The Keepers

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Chapter 67

The plan was finally coming into place. After several hours of coming up with ideas, only to later scratch them and start all over, they finally all agreed on a course of action. If Sebastian’s anti-tracking software was worth all this trouble to ‘The Keepers’, then it only made sense to use it to their advantage. During the testing phase of his project, Sebastian had designed several different bugs and listening devices, to see if the software really worked. Some of these devices were equipped with cameras as well. If the program worked correctly, Sebastian would be able to attach some of these devices to himself or his clothing and not be detected by James. Of course, now that Sebastian knew that James was trying to spy on him, the only question was if James knew that Sebastian knew. In that case, there was a high likelihood that James would search him extensively before allowing him around any ‘Keeper’ related material. Which is why Alex wasn’t so sure about sending him in wearing any devices at all.

“I still say it’s too risky”, Alex repeated. “I know you have confidence in your equipment, but if he were to find anything suspicious on you, forget about exposing them. You wouldn’t make it out of that silo alive.”

“I know it’s a risk, Alex”, Sebastian replied. “But it’s a risk we have to take. A risk that I have to take. We knew this wasn’t going to be easy.”

After some convincing, Alex reluctantly agreed to go ahead with the plan. As they were working out the final details, Sebastian’s phone dinged. It was a text from James, asking Sebastian to call him from his secure phone that he had been given. Sebastian excused himself from the room to make the call, leaving Alex and Stephen waiting to find out what it was all about. After just a few minutes, Sebastian returned with a concerned look on his face.

“What is it? Anything wrong?”, asked Stephen.

“I don’t know”, answered Sebastian. “It was strange. He said he would pick me up at my apartment in a few hours. I assumed that we would be going out to the silo, but he said no. He said were going to be meeting three of his colleagues to discuss a special project.”

“Three colleagues? Three other ‘Keepers’?”, asked Alex. “That would be huge. I know you met them the first night, but you didn’t get their names then did you?”

“No”, Sebastian replied. “I remember their faces but never got their names. So what do we do?”

“I say we go ahead as planned”, Stephen said. “Same plan, different location. This time with four active members of ‘The Keepers’.”

Alex wasn’t so sure. “Yeah, that means three more sets of eyes watching Sebastian’s every move. I say we wait until he’s alone with Ellison. We’re too close to blow it now.”

“I know you feel that way, Alex”, Stephen responded. “And you know I disagree. But at the end of the day, it’s not us who will be taking the risk. What do you think, Sebastian?”

Sebastian took his time before replying, knowing that Stephen was right. He would be the one putting himself in danger by wearing the device at the meeting.

“You’re right, Alex, this is dangerous and maybe even a little crazy. But think about what we’re trying to accomplish. This whole thing is crazy. I know my program works. And so do they. I just have to stay calm, and everything will work out.”

“Okay, but we need to work on one more thing first”, Alex said.

“What would that be?”, a slightly confused Sebastian asked.

“We need to work on your poker face.”

As Alex and Stephen were inside preparing Sebastian for his upcoming meeting, they were too busy to notice a dark sedan waiting outside on the other side of the street. The driver was alone in the car, watching, waiting for any movement inside the house. Satisfied that he had the right location and not wanting to be discovered just yet, he pulled away slowly and began preparing for his own next move.

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