The Keepers

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Chapter 62

“This seems fitting. Back to where it all started”, Stephen said to Alex as they gathered up all the boxes from Anthony’s garage. The two friends decided that they had waited long enough. They hadn’t heard from Sebastian in weeks now and they knew that eventually ‘The Keepers’ attention would turn to them. They were busy with training recruits right now, but they couldn’t ignore them much longer. Alex and Stephen didn’t want to be around when they did come looking.

“I know”, Alex replied. “I think back to when it was just you and me, before we met Anthony. Seems like such a long time ago. When you think about what we thought we knew then to now, we wouldn’t have even come this close without Anthony. I don’t know whether to thank him or curse him.”

Stephen couldn’t help but smile at that thought. As crazy as Anthony seemed to most people that met him, he had come closer than anybody else in history at revealing the truth about ‘The Keeper’s’. Thinking about his friend now, he hoped that wherever he was that he was safe.

They had no way to contact Anthony to find out where he was, but they still held out hope that they hadn’t seen the last of him. Because even though they had decided to move on from this part of their journey, they were far from giving up. Wherever they wound up next, they would continue with their quest to uncover the truth. They had come too close to give up now.

And if they could somehow contact Anthony, they knew their chances at success would greatly improve. They had no doubt that wherever he was, that he hadn’t given up either. They formed an incredible team when the three of them were together, albeit for a short period of time. If they could come together again and pool their knowledge and resources, they had a real shot at bringing ‘The Keeper’s’ to the light of day. There was just one thing missing.


“I thought we had him, Alex. I did. I guess in the end, it was too hard to turn them down.”

Alex didn’t reply as they packed the last of the files into another tote box. He felt personally responsible for losing Sebastian. Maybe if he had been honest from the beginning about his intentions, this could have all been avoided. But the past was the past, and there was no going back. Sebastian was now on the other side. By now he probably saw them as the enemy and would never acknowledge them again. It had been over a week since they left the letter at his apartment, and still no answer from him. It was a last ditch effort which he didn’t really believe would work.

Now they had to move on. With everything ‘Keeper’ related in storage boxes, they knew it was time to go. They made one last walk through inside Anthony’s house to make sure they had everything, then came back to the garage for one final glance.

“Guess this is it”, Alex said somberly.

“Yeah, if we’re ever successful in our mission, this garage might be a historical monument one day. ‘Where The Keeper’s were exposed to the world’.”

Just then the two friends heard a very familiar sound, but one that made their hearts skip a beat or two. The garage door began to whir and rise from the ground. While the ancient door made it’s way open, they both had the same thought and said it simultaneously.


When the door was about halfway open the person on the other side couldn’t wait anymore, ducked his head and walked into the garage for the first time in weeks.

“You guys aren’t leaving without me, are you? We’ve got work to do.”

Sebastian Cosgrove was back on their side.

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