The Keepers

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Chapter 53

After the formal introductions were made around the room, Sebastian found himself in a conversation with the other three Americans. Ian Stringer was a recent graduate from Texas who, like himself, was now in graduate school and working as an intern at an oil and gas company. Dylan Rodgers was already working for a pharmaceutical company in Chicago, apparently at the same firm that employed Marcus Matthews. Jeremy Savage was the oldest of the four, having already graduated from the Naval Academy and served his two years of active duty required of all cadets. He was now in his first year working as a special assistant to some high ranking official at the Pentagon. From the conversations with James, he knew that he would be working closely with all ‘Keeper’ members, but his fellow Americans especially. This was due to geographic reasons mostly, but Sebastian also knew that there were a lot of mutual interests between the major industries in America, even more so now that he knew of the existence of this group.

After a few more minutes of polite small talk, they were rejoined by their mentors. Even though they had been alone, Sebastian assumed that they were being listened to somehow. The rest of the recruits must have felt the same way, because no one really talked about anything related to ‘The Keepers’. There would be plenty of time for that later, he thought. For now he and the rest of the group were ready to get started.

“I hope you each had a chance to introduce yourselves”, James announced. “Because now it’s time to go our separate ways. But first, look around this room. The men and women here tonight are going to lead us into the next century. The world is getting smaller every day, but your responsibilities will only get bigger. So, with that being said, let’s not waste anymore time. You will each now be going with your mentor. Where you go from here is entirely up to him or her. You are now in their hands. But first, we all have a gift for each of you.”

There were nervous looks of excitement around the room until they all saw each mentor holding a blindfold and a little red pill.

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