The Keepers

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Chapter 68

James Ellison said goodbye to his wife once again. She was always a patient woman. They had been together for so long, that he couldn’t remember if she was always like that, or if she had learned to adapt to life with him. He knew it couldn’t be easy, but she never complained. At least not too much. But these last few weeks felt different. Not only for him and all that he was going through, but he could sense the difference in her. As much as he was ready to have this part of his life over, he knew that she wanted that more. She certainly had paid her dues and deserved a life of peace without worrying all night about these mysterious trips that he couldn’t discuss with her.

Soon, Maggie. This will all be over soon. He knew he needed to focus on the task at hand, so he forced himself to stop thinking about life at home. Sebastian was supposed to be at his apartment waiting on him and from there they would be meeting with Lynn, Will and Marcus. He could tell that they weren’t crazy about taking on the added responsibility of teaching Sebastian their side of the business on top of their own recruits. Not to mention these were three very busy men in their own professions.

But the orders came down from The Conductor and you didn’t question those. If he wanted Sebastian trained by all four of them, then he must have a good reason. The three of them now all agreed with James that The Conductor had to be grooming Sebastian to take over for him. He felt a sense of pride that his recruit had been chosen to become the new The Conductor. But at the same time he didn’t envy the kid one bit. They each had their share of responsibility, but to take on that role would be a daunting task for anyone, especially a twenty two year old kid.

Before he could even put his car in park, Sebastian was coming out of his apartment, packed and ready to go. He got in the passenger seat and shut the door after putting his suitcase in the trunk.

“Ready?”, James asked as his passenger buckled up.

“Oh yeah, I’m ready.”

No you’re not kid, James thought to himself. Not even close.

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