The Keepers

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Chapter 54

This time James didn’t have to slip him the knock out drug, but did have the courtesy enough to wait until they were on the plane to give it to him. He and the other three American recruits and their respective mentors were on board the private jet, bound for who knew where. The three recruits were knocked out soon after take-off, and Sebastian didn’t wake up until the plane was coming in for landing. As he shook off the cobwebs, he looked around the plane and noticed that he and James were the only two left on board.

“Where is everybody else?”, Sebastian asked groggily.

“They each had their own destination to get to. Don’t worry. They’re fine. You’ll be seeing them sooner than you think. For now, buckle your seat belt. We’re getting ready to land.”

After the plane touched down, Sebastian followed James, blindfolded of course, to a waiting vehicle.

“Sorry again about the blindfold. Strictly protocol. But we are on our way to somewhere very important. You’ll know the exact location and coordinates soon enough, but for now, I have to do it this way. Hope you understand.”

Sebastian understood alright. They still didn’t fully trust their new recruits. It was probably a good idea, but annoying nonetheless.

“I get it. I’m not surprised that secrecy is so important to you guys.” He had to bite his tongue from calling them ‘The Keepers’, not wanting to sound like one of the conspiracy nuts out there. But that did beg the question.

“So what do you call yourselves?”, Sebastian asked. “I mean, I know you laughed about the whole ‘Keepers’ name, but what do you guys say among yourselves?”

“Honestly, there really isn’t a name. If a group has a name, that name can be spoken. Somebody, somewhere will inevitably write that name down, linking that name with that person, and you can guess how that ends up.”

Sebastian could see the logic in that. These guys weren’t taking any chances. No wonder they stayed hidden all these years.

“There’s one thing you’ll find out soon. I know I did. This group of ours is very secretive with the outside world, but with each other, we all turn into a gossip circle. I guess it’s because we have to hide so much from everyone, when we get around each other, we need to let it out. Well, apparently, from word handed down from generation to generation of our group, there used to be a name. And like I said earlier, someone supposedly wrote that name down, along with the names of every member and every recruit right before a transition phase began. Apparently this list wound up in the wrong hands, but luckily it was recovered before we could be exposed. This was years ago, so nobody knows if it’s true or not. But, according to The Conductor, there has only been one member of our group that ever defected, and it is believed that this person is the one who wrote down that list of members. The Conductor doesn’t deny or confirm this, but I can tell that it really eats him up, that they couldn’t stop that from happening. From the sounds of it, it was during his mentors time that all of this occurred. All he will say about it, is that the man responsible is no longer a concern to us, which you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand his meaning.”

Sebastian understood. All he could think about was the list of names that Alex and Stephen had told him about that night. It had to be somehow connected. He thought about mentioning this to James, but he knew that would end badly for his two older friends. As he got deeper in and learned more about this group, there was a word of advice that he wanted to give to Alex and Stephen.


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