The Keepers

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Chapter 55

The idea of running was actually sounding better by the day to Alex and Stephen. It had been over a week since last hearing from Sebastian and a few quick surveillance trips down his road and outside his classroom did nothing to assuage their anxiety. He was nowhere to be seen. In their mind the best case scenario was that he had infiltrated ’The Keeper’s and was now getting inside information that would help their own cause. Worst case was that he tried infiltrating them and been discovered in the process. They didn’t want to consider what the consequences of that would be. But the third scenario was the one that was always on the tip of their tongues, but neither wanted to say it out loud.

Sebastian was now a member of ‘The Keepers’.

“I know you don’t want to believe it Alex, but we have to consider it. He may have been telling the truth that day.” Stephen had already convinced himself of this, but he knew that Alex would be a tougher sell. He had developed a close bond with Sebastian and wanted so badly to believe that they were on the same side.

“I can see why you would say that Stephen, but I just can’t believe he would go through with it. You saw how he reacted when we laid out our evidence that night. And now that he knows we were right about them? He can’t just ignore everything we told him. I have faith in him.”

Stephen liked the kid too, but he wasn’t as optimistic as his long-time friend. They should have heard something from him by now if he was really on their side. The fact that they hadn’t heard a peep just solidified his suspicion.

“I know you have faith in him”, Stephen replied. “But remember when we first came up with this plan. When we decided that Sebastian was the right candidate for us to recruit to our side? We had contingency plans for all conceivable outcomes.”

“I remember. So what are you saying? You want to give up?”

“No, but it’s been a week since he was supposed to meet up with his contact. We haven’t heard from him. We need to be ready to implement our contingency plan for the possibility that we might never hear from him again. You know what that means.”

They both knew what that meant. Alex didn’t need to answer.

It was time to disappear.

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