The Keepers

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Chapter 51

His head was pounding. His mouth was unbelievably dry. As he slowly started to open his eyes, his first thoughts were that he was waking up from a long night of drinking, and suffering from the world’s worst hangover. But as he looked around, he had the feeling that this was no ordinary hangover. It was then that he saw James sitting in a recliner across the room from him. He himself was laying on a couch in what appeared to be someone’s den.

Seeing James must have jarred something from his memory as he suddenly remembered the night before at the restaurant. The last thing he remembered was having a drink, then there was nothing.

“I was starting to get worried there for a second”, James stated. “Hope I didn’t give you too much of a dose. People are usually only out for eight or nine hours.”

“How long was I out? Where are we?”

“Well, the first question is easy. You’ve been knocked out for about twelve hours. Sorry about that by the way. It’s merely a precaution.”

“Precaution for what?”, Sebastian asked.

“That is the answer to your second question. You couldn’t know where I was taking you. I believe that you will do great things with us one day, but trust will have to be earned slowly. Let’s just say you’ve been on a little adventure these past few hours. We’re at one of our safe houses somewhere in America is all you need to know right now. When you’re ready, we’ll take a short little drive to our destination. That’s when the real fun begins.” The smile on James’ face did nothing to calm Sebastian’s nerves.

He didn’t argue, but he did accept the water and aspirin that James offered. He kept telling himself that he was making the right decision and that all of this would be worth it one day. He might even laugh about this in the years to come. But not right now.

Were Alex and Stephen right about ‘The Keepers’? Maybe he was getting in over his head, but that ship had sailed. For better or worse, he was going through with this. Now all he could think about was what James meant about the fun just beginning. Where were they going? Sebastian already had no idea where he was, so what would be the point of going somewhere else? There could be only one reason. He was about to meet someone or see something related to ‘The Keepers’. Whatever or whoever it was going to be, one thing was for sure. Sebastian had a feeling his life was never going to be the same afterwards.

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