The Keepers

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Chapter 44

Alex couldn’t sleep at all that night. The future of his and Stephens project depended on the actions of a college student. It would be great if Sebastian decided to join forces with them and help expose ‘The Keepers’ once and for all. If not, then they were right back to where they were before they met him. At least they still had the list that Anthony and his friend deciphered with all of the other recruits names. Maybe they could even convince one of them to join them.

But he also couldn’t forget the look on Sebastian’s face when he found out they lied to him. He knew they were doing the right thing but wished it could have been handled differently. If Sebastian decided to join the other side, so be it. They would move on to the next target.

Who was he kidding? Without him they were screwed.

Since he couldn’t sleep, he decided to go outside and try to take a walk. He and Stephen were taking turns with one of them sleeping while the other stayed up and kept watch. When he realized sleep wasn’t coming, Stephen gladly took him up on his offer to keep watch. Apparently he didn’t have the guilty conscience that Alex did.

He didn’t venture far down the road as they had become increasingly paranoid with each passing day. Multiple times they heard what they thought were suspicious noises that turned out to be anything from a stray cat to neighborhood kids playing.

So when he heard a car slowing down behind him, his first instinct was to snap his head around and check it out. But he relaxed when he saw one of his neighbors walk up to the car and speak to the driver. As the car drove away he waved at his neighbor walking back to his home. Out of the corner of his eye he almost missed seeing a man dressed all in black step behind the wooden fence of another neighbors yard.

Somehow he didn’t jump right out of his skin and was able to play it off as if he didn’t see anything. Inside he was panicking and trying to come up with a plan to get back inside to safety.

Just as he was about to slowly turn around and make his next move, he felt a sharp sudden blow to the back of his head. He fell to the ground and briefly lost consciousness. He snapped back quickly though, just long enough to look up and see two men dressed identically staring down at him. One of them reached down to grab him but suddenly looked up.

In the window’s reflection he saw the red and blue lights of a city police car. Now spooked, the two men took off running between two houses.

Alex shook the cobwebs off and made his way to his feet. As he was rubbing the back of his head where a large knot was now developing, he heard two voices coming from behind him.

“That’s him officer! He’s the one I called about!” He turned to see Mrs. Crenshaw from across the street walking towards him with a deputy. Seeing who it was, her hand shot up to her face. “Alex! Oh my god. I’m so sorry. What in the world are you doing out here this time of night? I thought you were a prowler.”

Now realizing that the officer was there for him and not his two attackers, Alex tried to explain.

“Sorry Mrs. Crenshaw. I couldn’t sleep so I tried going for a walk. Guess that wasn’t a good idea.”

The officer looked around, obviously realizing that there was nothing going on here and ready to get back to his patrol. “Sir, you really shouldn’t be hanging out by yourself this time of night. You never know who could be waiting around out here looking for an easy victim. Have a good night.” He and Mrs. Crenshaw walked away leaving Alex still rubbing his head and wondering aloud to himself.

“Yeah, you never know.” He walked back inside to tell Stephen about what happened. He never saw their faces and they were dressed all in black. The only distinguishable thing about them was their identical spider web tattoos.

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