The Keepers

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Chapter 61

As James walked out the front door of the building, he walked right past a park bench, where three college-aged kids were sitting and staring at their phones. This was nothing new to James, seeing kids on their phones all day, so he didn’t pay much attention to either of the kids. Not even the one sitting in the middle wearing the baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes.

But Sebastian recognized James alright. He had been sitting outside on the bench, pretending to be on his phone, all the while just waiting to see who would come out of that door.

The software that was on his work computer was equipped with a tracking device, which was accessible on an app on his phone. This device allowed Sebastian to not only know if someone was trying to hack into his files, but would also pinpoint a location of that person.

He followed the signals that were on his phone to this exact location and could tell that the person attempting to access his computer was inside this building right now. All he had to do now was sit and wait for that person to reveal him or herself.

He couldn’t say that he was shocked when James walked out of the building. This just confirmed his suspicions. The only question now was what was he going to do about it?

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