The Keepers

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Chapter 45

He was so caught up in talking with Anna, he almost forgot about meeting up with Tony to go over his upcoming presentation. He had an engineering degree and was working on his master’s now. He had spent the last two years working on this particular project and he was really excited about it’s potential.

So were his professors and classmates. Word of his invention even reached outside the campus and he was offered several internships at local tech companies. He settled on accepting a position at Wintech, since it was one of the few that was actually offering a paid internship. They also had excellent facilities that he would have access to so he could continue his research while away from school.

“It’s about time”, Tony said, looking at his watch. “You know you asked me to help you right? The least you could do is show up on time.”

“Sorry, I wish had an excuse. I ran into Anna and..”

“Oh, say no more”, Tony interrupted. “I understand.” He laughed as his friend blushed.

“Anyway, thanks again for doing this. I really trust your opinion.”

“You know I don’t mind, but honestly, you don’t need me. This technology you’re working on his over my head anyway. But if it will help you, please, pretend I’m one of your professors and I don’t believe you know what you’re talking about. Go.”

Sebastian knew he could count on his friend to lighten the mood and take some pressure off. He pulled out his notes and began.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your attention. Can anyone tell me what this is?” He held up his phone and showed it to the almost empty room. “That’s right, it’s a cell phone. And we carry these wherever we go. These were almost non-existent twenty years ago and now we can’t live without them. It’s not just for making phone calls and texts obviously. Every one of these devices are connected to the internet which means it’s connected to the world. You can contact anyone and find the answers to any question. All in a device that fits in your back pocket. Pretty awesome. But there’s a catch. Being able to connect to everybody else means that they can connect to you. If they can connect to you, they can track you. And they do. A lot. It’s not just hackers or identity thieves that try to track you anymore, it’s the government and corporations. They don’t even try to hide it. They are actively watching every move you make in order to target advertisements toward what they think you might be interested in. The government uses tracking to control the spread of diseases and to fight crime. Those all seem harmless and if you listen to them, it’s for your own good. But we all know it’s not that simple. They have been doing this for years. They tell you that you can opt out of these programs at any time, but it’s always still working in the background. There’s no going back. The technology is in place to follow your every move and they are damn sure not going to just stop because you fill out a form. Which is why I am showing you this.”

Sebastian walked over to the small table he had set up earlier and pulled out several small devices from a backpack.

“There are several variations of this device but they all serve the same purpose. They not only block any attempt to track or interfere with your devices, but they are undetectable as well. So whoever is on the other end has no idea that they are being blocked. Not only that, but this device will track the tracker if you will. Anytime an attempt is made to connect to your device or network, a marker is set. Then, using this app, you will be able to trace where that attempt was made from.”

Tony gave a one-man standing ovation. He heard this presentation several times before but he was still impressed every time.

“Man, I still can’t believe my friend came up with this. And it actually works? This is a game changer.”

“Thanks. I think so too. We are headed down a dangerous path with how much government and businesses are tracking our every move for the sake of security and capitalism. No thanks. Nobody signed up for that. Just because the average person can’t do anything about it, doesn’t mean it’s right. There is an alternative.”

“You’re right. I just hope you don’t piss off the wrong people.”

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