The Keepers

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Chapter 65

Back in the garage, the guys were almost finished unpacking the contents of the boxes that they had spent the last two days packing. But they didn’t mind one bit. The exhaustion that Alex and Stephen had been feeling lately was gone, replaced with an adrenaline rush that Sebastian couldn’t help but admire.

“Jeez, guys, slow down”, he said jokingly. “I can hardly keep up.”

Since Sebastian had shown up earlier that day, Alex and Stephen, in between unpacking boxes, had pelted him with question after question. He couldn’t say he was surprised at their curiosity, but at the same time it was overwhelming.

“Sorry, but you have to understand”, Alex pleaded. “We were this close to making a run for it. We were certain we would never see you again. But now, we’re back in the game. You’re telling me you not only have met all the current members, but their recruits as well? Damn.”

“Yeah, I spend most of my time with my mentor, but I did get a chance to meet the present and future members of ‘The Keepers’. By the way, they don’t call themselves that.”

“What do they call themselves then?”

“Nothing. To quote James Ellison, ‘If a group has no name, no one can speak of it’.”

Alex and Stephen looked at each other in disbelief.

“James Ellison?”, Stephen asked. “The VP of SandCorp? He’s your mentor? Wow. I guess that makes sense. You must have really freaked when we sent you that article then. Fits in with Anthony’s hunch about the members being the power players behind the scene. Everyone in the industry knows that Ellison is the real brains behind SandCorp.”

“Anthony guessed that?”, Sebastian asked incredulously. “Wow. I wish I could have met him. Sounds like we could use him on our team.”

Alex was practically beaming at the sound of Sebastian using the phrase ‘our team’. He couldn’t wait to get back to work. They had lost valuable time in the last few weeks, but the inside knowledge that Sebastian had gained was invaluable. Thinking about Anthony was bittersweet at this moment though. Sebastian was right, they really could have used him on ‘their team’. But he knew that no matter where he was, Anthony would be cheering them on right now.

He didn’t know if they would ever see Anthony again, but for now, it was time for their next move. As confident as Sebastian was in his anti-tracking software, Alex knew enough about ‘The Keepers’ to know that they would not be far behind. If they were going to use the element of surprise, they had to act quickly. Right now they were pretty sure that ‘The Keepers’ had no idea what Sebastian was up to. If ever there was a time that they would be vulnerable, it would be now.

“So now all we have to do is get enough undeniable proof to expose them for good”, Stephen said.

“Agreed. But that will be easier said than done”, Alex answered. “We have the benefit of years of investigating this group. The general public has never even heard of these guys. We have to put ourselves in their shoes. Imagine if they read an article tomorrow that said ‘Hey, there is a secret organization out there that has been manipulating world events for the past few thousand years and began from an ancient yet highly advanced society.’ Most people would just scroll right past it and dismiss it as ‘Fake News’.”

“So we need so much concrete evidence that it can’t be denied”, Stephen added. “And when we make it public, it has to be in a way that reaches as many people as possible at once. If they get wind of this before it breaks big, I’m not sure that they couldn’t find a way to squash it before people get a chance to take it seriously. There’s no telling how far their reach is. We can’t trust any TV stations, newspapers or magazines to handle this. We have to find someone that we can completely trust.”

As Alex and Stephen argued over who they could trust to help them break such news, Sebastian just sat and listened. When finally there was a break in the arguing, he decided to speak up.

“How old are you two again? We don’t need to find a producer from a TV station or an editor from a magazine or newspaper to break this story. We have all the tools we need right here.” Sebastian held up his smartphone and waved it in front of the two older men.

“There’s this thing called social media now days. Let me introduce you.”

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