The Keepers

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Chapter 60

James was beginning to get frustrated with the whole situation. He knew that The Conductor had a special interest in Sebastian, so he felt more pressure to successfully train his recruit than the other current members. But when The Conductor had given him this new assignment, he knew that he had to come through. He placed the bugs in Sebastian’s desk and computer lab, and had been trying for the last few days to hack into his computer. But no matter how hard he tried, he was having no luck. He knew that Sebastian was working on anti-surveillance software, but that shouldn’t have been a problem. While the group had very strict rules about when and where to reveal new technology, The Conductor had always granted special permission and access in these situations. But even the ideas that The Conductor was suggesting were not working. Had Sebastian created something that even ‘The Keeper’s’ didn’t have access to? Surely not. The Conductor always seem to have the answer. But not now.

Maybe that was it. Sebastian had somehow created technology so far ahead of his time, that The Conductor didn’t have an answer, and he was trying to find out how. James knew he would never get an answer from The Conductor, so he just kept on trying to find an entrance to Sebastian’s computer files. After several unsuccessful hours of this, he again tried to reach The Conductor to no avail. He thought about making another visit to Sebastian’s office, but didn’t want to arouse suspicion. After all, he wasn’t getting any feedback from the bugs he had planted, so he had to assume that they had been discovered and removed or destroyed. If Sebastian was the one that found him, did he suspect James? Either way, he had to find out. He grabbed his coat and headed out to go meet his recruit for lunch.

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