The Keepers

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Chapter 46

It had been a few days since Alex and Stephen’s encounter with Sebastian. They were no longer keeping up surveillance on his apartment, now that he knew what they were up to. They knew the ball was in his court and that all they could really do now was wait.

With nothing to do and time on their hands, the more paranoid they grew. They weren’t quite sure what to expect, but they knew they were in too deep now. Alex and Stephen had to be on ‘The Keepers’ radar. The only question now was what would their reaction be. Would they just keep an eye on them and carry on with their plans? Would their interaction with Sebastian scare them off and they would just move on to another recruit? Maybe they didn’t even consider them a threat and would ignore them. That would be just fine with them.

Or maybe they would take them seriously and just decide to eliminate the problem once and for all. That last thought was the basis of their paranoia and why they decided that from here on out, the two of them would take turns sleeping, while the other would be on the lookout for any suspicious activity in the neighborhood.

So far there was nothing to report from either of them. There were a couple of dark colored SUV’s that drove by Alex’s house, but they just turned out to be neighbors driving to and from home.

During the hours that both of them were awake, they spent most of the time drinking coffee and discussing the situation. After so much waiting, they were both ready for whatever came next. They wished that they could still keep an eye on Sebastian just to see if he had been contacted yet, but both agreed that it was best to back off for now.

“I guess no news is good news, right?”, asked Alex. “If they’ve contacted him I’m sure one of their first questions would be if he knew us. And if he tells them what all we discussed, then we would definitely know by now.”

“Maybe. Or maybe we got to him. Maybe they have contacted him and he kept his mouth shut about us.”

Alex wasn’t so sure about that. The image that he couldn’t get out of his head was the look of hurt and disappointment on Sebastian’s face when he found out that Alex had lied to him. If they somehow had convinced Sebastian to join forces with them, Alex promised himself that he would make it up to him.

“So let’s go over our options”, Stephen began. “Let’s say that they are on to us and decide that going forward with Sebastian isn’t worth it anymore. That sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. We still have all the other names on the list.”

“But who’s to say that they don’t just start all over? If we found out about Sebastian, then it stands to reason that we know about the rest right?”

Stephen obviously hadn’t considered that. “Damn. Okay, for now let’s don’t even think about that. Next scenario, they contact Sebastian, he decides to join them, spills the beans about us. Then we implement our exit strategy. The only chance we have at bringing them down is the element of surprise. If they find out what we know, we’re dead.”

“Agreed. If we find out that they know about our plan, we abort the mission and pull an Anthony. So that brings us to the third option. They contact him, he tells them nothing, and agrees to help us from the inside. Are we ready for that? I mean, I know that’s been the plan all along, but what is our actual plan to bring them down?”

“That really depends on Sebastian. We still don’t know much about how they operate. For all we know it might take years for them to trust their recruits with their inside information.”

“I’ve thought about that too. We’ve waited this long, we can wait longer if we need to. The one thing we don’t want to do is rush Sebastian into making a mistake and getting himself killed.”

“What we need is concrete proof. Documents, pictures, anything that can corroborate what we think we already know. I’m sure these guys don’t keep a lot of paperwork laying around, but there has to be a place or places that they keep all of their information. If we’re right, then they are hiding a treasure trove of inventions, ideas and secrets that they have been dispersing as they see fit for thousands of years. That information has to be kept somewhere.”

“Yeah, but how long would it take for Sebastian to be trusted enough to find out? These guys are pretty good at keeping secrets if you haven’t noticed.”

“I’ve noticed. We just have to have faith in our boy. They recruited him for a reason. I’m sure they’ve done their homework and believe that he can be trusted. All he has to do is start earning that trust. For now, we just have to wait until they make their approach. Then we find out what our next step will be.”

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