phones. After they got up and went to empty their trays, Anna sent a text to Sebastian’s phone with the address of her father’s client. Sebastian read the text and let out a low whistle.

“Wow. That’s a nice neighborhood. So who is this client of your father’s? Is he famous?”

Anna laughed and replied, “No, but you may have heard of him. He’s supposed to be some big shot in the tech industry. My dad has been doing business with him for years, and says that he is really the brains behind Sandcorp. His name is James Ellison.”

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